Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Lovebirds’ Rhyme to The Starrkeisha Mass Choir 
First we have the song of the lovebirds 
Then we have the songs of a mass choir 

The Lovebirds’ Rhyme (Shakespearean sonnet) 

And all that’s left to mark their time is words
But what are words compared to just one kiss
A kiss to cast some meaning to all this
And this became the music of two birds
Two birds whose nest was high above the trees
For these the trees were too far from the skies
And in such skies saw havens for their sighs
The sighs which were the songs amid the breeze
And like a breeze their time passed gently by
The by and by of lovebirds who grew old
But old were just the stories which were told
Which told of melodies that make one cry
Don’t cry for there’s a meaning to love’s rhyme
A rhyme they’ll sing together for all time 

Line by line becomes these lovers' song and the song becomes the rhyme of this Shakespearean sonnet. If one looks closely we will notice that each line gives birth to the next. The last word of a line is repeated in the next. Take the first two lines: "And all that’s left to mark their time is words - But what are words compared to just one kiss" So the rhyme of this sonnet becomes complete. The structure on this sonnet is a metaphor of these lovebirds' live together. 

Okay, Arlene is dead now. But what a legacy she has left behind. There are our two amazing children, Peter and Robin. One is going for his Phd in paleontology (all expenses paid). The other as been proclaimed one of the top ten up and coming chefs by Zagat. Then there is that elementary school that became one of San Francisco's best when Arlene became  president of the PTA. She had made so many contributions and set so many memories that the Masons (a male organization) held a funeral reception for her. Then there was me. What an unbelievable life, unbelievable  dream we shared together. There was the teenage love, the dances, the discoveries, the adventures, the shows, the outings, the moments made and on and on. So many, many people saw Arlene off. I miss Arlene. But how can anyone, including me, be sad about such a wonderful life? One Arlene is gone. But, here on earth, Arlene lives on. 

Well, that was quite a story. What is our story? Of course we are not Arlene. Arlene was no Emmy Noether (a famous female mathematician) either. In fact, math was one of her weaker areas. I wonder how good of a party planner Emmy was. The point is we are all unique individuals, existing in our unique lives. What we choose to do with the gift given to us will determine how we will be remembered. With our own satisfaction. It could be the smiles we put on another's face. It could be that great change that benefits all of mankind. There is no great or small in the natural order of things. Great and small is a human invention. Here is our challenge: To live a life that is so full that we are satisfied with ourselves. To live a life that is so full that others may miss us, but our fulfillment will echo in joy. And while we discover the gift which is us, Enjoy. 

I'm pretty certain that we are not ready for this: Jason Mraz "Love Someone" 

What does the chorus say 

Dr Maria Sandren, from the University of Stockholm, found that choral singers, particularly women, are happier, more alert and relaxed after a rehearsal. Which brings us ti Cameron J., of Random Structure TV. Camron is not concern with the health benefits of choir singing. His concerns are much higher. Making us laugh. 
Will he be successful? "The Starrkeisha Mass Choir! @TheKingOfWeird" 

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When you realize you're alive, 
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Chad Michael Murray


  1. Needed this today. Thanks Martin.

    1. Happy I could help.
      Sending you the sunshine
      Thank you

  2. What we do can sure touch a few, big or small, heed the call.

    1. Well said, my friend.
      I have seen the proof
      Thank you for this

  3. Proof positive that while we are remembered we are not gone. And a reminder to ensure that we are remembered in positive ways.

    1. WELL SAID!
      and so eloquently too.
      Thank you for adding this power

  4. That is why I choose the frequency of love each day! It is my mantra it keeps me spiritual strong when I am weak.

    Your blog is quite nice! I like it here..

    1. May your light never flicker. It will not go out.
      Thank you for the warm feeling