Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There One Day to Undercover Lyft with Demi Lovato 
There in the wonder of their love a couple had lost something 
There in the seat of a Lyft passengers would find something 

There One Day (English sonnet) 

There in the safety of these lovers’ nest
Where perfection seemed to rule the day
And not a problem was allowed to stay
Here every day just passes like the rest
Here not a kiss gave reason for dismay
There was no cause for this to be the best
They did not let their dreams disturb their rest
And this is how their lives would drift away
And there one day while looking in her eyes
He hears someone he lost so long ago
He looks around the lack of some surprise
Was this the paradise they’d come to know
He loosed a flame in world where nothing dies
In hopes that something new therein might grow 

Surprising the veil that would mask the truth in this English sonnet. As the quatrains lay out, there seems to be nothing but perfection. As the couplets take over, we discover that a problem had been growing. In the end he tries to burn away the problem. Was he successful? The final unwritten lines are our's. 

Who would imagine? There was the dancing. The dinners. The parties. Life seemed so exciting. Everything appeared to be going so right. It was on the dance floor of Tingles, one of Arlene's and my favorite dance clubs, that I felt it. Arlene was somehow different. As we went back to the "same old table" with the "same old drinks" (Amaretto and Singapore Sling) and the "same old" faces who were always there, I touched it. It was hard to believe, as active as Arlene and I were. We were so much in love. Overall, life was really good to us. But the sad fact was, Arlene and I had fallen into a rut. As fun as life was, it was the same thing we did last week, and the week before that, and the week before that. It was the excitement that so successfully covered up what was happening. For some, this lifestyle could be quite nice. Arlene and I saw ourselves as trend setters, not going dancing every Friday. And so it was. Where would Arlene and Martin be this weekend? Who knows. 

Instead of warning about falling into a rut. keep in mind: "different strokes for different folks." Everyone is different. Some people find strength and comfort in repetition. In an ever changing world, some find security in holding on. Then there are the complete opposites. People who have to feed their excitement to be happy. Then there are all of the shades in between. Which is right? More importantly, which is right for us? "Know thyself." "Above all, to thy own self be true." Find, be aware, know what is important to us. It is our life. And though at times it may not seem like it, we are doing our best. And why do we believe there is so much diversity in our world? So that there might be a place for all of us. So that we all might Enjoy. 

And now for some music: Moby & MylĂ©ne Farmer "Slipping Away" 

How would you be if Demi Lovato was driving you around 

Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She made her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends. Lovato rose to prominence in 2008 when she started in the Disney Channel television film Camp Rock and signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Her hit "Don't Forget" debuted at number 2 on the U.S. Billboard 200. Demi became a driver for Lyft. Not for the money, but to bring enjoyment to her fans. 
Enjoy the reactions of some of her fans when they find out they've been driven around by Demi Lovato. "Undercover Lyft with Demi Lovato" 

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Come live with me and be my love, 
And we will all the pleasures prove, 
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields, 
Woods, or steepy mountain yields. 
Christopher Marlowe


  1. Yep, different for everyone. Do what's right for you. I avoid the thrill junkies, some of them act like they really have a death wish.

    1. Yup. Do what's right for YOU.
      Thank you for the input

  2. Im married to a creature of habit. I like spontaneous fun and adventure. But we live our life in our own little "Safety zone" where all seems perfect.

    1. Sounds like a delightful blend
      Thank you so much for sharing this relationship insight

  3. I am fond of our rut. Himself needs to get out and explore the world. But he returns. Which works for us.

    1. I really appreciate this wonderful example of life
      Thank you

  4. There is a lot to think about in this. Your poem is beautiful, I loved the words "He loosed a flame in world where nothing dies
    In hopes that something new therein might grow" especially.

    1. So glad we could relate and enjoy. Wising you a rich life
      Thank you

  5. The message is clear nicely presented..we lose love and motivation in life so easily..we let our lives pass by without appreciating whose at our side..

    1. So good of you to add such value to this edition
      Thank you so much