Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Path to Ken Block's Raw Industrial Playground 
A lover's path leads him to excitement 
A car driver leads us on a path to excitement 

The Path (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Is this the path of Joy and wonderment
Excitement scents the thrill of every turn
A precious flower paves each moment spent
And brilliant lights to dreams will ever burn
Is this the path of reason for the day
The breath my heart feels singing everywhere
Each step a dance of splendors on the way
And memories loose kisses in the air
Forgive my lack of seamless clarity
It seems the timeless calling leads me on
Forgive my stumbles toward my destiny
Toward brighter star of morning I am drawn
Is this the path of all life’s wishes true
Is this the path which takes me on to you 

A lover on a magic path is the venue of this Shakespearean sonnet. This is an example of a classical Shakespearean love sonnet. What sets this sonnet apart is the thought patterns in the flow. The first two quatrains start with the thoughts "Is this the path". The conflict stanza switches to the thought "Forgive my". The rhyming couplet is a celebration of the original thought. 

When Arlene and I first started dating I was a good looking guy. I was on stage a lot. Many girls wished I could be their boyfriend. Arlene would show me off. She loved when I got her things in front of her friends. I could see her mind proudly saying, "That's my man." Time passed and I continued to surprise Arlene. It was fun and Arlene made it worth it. The best surprises, were the ones I would send to her work, where Arlene could brag, "That's my man." When Arlene worked in an office with mostly women, I would have my friend Michael, who was really hot, deliver my gifts to Arlene. There was that lunch time reenactment of our first kiss (complete with mariachi) outside her office. I liked the art of being a gentleman (holding the door, standing for women and all that), not so much for Arlene, but because it was fun. Arlene would have her friends and coworkers over to the house or to a party. They would see the way I behaved and how much I loved Arlene and I could see it in her eyes, "That's my man." 

Yes, Arlene was proud of me. There are people proud of all of us. Proud of us for a variety of reasons. Varieties as endless as the sea. We cannot do everything. There is no need to. We can be sure that there are others. Others with different talents. Do what we do well. Focus on what makes us happy. In our happiness we will realize success. A confirmation for others. A reason to be proud. Now put together people of different talents and skills, there is a reason to be proud. The things we can do. The things we can accomplish. The most important person to be proud of us is us. It all starts from there. And as we discover the pride of the wold, let us Enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Chris De Burgh "Lady In Red" 

Now let's turn to the pride of the racing circuit 

Beside being a professional rally driver, Ken Block has also competed in many action sports events including skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. Let us focus on Ken's breath taking skills behind the wheel of a VR/360. What's a VR/360? 
Hoonigan and Forza Horizon 3 proudly presents: "[HOONIGAN] Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground" 

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The gifts of lovers to one another are, 
in respect to love, nothing but forms; 
yet, they testify to invisible love. 


  1. Wow , I absolutely enjoy reading your sonnets. They are layered with emotions that touch the heart! Arlene was one lucky lady! My favorite gifts are the ones unexpected. A poem filled with love is a great gift to me it's better than gold. You remind me of someone in love with the courtship of love.

    Lady in Red! A great selection!

    Man and car become one wild beadt untamed .. Let your inner beast out to run wild!!!

    Now, today I will compose a sonnet as my inner lover wants to sing!!!!

    1. Wow! What a great compliment.
      Thank you
      So trilled you had a good time in this edition

  2. Very true, more talents brought together of different types and the more ideas can shape

  3. A lovely sonnet and inspiring write up on how to live life and be happy...bkm

  4. What a beautiful poem, it is very lovely. I'm glad of your chivalry.

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed
      What's a fencer to do

  5. I am not certain that all of us do have something to be proud of, but it is definitely something to aspire to.

    1. Sometimes our achievements are not obvious.
      Thank you