Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bitter Silence to Every Horror Movie Ever 
First we have a man lost in the horror of a fog 
Then we have every horror movie ever 

Bitter Silence (Italian sonnet) 

There in the bitter silence came a fog
Foreboding dreams left drifting in the air
You feel its breath come seething from the bog
It’s waiting there to catch you unaware
You feel your heart is now betraying you
Beside the fear that awful pounding sound
Will you see morning when this night is through
And with each beat will you be still around
You long to scream but something bids you stay
As something warm now breaths upon your neck
It’s too late now you cannot run away
It’s too late now your life’s become a speck
There in the bitter silence angels fall
You hope you left some clue to help explain
And try to find an ending to it all
Till then inside this fog you too remain 

A fog claims another victim in this Italian sonnet. A bit of word play gives form to the lifeless. Yet, in this form is a lack of clarity, just like the reality of a heavy fog. One may notice that the first and last stanzas start the same. The man finds himself in a situation and he realizes there is no escape. If we haven't figured it out, the speaker is the man's mind. Yet, it is a warning to others.  

I've heard about the famous London fog. Here, in San Francisco, we occasionally have a impressive fog of our own. It is best along the western coastline. It can get so thick one literally cannot see a half of block away. When the fog is this thick, driving and crossing the street can be quite hazardous. For those with great imaginations, the thick fog is best at night. It is so thick and our senses are so heightened that we can feel the fog. When the wind is coming from behind, it is easy to believe that there is someone behind us. People at a distance become shadows. Sometimes these shadows appear to float a little. And sound... Remember how sound works and that the fog is a wall of moister. Sounds can come alive or drop dead. For the lovers, San Francisco's thick fog can be magic. For some, if alone, the fog can be just like the sonnet. 

San Francisco's thick fog is one more reflection of positive thinking. Why give in to anything but its beauty and wonder? The same is true for all things in life. A coin has two sides. So does everything. It is referred to as opposites. Part of our freedoms in this life, is the freedom to choose which side of the coin we allow to any given situation. The car is broken down: At least I don't have to buy gas; I needed a reason to buy a new car. Sometimes life throws challenges at us that seem insurmountable. Know this: In the world of positive thinking, there is a positive side to everything. Example: Babies are dying in city bombings. Stop the bombing. Contact our leaders. Demonstrate. Let others know and get them involved. Babies are dying in city bombings. - Positive - People are now actively involved. Live. Pursue a positive lifestyle. It does take some practice and effort. A positive lifestyle does not require a person be all in. There is only one major thing to do in a positive world, Enjoy. 

There was one other person impressed with west coast fog: John Carpenter "The Fog" 

Horror movies with original themes are hard to find 

The first horror movie, only about two minutes long, was made by imaginative French filmmaker Georges Melies, in 1896 and was titled Le Manoir Du Diable. Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla, of Smosh, did some studying. They found that every horror movie followed the same theme. They made a video about their findings.
Unfortunately the original video was misplaced in an ice cream parlor, so this one was rushed out. "EVERY HORROR MOVIE EVER" 

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The world of reality has its limits; 
the world of imagination is boundless. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


  1. I have always found fog a bit mystical, the way it creeps in and makes you feel like you slipped into another dimension. Perhaps, it is the way it wraps around you as you are driving or walking. I once went to a retreat and it had been raining all day, I had never been to this place in the woods. After, I checked in I had to walk a very steep hill to get to my cabin. The fog was thick, the moon full as it played hide and seek. It felt like the woods came alive. I could feel, smell and hear all the sounds. Then, out of the fog came a man in a kilt from the highlands I thought. He nodded and I nodded back. I felt blessed to be walking in the madness of the fog. This retreat changed my life as I called lost parts of my soul home.

    Ok, off topic, but that is what came to mind.

    1. This is an excellent addition and bonus to this edition.
      Thank you for your time and effort
      You would love SF's thick fog

  2. There is always a positive, whether or not we care to look at it. But sometimes it sure doesn't drown out the negative.

    1. Words of wisdom from Pat, can one drown the negative or does it just linger to try and balance out with some positive?

    2. Remember the coin analogy. If we completely eliminate all negatives what happens to the coin?
      Thank you for pointing this out

  3. Love the feeling ya get when walking through fog. Its like walking in a dream. Something about not knowing whats ahead that seems mystical.

    1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment

  4. Add me to the list of fog fans. Mystery, magic and an eerie beauty of its own. And I love the quiet. Cushioned ears...

    1. You would be taken away by SF's thick fog
      Thank you for your vote

  5. You have really written a beautifully atmospheric poem, Martin! There is something magical and mystical about fog indeed.

    1. I am blushing at your kind words
      Thank you and may your kindness be returned 100 times

  6. Your poem is wonderful and atmospheric. I admire fogs, but only if not commuting in them...

  7. Thank you for the compliment
    I understand the feeling