Saturday, September 3, 2016

This Song to Fifth Harmony - "All In My Head"  Parody 
Two lovers enjoy an endless song 
Lovely ladies enjoy a ridiculous song 

This Song (round) 

I’m lost amid this song of me and you
And memories of wonder and surprise
The source if all the blessings in our skies
The past enriched with tides of something new
It started when I first beheld your eyes
From stars of heaven dreams began to flow
Sweet rhythms which would set my heart aglow
The promised hope which your sheer touch supplies
Who knows what turns our future may bestow
What wayward slips will challenge present bliss
Will we recall the things which we dismiss
When all is lost I wonder will we know
So take my hand our song we shouldn’t miss
Let’s dance amid the sunshine and the dew
And live each chorus of this wonder true
And celebrate I love you with a kiss 

A kiss is the end and the beginning of this round. At first glance, this looks like an Italian sonnet. A closer examination of the rhyme pattern shows this to be a round, with the last quatrain leading back to the first. As a bit of added fun, the round starts with a kiss. (Think about it.) 

As I have mentioned, I'm a sucker for a kiss. I wish that these were just kisses from Arlene. But they can come from any lady. And not just on the lips, anywhere on the head will do. Yes, blown kisses will work too. Now ladies, imagine your man falling for another woman's kiss.  (I refuse to believe that I am the only one crippled by this affliction.) There were some positives to my affliction (for Arlene). By holding back on the kisses this boy really wanted, she had her puppy right where she wanted. A kiss equals yes. If the bills were a little high or if Arlene just had to buy one more dress or pair of shoes that she will never wear, a kiss will do the trick. A reward for a job well done - a kiss. Yes, kisses were intoxicating for romance too. This boy is real kiss crazy. One more thing about me and kisses. When I was a college fencer, I was a saber-man. The speed these blades reached, even with the heavy padding. the impact would break the skin. Pain! The instructor said to have our girlfriends kiss the wounds and the pain will go away. Thus it was that Arlene's kisses became my pain killer. Other people take an Aspirin. I took a kiss from Arlene.

Okay, maybe I'm the only one so affected by kisses. Still, we all will agree kisses are special. A gift from realms logic tells us do not exist. Yet here it is. A kiss. For sex. For romance. A thank you. I love you. Hello or goodbye. I shall miss you. Something to remember me by. A flirtatious ember. And on and on. What is a kiss. The final mystery. Two unique individuals, join as one in this. A kiss. Real or imagined. One more proof of how special we are. This priceless, endless treasure is ours to Enjoy. 

Let's return to the round with: Michael Bublé "A Song For You" 

From the sublime to the ridiculous 

Fifth Harmony is a quintet girl group, consisting of members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui, formed on the second season of the The X Factor USA in July 2012. Their latest hit "All In My Head (Flex)" featuring Fetty Wap, released May 20, 2016 with 7.1 million U.S. streams, has reached 40 on the Billboard charts. Even more impressive than this is that the hit has caught the attention of The Key of Awesome, who has made a parody featuring beautiful girls in bathing suits. 
Oh yes, there are laughs too. Laughs and zombies. "(KOA!) Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap - All In My Head (Flex) PARODIA! Subtitulada al Español (Sub)" 

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With a kiss let us set out 
for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset


  1. A kiss can mean annd lead to all sorts of things haha

    1. Experienced are we!
      Thank you for letting me know, I am not alone

  2. A kiss can be more intimate than baring your body, kisses have a very special pleasure and power.

    1. Agreed.
      Thank you for this poetic expression of a kiss

  3. Kisses are indeed special. I very much enjoyed your poem.

  4. Arleen's kisses were at least as addictive as any prescribed pain killer.

  5. There is nothing quite like kiss from someone you love.

    1. You know it.
      Thank you for enjoying this with us

  6. Lovers are mortal but love is immortal and when true love chose a heart to lighten it up that heart becomes lighter then feather and enlightened more then sun .there are few who feel its vibrations in their souls

    1. This is so beautiful!
      Thank you for making this a part of this edition