Monday, October 24, 2016

His Seasons to Why You Should  Be A Tuber Driver 
A man's seasons are described 
The perfect job for everyone is described 

His Seasons (Shakespearean sonnet) 

It was their spring when first he felt her kiss
And everything seemed different that day
Here lovers’ eyes had so much more to say
Till every dream held promises of this
The summer found them playing in the field
Each flower saw the product of their love
They were the hopes which many wonder of
Success a home and children were their yield
Then like the leaves they drifted through it all
Reciting every heartbeat by a fire
A special kiss of which they’d never tire
These lovers on the sunset of their fall
What tears there flowed as he did hold her tight
And entered the cold winter of his night 

The seasons of a mam'a life are in the winds of this Shakespearean sonnet. Basically, this sonnet highlights a person's life. Each stanza goes over a different season. Did we notice that in the second and third quatrains the sonnet switches from a man to a couple ("he" to "them" and "they" et al)? Of course a Shakespearean sonnet ends with a rhyming couplet. There is an additional reason winter only has two lines to the other season's four lines. 

My season's with Arlene were remarkable. I met her in my mid teens. This was our spring. The wonders of the San Francisco Bay Area were more than enough to keep two lover occupied, if kisses and holding and just being together one more day were not enough. It was  a less expensive world and there were many opportunities for a young man to make some money. Our summer began when Arlene and I moved in together, in our "Palace in the Sky". Along with all the joys summer can bring, Arlene and my relationship would grow in meaningful and ponderous ways. We had two wonderful children, Peter and Robin. We purchased a house, while prices were still low. There was so much to do. Our children going after their own lives would announce the onset of fall. With so much extra time on our hands, Arlene and I reflected on how old we had gotten. Then came the Masons, who gave Arlene and I the opportunity to show off our talents. It was the autumn of our life and yet we were young again. There was no time to wonder if this marvel will last. Ten years but a third lifetime. Then Arlene fell ill and the dark and bitter winter came on. In the morning, when I heard the birds sing again, I realized that it all was a pretty good dream. 

I like to think that all of nature, all of life follows an order. An order, a progression of life. The seasons are a backdrop, a reminder of life's progression. The meeting, the joining; the growth, the enjoyment; the last chance, the reflection; the rest. We, as humans, have the freedom and ability to venture beyond. I like to think our freedom, our ability is part of the natural order. Put religion aside a moment. There is still so much that we cannot see, that we cannot explain. And here...Here and now were you and I are... Our perception of what's going on. How do we fit in? It can all get so confusing. Stop. Take a deep breath. Believe in yourself. There is a natural order. We are an important part of it. And as we take in the seasons, Enjoy. 

 To go with the sonnet, here's: Father Ray Kelly "Together Forever" 

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I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. 
I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming. 
I believe that there's a growing season. 
And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. 
You get better. 
Steve Southerland


  1. The seasons have a lot to do with moods, and even health. This was another good read. Loved the poem.

    1. Thank you so much for adding your thoughts
      Glad you enjoyed

  2. Seasons sure have an order, life may be chaotic but everything weaves into something else along the way.

    1. "Weaves" is an excellent way to put it.
      Thank you and see you later

  3. The poem was wonderful. I like how you've connected the poem with the seasons. I am sorry that Arlene became ill.

    1. Thank you for sharing in my joys and sorrow

  4. Every season has its own beauty. Even the dark ones...

    1. For us who lived a good life.
      Thank you for all you do

  5. Martin, you write lovely sonnets. I do believe there is a natural order to the seasons and of life. I often feel in tune with the universe even in times of chaos. I believe in planters of dreams, those that nurture their growth through the changing seasons. From the bud of spring, to the bloom of summer, to the wilting of Fall and dormancy of winter. Each season holds special moments!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment.
      You see/feel it too!
      Believe in those dreams and the seasons of time will open to wonders even you won't believe happened to you

  6. Lovely writing ... and thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. Thank you
      My hat to you too. I plan to be a frequent visitor

  7. Season here correlates with a timeline relating to a person's progress in life. It is a clever way of stating it as everyone is famiiar with the
    season's order. Great sonnet Martin!


    1. Well said
      Thank you for the compliment and support