Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Word to Interpreting Women 101 
A lover tries to interpret a word 
A lesson on how to interpret women 

A Word (English sonnet) 

So much of life is buried in a word
Expressions lost and meaning gone awry
The whispers of our hearts it would deny
And sighs of feelings somehow seem so blurred
So much which makes us one it must imply
So much of what we trust to it deferred
We wander through our silence was it heard
Or was a moment’s soul condemned to die
So here we are with passions so entwined
With this one word to hold some treasure true
And to mere word our all is so consigned
And with it hopes and dreams will see us through
Until eternally we are combined
The word of love will somehow have to do 

A lover questions the depth of a word in this English sonnet. Here is a lover for us. Two quatrains are spent expressing the complexity of a word. As the couplets appear, he spends the first two relating the couple's relationship. In the final couplet comes resolve. Yet, with all these words, fourteen lines, our lover only manages to say the word once. 

It was strange. In those disco days. In that large flat, our playground, Arlene and I had regained so much, and more, since those dark, bleak days in that small apartment. We were the "prince and princess of love" in the discos clubs we'd frequent. We were "those two lovers" at Lake Chabot on those warm summer weekends. There was the dinning out, the movies, the operas and symphonies, the theater. There was the walks, the picnic, lovers in a canoe, out on the road again, the adventures, and the endless kisses. Arlene and I had a grand life back then. We did almost everything one would expect of young lovers. It was a warm night. Disco was over. Arlene and I were cuddling under the stars. Arlene says to me, "You don't say I love you anymore." It was true! For all we had become. I still loved Arlene very much and she knew it. But strangely, I had misplaced those three words. In the beginning, on my path back to saying, "I love you", wasn't connecting quite right with my feelings. Over time. patience and perseverance I was able to tell Arlene I loved her with some satisfaction. I learned that "Love" was a word for so much more. 

As I became more and more a people person I found out that many people don't say, "I love you." At some point in their relationship they stop. In fact, people, in general, don't tell others the positive ways they feel about them: "You're a good friend," "I like working with you," "What a great smile you have," et cetera. Everybody likes compliments. Real, honest compliments. On the other end of the spectrum, many people are tongue tied, when it comes to verbalizing their feelings, especially the positive ones. The ones we like, we need to hear. Maybe we can do better. It all starts here. Help a friend; help a loved one open up. Be an example to others. And as we make the world a better place, Enjoy. 

This calls for a word song: The Piano Guys performing Extreme "More Than Words" 

Do you have problems understanding women 

Professor of linguistics Deborah Tannen's studies found that men tend to jump from topic to topic, but women tend to talk at length about one topic. There are other subtle communication differences between men and women. To aid in understanding some of these differences, Story of This Life has put together this video to help men better understand those beauties in our life. 
So men, get your pencils and paper ready. "Interpreting Women 101" 

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Mother Teresa


  1. Hello, pretty love poem. I love the Mother Teresa quote. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day and week ahead!

    1. Thank you for the gift of stopping by.
      Glad you enjoyed the poem

  2. Lots of people just think the others knows and so such a compliment never flows.

    1. That is so true...
      Thank you for pointing this out

  3. It's true that saying "I love you" is taken for granted that love is shown in actions instead. We make a point to tell (or text haha) each other those words daily. It can only take a day or two of not doing or saying something to become habit.

    1. You are sooo lucky
      Never stop (from one who knows)
      Thank you and may love continue to bless you

  4. It is sad how much quicker we are to criticize than praise. In our personal and our business life. When I realised that I made it a point to write letters to praise businesses who did well. And, of course, to say the words to those around me.
    Not good at accepting compliments though. Irrational, but true.

    1. Thank you so much for bringing this out.
      and thank you for doing your part

  5. What a beautiful poem. Genuine compliments are wonderful as are words of love...

  6. There are several ways of 'speaking' love words, some articulate it in words, some with action...lovely sonnet!

    1. Well put...
      Thank you for the valuable insight

  7. I love the message 8n this post. People don't express those positive things nearly often enough.

    1. Te power of positive... well, you know
      Thank you for adding your voice

  8. Perhaps, love can be expressed in more than a word, it can be expressed in an action. Perhaps, a rose left on a pillow or a thank you for just being you. Maybe, even a song that touches the depth of your soul. Someone once asked me "what is love" and I replied "you will know love, when you feel your heart breaking"

    I enjoyed the musical selection Martin, I think you are a man who has been blessed by love of a very unique kind.

    1. That is a good description you gave.
      Maybe Arlene needed (or liked) to hear it.
      Glad you enjoyed
      Thank you

    2. I still think those 3 little words are important words and they are nice to hear! I often say to family and friends I love you! You never know what tomorrow holds, better to say I love you while you can.

      Maybe, Arlene needed confirmation that love was still the focal point of the relationship!

      Hey, I am just pondering!

    3. When I did funerals, the saddest thing to hear was, "I wish I had said..."