Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No Ordinary Day to 100m Race: Usain Bolt vs James Corden 
A special day when lovers meet 
A special day when TV host races world's fastest man 

No Ordinary Day (Shakespearean sonnet) 

While waiting at the place she said let’s meet
I never noticed flowers all around
Who filled the air with fragrances so sweet
That even passing breeze it did astound
It seemed our tree was stretching out our shade
Or places to hide choruses of birds
Who set our pond aglow with music made
I thought I heard sweet breeze practicing words
And then two swans which rushed to take their place
I thought they hid guitars just as they passed
As on the ground a squirrel ended race
By shouting that our stage was set at last
So when I saw my love coming my way
I knew it was no ordinary day 

Fantasy meets reality in this Shakespearean sonnet. No metaphor is intended in this sonnet.The tree was actually stretching out its branches. A breeze was really teaching words to birds. The music of birds really did make a pond sparkle. Conflict stanza? The entire sonnet is so strange that it didn't need one. Can this scene really happen? Only in the eyes of a lover. 

Arlene and I would occasionally spice things up by acting out fantasies. One fantasy was "The First Date". One or the other would set up a place where we would meet "for the first time" and go from there. Unusual things would happen,  which we could probably explain away, but as we were engaged in a fantasy, we took them in. Let me briefly share one instance. I told Arlene I would be at a bench at Lloyd's Lake in Golden Gate Park. Here comes Arlene looking fine as fine could be. She sits down on my bench. We introduce ourselves. Then, from out of nowhere, came the sound of a singer playing a guitar. As it happened, it was a guy serenading a girl. He was really good. So good that birds seemed to sing along. This attracted other birds, who thought there was free food. The swans, not wanting to be left out. came and put on a show. So here we have two lovers, who "just met", surrounded by beautiful birds, with music that is heaven sent. Were they ment to be, or what? 

The world is full of wonders. Wonders of beauty and amazement. Take the rainbow, for example. We could analyze it, learn what makes it appear or we can just take it in, enjoy it. The same is true for music, a good looking girl (or guy), a beautiful flower and on and on. Then there is the unexplainable: water flowing the wrong way, music coming from nowhere, a kiss. fill in the rest. Analyze if you like. Or just take it all in. Who gains the most: the one who finds out how a magic trick is done or the one who enjoys the show? The world is full of wonders. Wonders for us. And as we take all in Enjoy. 

Here is something to keep in mind: Sofia "Just No Ordinary Day" 

We've heard of the human race - Now here's the humor race 

Usain St Leo Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. He is regarded as the fastest human ever timed. Now TV host James Corden is challenging Usain Bolt for the title of "Fastest Man Alive" and is throwing in Allan Wilson for what the heck. Furthermore, to prove who is the boss, James is racing the entire staff of his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden. 
Will Usain Bolt retain his title? "100m Race: Usain Bolt vs James Corden & Owen Wilson" 

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Robin Williams


  1. I love when fantasy meets reality.

    1. One can tell from your enjoyable blog
      Thank you for everything

  2. If no one knows how things are done then things can't progress, the earth would still be flat. But just enjoying things is needed too.

    1. Balance. Excellent point
      Thank you for bringing out this insight

  3. Appreciation is often the key. Though some understanding doesn't go astray either.

    1. Extremely well put.
      Thank you for this clarity

  4. Very nice with accompanied music. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a sweet poem, I love that you notice the beauty around you.