Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haunting Memories to Property Brothers' Greatest Renovation 
One couple deals with their haunted memories 
Another couple deals with a haunted house 

Haunting Memories (Italian sonnet) 

Another special moment with our kids
A time to live a haunting memory
The sweetest treats of all we shared and did
Keep fresh tomorrow’s ghosts for you and me
We cuddle as we shiver is it cold
Still holding hands a symbol of our youth
For now the laughter masks time’s aging toll
The moon and night what made this moment’s truth
Hold tight these happy times may soon decay
In this home we made we’ll be alone
Cold pictures now replace the warmer days
Our web of tears echoes the sighs and moans
Yet still there comes that knocking at our door
Another’s kids to scare and take our treats
But wait the spirit made now brings us more
Our grand-kids here dawn’s memories complete 

On a cold Halloween night a couple enjoys the warmth of their family in this Italian sonnet. In this sonnet we have a loving couple. There are hints that it is Halloween. This was done to draw the reader's attention from the surprise coming in the end. 

My chances of seeing any grand-kids is doubtful. Robin, my daughter, is too engaged in her career as a chef to allow any relationship to waylay her. Peter, my son, and his girlfriend have a very odd relationship. One that doesn't promise any grand-kids for me. But when I think of grandparents I'm taken to Arlene's parents. They have a library of pictures that show they did things together as a family. When I came into Arlene's world, not only was I a good student who had a job, I had things in common with her dad, like chess, tennis and watching pro wrestling. Arlene's mom and dad were "old school", but not so much to give each other a polite warm hug. Arlene's dad was old, but one couldn't tell it on the tennis court. When Arlene and I moved in together, her parents changed. They got older. Or maybe we didn't see them as much. Arlene's brother, Will,  beat us to the punch. He and his wife had a child way before us. Arlene's parent took care of their grandchild while Will and his wife were at work. Was it my imagination or were those two old people getting young? Those polite warm hugs were not my imagination. 

Are we as old as we feel or can our situation alter how old we feel? It is a fact of life that we are all getting older. Yet, there is something more going on. I am certain we all have seen it. Someone shows up at work and we can tell, by the way they look, something is going on. A lady who has found a new love, and we all know it, just by looking at her. My favorite, tell a women how beautiful she is and she becomes more beautiful. You're going off to a dinner in your honor, who is that in the mirror? We have all heard about creatures who can change the way they look. It appears that we are one of them. Not just in the clothes we wear, or the makeup we use, but the us. The way we feel about us. Oh sure, those muscles may require a little working out as losing or gaining pounds may require a little extra, but the way we feel about ourselves will have a major effect on the way we look. And as we marvel in that person in the mirror, Enjoy. 

How about a country western tune: Darius Rucker "It Won't Be Like This for Long" 

Believe in haunted houses 

The Pirate’s House in Savannah, Georgia is one of America's oldest haunted houses. Built back in 1753, apparitions are often seen on the second floor and laughter is heard there as well. A haunted house can be a real estate deal, at least according to the folks at Studio C. Let's join the fabulous Property Brothers as they help a couple move in to an unusual fixer upper. 
Yes, that's really The Property Brothers. "The Property Brothers' Greatest Renovation" 

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I love looking in the mirror 
and feeling good about what I see. 
Heather Morris


  1. The way we feel can affect age, stress can be killer, where as lovey dovey can raise one up. Also food and exercise plays a part. Do nothing, eat crap, drink, etc. and you will look way older than you are no matter how happy go lucky one is.

    1. Agreed
      Thank you for adding some umph to all of this

  2. I've always thought that a person with a smile and kind positive attitude is the most beautiful.
    I like Tennis too :)

    1. This coming from someone whose looks defy age.
      Thank you for everything

  3. We put way too much emphasis on appearance I believe. Actions count for much more. Much, much more.

    1. Appearance or how we "should look".
      Beauty as many facets. Action is one of them.

  4. I think we are as young as we feel and sometimes circumstances make us feel more vibrant and full of energy. My appearance sometimes is reflected by my mood. When I am happy I seem to pick clothes with more color and when I am feeling blue, I tend to to wear more black. I wonder why that is? True beauty comes from the inside and just seems to radiant to the outside. Just my thoughts this evening.

    Pleasant dreams! Tonight I am tired, I really need a good nights sleep zzzzz

    1. I respect and welcome your thoughts.
      It is good that others hear other's thoughts
      Thank you and Good night

  5. I have no grandchildren yet but I am looking forward to it. Also, your perception about people is spot on. I have learned not judge the external as I may not really know what is going inside the person's head. Now that I am older, I am more appreciative of beauty inside rather than the cosmetics outside.

    1. Thank you for the warm compliment
      and for sharing this insight

  6. It would be nice to enjoy the time with the grand kids...

  7. Hold tight these happy times may soon decay
    In this home we made we’ll be alone

    One treasures the grandees as they make us feel happy. It is timely warning as it may not last forever!


    1. You said it! and so full of meaning
      Thank you for this gem

  8. Some memories are definitely treasures. kaykuala thought as I did and quoted the lines that very much grabbed me...