Monday, October 17, 2016

Distant Shore to The Present 
The sea washes up a precious gift 
A mother gives her son a precious gift 

Distant Shore (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Upon a distant shore it came to rest
This precious gift which washed up from the sea
Its special glow had withstood peril’s test
So here it rests awaiting destiny
There in the sun its light did sparkle so
Now surely it would catch a passing eye
And when it did such beauty it would show
With wonders one could fashion their dreams by
So lonely were the moons that passed its way
And downcast eyes which had no need of light
Its tides of hope glowed onward day by day
Till memories attracted young man's sight
Upon a distant shore the sea had crossed
She searches for that something she had lost

Could it be magic working in this Shakespearean sonnet. Here we have something that washed ashore. Though the sonnet describes what makes it special,  it doesn't tell us what it is. It isn't till the end of the quatrains that it finally attracts a young man. As the rhyming couplet begins,it uses the same words that started the sonnet. A lady lost something. Could it be the thing a young man found? Could there be more? 

Arlene and I used to live 4 blocks from the Pacific Ocean. The sound of the waves could be heard from our house. The sound of the waves can be quite relaxing, from where we lived. Low tide can also be a wonder. The things that the waves would wash up. One weekend, at a low tide, I took my son, Peter, to explore what the ocean had washed up. Peter was 6 at the time. We found many beautiful shells. More than these, Peter found a trilobite fossil. Trilobites were creatures that have been extinct for 250 million years. On the following weekend I took Peter to the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate, to have is fossil verified. The person in charge took Peter and I to a secret room where many more fossils were housed. On that day a scientist was born. Dinosaurs became a driving force in his education. His grades were good enough to earn him a spot in Lowell High School, San Francisco's top high school. He graduated from Montana State University and got his Masters at University of California, Los Angeles. Peter, my son, is now at University of California, Berkeley working on his Phd in Paleontology (all expenses paid). All of this because a 6 year old found a fossil one day. 

Life is a wonder. Why things happen as they do takes our minds away. I tell about my son, who at 6 years old happens on a fossil and now a university is paying him to study there. Sounds pretty good. But what happened in between? All of the connections that led to now. All of the connections that led me to now. All of the connections that led you to now. And we are all pretty amazing. Compared to what? Compared to ourselves. Many people try to be like someone else. Someone else's standards. At the end of this wonderful life, all that is important is are we satisfied with ourselves. All those connections brought us here and there are connections up ahead. There is a great story not found in any library. It is called our life. And as you write the next page, Enjoy. 

How about a relaxing sound for us: Arnica Montana "Memories of the Sea" 

Let's sing a praise to mothers 

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Everything is connected. The wing of the corn beetle 
affects the direction of the wind, the way the sand drifts, 
the way the light reflects into the eye of man beholding 
his reality. All is part of totality, and in this totality 
man finds his hozro, his way of walking in harmony, 
with beauty all around him. 
Tony Hillerman


  1. I think there is a treasure waiting for many, Martin. There will be signs through the journey to lead the traveler. The tricky part is will the traveler read the signs and follow them? I might add that sometimes there are giant boulders in the waters which make it hard to get to the desired destination. There is a lot to ponder here, but I see how this fossil was the beginning of his journey. I often wonder about the connections and as I often say the synchronicity of life. The universe speaks, but how many listen. I often see a pattern and experience this sense of synchronicity and when it does I watch closely.

    1. Wonderful viewpoint.
      All that matters is that you see. For you will be a beacon for others.
      Some cannot see (through no fault of their own)
      Thank you

  2. Life sure weaves away and every connection leads somewhere, just have to look. Hindsight is 20/20 though haha

    1. And you are a part of it for so many...
      Thank you

  3. Open eyes, hearts and minds give us gifts. At the time, and long afterwards.

    1. Well said.
      Thank you for sharing this thought

  4. What a lovely poem and congratulations to your son on his accomplishments! It is wonderful what paths occur...

    1. Thank you
      Happy you enjoyed
      Rich can be our paths