Saturday, October 1, 2016

Follow The Moments to Choco Banana Ice Cream 
Lover follow life's best to find the other 
Simply follow these not so simple instructions to a delicious ice cream 

Follow The Moments (English sonnet) 

Follow the moments floating mid the past
Follow the feelings born in heaven’s air
Follow the pathway dreams about to flare
Follow the kisses yearnings which were cast
Recall the precious start of our affair
We made a promise ever was made to last
Who knew back then the weight of life amassed
The troubled winds which we would have to bear
The bitter storms which tore our world apart
Would throw our tears on shores our goodbye
To taste the empty promises we share
Follow the music whispered to your heart
Follow the hope still written in the sky
And you will find me waiting waiting there 

The winds of life call these lovers to the other's waiting arms in this English sonnet. This sonnet begins with an ostinato (Follow the). Then we get a little insight. The problems appear as the sonnet switches to triplets. The ostinato return to end the problems and to reveal their meaning. 

Life was pretty wonderful, in those disco days. Arlene and I were young "know it alls" in those days.  We were better than average dancers. The admiration we received on the dance floor boosted our egos to pursue other ventures. I, for instance, went into photography and music writing and production. Arlene was a little bolder. As a petite, 5 foot 5 inch women, she tried out for the police force. These were just of a few of our dreams we pursued. Strange that we didn't consider becoming championship dancers, with as much dancing and practicing we put in. Arlene was also amazing with the needle and thread. She didn't pursue that either. We were wild and crazy kids. Along with the cheers of our fans: For me, when things didn't turn out right, there was my ego. For Arlene, when things went sour, there was me.  From the time we met, when bad things happened to Arlene, they were never that bad, because she knew I was there. How do I know this? She told me, often. 

And you. Who do you inspire? Who turns to you for hope, for motivation, for direction, for comfort? No one that I know of, comes the answer. Well be surprised. Be very surprised. We all have eyes on us, all of the time. Most of these eyes are involved in generalization, as our eyes often are when we are out in public. But then comes our family and friends. Then comes a different world. Different eyes. Who do you inspire then? Let me guess. We never stopped to think about it. How is their life different because of us? These people have family and friends whose lives they effect. Get the picture? Who was inspired by us then? And on and on. How important we are. How special we are. What would this world be like without you? And while we're thinking about it, let us Enjoy. 

And while we're thinking about it: Foreigner "Waiting For A Girl Like You" 

I scream. You scream  We all scream for... 

Some speculate that the discovery of ice cream dates to A.D 54–68 where Roman Emperor Nero is said to have sent his slaves into the mountains to fetch snow to mix with nectar, fruit pulp, and honey. If that isn't weird enough, here's Gregg, of You Such t Cooking, to teach us how to make Choco Banana ice cream. Not only that, but he is going to teach us with a rap song. 
Try at your own risk. "Choco Banana Ice Cream Rap - You Suck at Cooking (episode 48)" 

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Every day, the people I meet inspire me... 
every day, they make me proud... 
every day they remind me how blessed 
we are to live in the greatest nation on earth. 
Michelle Obama



  1. Oh, when you least expect it someone will tell you they've been watching, you just never know who you can inspire.

    1. Thank you for giving more examples to strengthen the point

  2. What a wonderful poem. I am glad you were there for each other.

    1. Thank you for enjoying this sonnet and for the inspiration

  3. I am as inspirational as a wet weekend. Love that you and Arleen found each other.

    1. Oh yah? I've seen the comments on your blog.
      Wet weekend means take the party inside
      Thank you

  4. Written with great personal insight and a deal of flair. You exhibit prowess as a writer. I am very much impressed

    1. Thank you for the honor of such z complement coming from a remarkable poet

  5. Nice post, Martin. I tried to inspire my kids and am inspired by the tremedous courage of several friends who have faced very great difficulties and managed to carry on and come through - albeit a little bruised. You are lucky to have such a great partnership to carry you through life :) You lost the rhythm of the iambic pentameter on a couple of lines - but lovely poem, nevertheless.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.
      Best wishes for your kids. I know you impress.
      Appreciate your help with making poetry better