Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why to Mexican Standoff 
A lover is understandably confused 
But these three are confused beyond understanding 

Why (poem)

The sun awakes another day
And flowers have so much to say
The whole world now seems on display
Forgotten now is yesterday
And all the reasons why
Somewhere in my memory
Lost with things I didn’t see
Is all the hope which once was me
And how this fate has come to be
Within the hands of why
Above me is a clear blue sky
It’s there my thoughts are doomed fly
If on some faith I can rely
Or perhaps here it too will die
Amid the tears of why
A soldier that they used to know
With guns ablaze put on a show
Those youthful faces in a row
Together sing this song of woe
In choruses of why
And so I feel my time is due
As darkness casts its lonely hue
My love my last thoughts were of you
Within your arms and I am through
Can someone explain why 

A dark reality makes itself known in this poem.This poem starts out as a love poem. Then, we find out he's a soldier. Not only is he a soldier, he is hit and dying. His final thoughts were of her. What starts out beautiful, ends in sadness. One more note is the rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is the vowel pattern" A E I O U and sometimes Y (why). 

This poem is for my friend Donald. He was my friend from second grade till ninth grade when he was swept away by a girl (for reasons I was soon to find out, when Arlene comes into my life). Donald was a victim of love. Arlene and I occasionally ran into Donald and his girlfriend. I thought Arlene and I were crazy lovers, but we had nothing on these two.  There was only one thing more important to Donald than his girlfriend. America. In 1969, we got frantic phone call from Donald's girlfriend asking us to talk to Donald. He was thinking about joining the army. She made this phone call to other who knew Donald. This worked for worked for awhile. Awhile till 1971, when Donald joined the army. It was the Vietnam War era. Donald would fall a victim of this war. Donald died in August of 1973. 

America as been around since 1776. During this time we have been at war 93% of the time. Some of them were necessary, but most., in my opinion, were wastes of resources. Resources like Donald. It seems to me that leaders want something and they use their youth to get it. Easy to wage war when other do the dying. Am I alone in thinking, "Wars don't solve anything." I'm of the opinion that instead of destroying let's build. If I came to your neighborhood and painted your house, made sure you had enough to eat, fixed your street, made sure your school had everything that they wanted; who are you going to vote for president? Let's destroy our enemies by building a better village; Making sure the people have enough food; Building a better life. If anyone wants to beat our armed forces, they will have to build better than us. Sound crazy? Think about how we fight now. Let us prepare for a better tomorrow and Enjoy. 

How about some music to go with all of this: Ray Conniff "The Green Leaves of Summer" 

What happens when imaginative comedy minds meet 

The initiative of August 25, 2016 of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to impose homosexual “marriage” on the country has led to a Mexican standoff between the government and the Catholic Church. What happens when you put the creative minds of RocketJump with the "out there somewhere" minds of Key and Peele in a Mexican standoff sketch?
We wish you knew because the sketch got too confusing. "Mexican Standoff ft Key & Peele" 

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The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy 
without fighting. 
Sun Tzu


  1. Hello, wonderful poem and quote. I agree wars solve nothing, a waste of human life.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you for the blessing and sharing some time with me.

  2. Sure sounds like a better way. But greed and such, sadly, wins the day. If the leaders had to go and fight there would be no war.

    1. We see a better world coming, don't we
      Thank you for your opinion

  3. What a moving poem. I'm sorry about your friend. I like your idea of building a better world.

  4. No arguments. My father (a German Jew) taught us early that there are no winners in war. There are losers and bigger losers. And sadly those who send us to war never participate.

  5. Same thing my mentor and former boss David (an Auschwitz survivor) taught me. ...any conflict.
    Thank you for bringing back a fond memory. David