Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Painting to High School Boyfriend Drama 
Will a painting help a couple to see 
What will it take for an old boyfriend to see 

The Painting (round) 

Let’s paint our tales of that was that
In vibrant colors from our hat
The wonders of the once was you
Is now the subject of their chat
So fickled is their point of view
It hardly matters if it’s true
Let’s splash on colors just to see
Perhaps we’ll paint a someone new
Each brush stroke a new fantasy
Of how they dreamed our lives might be
And each detail a new display
Of someone wishing they were me
What wonders we did paint that day
When clarity was brushed away
And shades of mud where colors bright
This memory of foolish play
Is this the slosh of my delight
Is the dreams I had at night
Was all we did this blot of shame
When did I learn to lose my sight
But in the shadows far from blame
A canvas waits for us to claim
And paint a truth upon this mat
Our next mistake won’t be the same 

Even though a couple painted their lives in bright colors they couldn't see the truth of this round. In this round the third line is the seed for the next stanza. The last stanza leads back to the first. Thus this poem has no beginning or end. 

In the disco days Arlene and I often traveled with the crew. The crew consisted of our hair stylist Ed and his girlfriend Sheree, Mike and his wife Val, Lance and his latest date and Arlene and me. We would all meet up at Ed's hair salon and from there begin the night's adventure. Mike was a gifted and talented singer. His wife, Val, was a dancer, model and singer. As talented as Mike was, he wasn't a dancer. Oh he could dance, but not good enough to make money at it. For this Val had to turn to Adrian (a dancer). For some reason Mike's career wasn't taking off. He started getting jealous of Val and her relationship with Adrian. Funny thing, everyone knew that Adrian was gay, and very dedicated to his boyfriend. Everyone. Mike's and Val's problems became evident to the crew. As things got really bad between the couple, they sought professional help. During these times the crew received free martial advice, from Mike. Things got better... for awhile. Then Mike and Val sought out "better" counseling. And the crew received better martial advice. This cycle went on until Mike and Val quietly divorced. One more insight into this couple: Remember they were entertainers. The crew would go out on Friday or Saturday nights. The same nights most entertainers work. 

Here is a mystery of life. Holes. Holes that we all fall into. Some are short or shallow. Some are endless. If these holes are positive, except for maybe being caught up in success after success, no big problem. If these holes are less than desirable, then we have a challenge. So what can we do? First' know that the holes are there, whether we can see them or not. Secondly and always, be confident that life is geared up for our success, our completeness. The law of balance. Lastly, in today's world, there is help everywhere.The hole we may find ourselves in may be completely black, but be confident that the light of balance is there. Listen to it calling. Even in our joy. Listen to how special and important we are, and Enjoy. 

To go along with all of this: George Michael "Kissing A Fool" Instrumental version 

Remember those high school days 

Studies are confirming that in the ever evolving world of high school dating, freshman girls and senior boys have the highest chances of successfully partnering up. Meet Brooklyn and Bailey McNight. They are twins presently going to high school. Along with their friend Brian, the girls want to give us some additional insights into the modern high school dating scene. 
Has the world really changed? "High School Boyfriend Drama - ft. Studio C | Brooklyn and Bailey" 

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As long as habit and routine dictate 
the pattern of living, new dimensions 
of the soul will not emerge. 
Henry Van Dyke


  1. Get a shovel and started digging out of the crappy holes, then the sun may shine

    1. Gotta love your drive.
      What can I say but Thank you

  2. Wonderful poem and insightful thoughts. I like the metaphor of the canvas...

    1. Thank you for the complement.
      And you express so magically on your canvas...

  3. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. It sounds as if he was looking for an excuse rather than a reason. His loss.

    1. Marvelously put...
      I like your insight.
      Thank you for your contribution

  4. I think sometimes in life thoughts can get distorted, perhaps that is when one might fall into a dark hole. Perhaps, tis better to carry a bit of light inside during dark times.

    the canvas of life each brushstroke a new fantasy...

    1. Wonderful insight!
      Love your positiveness.
      Thank you for making this better