Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Lonely Lady to Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second 
Society learns a secret from a lonely lady 
We learn the secret of speed hitting from a martial arts Master 

The Lovely Lady (Italian sonnet) 

A lovely lady person all alone
This stranger among strangers in the street
Who hide their secrets from the ones they greet
Was polishing a secret of her own
And as the world continued not to care
The lady nightly strained to hone her skill
A lifestyle which would often leave her ill
And even worse was no one there to share
One day the eyes of world was opened wide
By something it was not prepared to see
All other wonders were then set aside
This is the way we all should yearn to be
New books replace the old ones on the shelf
And strangers teach of things they do not know
One person sits and watches the whole show
The lovely lady living by herself

The secret of a lonely lady lay hidden in this Italian sonnet. This is an example of a story sonnet. The story is of an odd lady who lives by herself. No one thinks much about her, until a discovery about her is made. A discovery that would change things. And as things change, she watches. If we are wondering, what was discovered. The sonnet does not mention what it is. 

This sonnet was taken from one of the many stories told by my teacher Fred Wilkins. It alludes to hidden talents; hidden away with people we would least expect. What that talent was is left to our imaginations. As a teaser, the story ends with the person watching as her talent is changing things. A great story, except I found that there really were people like this. One of these people was Wilhelm, a coworker of mine. Wilhelm was as a loner. He performed his duties no better or worse than anyone else. He was in that special zone, just before boring. There was nothing special about him at all. I don't recall why; but I once went over to Wilhelm's house. It was a small second floor apartment. But past the front door awaited a well organized jungle paradise. There were plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes dominating everything. I would find out Wilhelm's knowledge of plants was exceptional, to say the least. Why he was working with me, heaven knows. When I left the apartment complex, I noticed Wilhelm's touch in other windows. Wilhelm would help me with my gardening skills. 

We all possess skills, talents. Talents of value to society. Talents of value to only a few. Talents of value only to us. Therein lies the riddles. There are no rules, no measures as to what deems a talent important or if it even needs to be. What may be of value only to us today may be of value to society tomorrow (and visa versa). What may be of value today may not be tomorrow. This is your life. This is your time. What is really important are the skills we hone now. Talents specific to us. Visions to help us live this life and Enjoy. 

For the jazz lovers, here's: Stan Getz "Lonely Day" 

Now for today's martial arts lesson 

The term ‘Martial Art’ is Latin and means the art of Mars, referring to the Roman God of war. While most martial arts are Asian in origin, the first martial arts may have actually come to Asia across the Silk Roads from India. Meet Master Ken of Enter The Dojo Show. He is an 11th degree black belt in the ancient art of Ameri-Do-Te. Master Ken is about to awe us by demonstrating 100 hits in 1 second. 
Don't blink or you might miss a laugh, I mean a hit. "Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second" 

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The starting point of discovering who you are, 
your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being 
comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. 
Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods. 
Robin S. Sharma


  1. Have to work on the talent to increase the skill.

    1. This from someone who I feel is very talented.
      Thank you

  2. A bitter sweet poem for me. We were always told that everyone has a talent. It took a very long time before I realised that mine is as an appreciator.

    1. Aren't you also a good listener?
      All in all, I hope your magic was touched
      Thank you

  3. What a lovely poem. I especially liked the lines "All other wonders were then set aside
    This is the way we all should yearn to be" Hidden wonders are a wonderful idea...

    1. Thank you for the wonderful complement.
      So glad you enjoyed

  4. Perhaps, it is best to guard the secret wonders and watch as miracles take place.

    Maybe, the man alone was trying to grow a better world than the one he knew outside his apartment. Maybe, his internal garden was quite beautiful.

    1. That is an interesting perspective.
      Thank for adding this valuable view point

  5. We all have hidden stories - for better or worse. Mostly worse.

    1. I bet if we reanalyse the better will win out
      At least one would hope
      Thank you and best to you

  6. Nicely done, love jazz, time used wisely to develop our talents - valuable time, truth! ~ Thanks for your support, Martin!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement.
      Thank you
      -my pleasure-

  7. Replies
    1. Not a one. Working on secrets of my own
      Thank you ad nice to see you