Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Forever You to Pregnancy Reaction Videos You Won't See 
A lover sings the secrets of his heart 
A pregnancy test spreads its secrets 

Forever You (lyrical poem) 

Forever you
You know it’s true
What can I do
When there’s only you
Heartbeats are you
Longings are you
Each thought is you
I breath it’s you
All things are you
Sparks that ignite
Endless delight
Those moods made for you
My reason you
Each memory
Of you and me
Is magic from you
Flowers are you
Dew drops are you
Heaven is you
Destiny you
Missing is you
Teardrops that fall
Truth to recall
These dreams that were you
Lost without you
Empty sorrow
Escape borrow
One more dance with you
Walls echo you
Rich Joys from you
Are here for you
My life is you
Wonder of you
Whispers I hear
Tell me you’re near
Till forever you 

Do we have to wonder what the boy thinks about in this lyrical poem. The choruses have all lines ending with "you". The verses allow other words to share the spotlight. We get the feeling that someone is obsessed. Yet, it seems the lover is trying to do something about his obsession by ending the song with a verse. 

Well, I grew older. When I was a teenager, I spent all my spare time with Arlene; On the phone with Arlene; Writing letters to Arlene. My friends saw very little of me, unless I was with Arlene. I was a "bit" obsessed. Arlene's parent didn't mind. They believed that I was the cause behind their daughter's improvements in school. As I grew older, my obsession for Arlene quelled down. I still loved Arlene very much. (Maybe even more.) We both developed independent social lives. A time away from one another. A time with our friends. It was here that would start the boy's camping adventures. It was here that I would meet my greatest fear: Days without Arlene. We boys would go off on camping trips that might last as long as a week. I was okay until nightfall. It was then that I would start to miss Arlene. The pain of being away from her was like we had broken up. "Well, why did you continue", you might ask. Arlene Loved her "Mountain Man". 

If you have no obsessions, consider yourself lucky. Obsessions can be like being hooked on cigarettes or alcoholism. Obsessions can be quite harmful or very simple. Some obsessions we can handle ourselves, while others require professional help. A tricky thing about obsessions is that they could make us blind to their existence or they may switch to something else. Of course, there are some obsessions that can be useful: like the doctor with finding a cure. Some obsessions can be controlled: like the people obsessed with their jobs, while at work. Then there are those nutty teenage lovers... Life is a wonder. It is there for us. Open your eyes and take it in. Open your mind and Enjoy. 

For all the lovers out there: Matt Monro "I Had A Dream" 

Sex can be an obsession - Which leads us to the pregnancy test 

Judith L. Vaitukaitis is a reproductive neuroendocrinologist and clinical researcher who played a key role developing a biochemical assay in the early 1970s that ultimately led to the creation of the home pregnancy test. These pregnancy tests are great for couples planning a family. They are available almost everywhere and help give a couple advanced notice of a blessed event. 
Then there is the other story. "The Pregnancy Reaction Videos You Won't See" 

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Everyone has their own definition of a healthy lifestyle, 
and mine has come to mean making health a priority 
but not an obsession. 
Daphne Oz


  1. I'm more determined than obsessed. If something needs doing I find a way to do it and that is that. Being obsessed with anything never appealed to me.

    1. You're a better man than I. You're one of the lucky ones
      Thank you and keep the smiles going

  2. Obsessed/determined are labels. And labels are rarely helpful.

    1. One has to have some insight into Elephant Child to grasp the full meaning and weight of this
      Thank you

  3. The poem is beautiful. I definitely obsess, but I think it's healthy to care deeply about that which is most important to us...

    1. I am obsessive too
      Thank you. Happy you liked the poem

  4. I think moderation is the key to everything ~ A little too much is not healty.

    And thank you for your kind visits to my blog ~ Nice to meet you ~

    1. Thank you for your thoughts
      It is a pleasure to visit your blog