Friday, October 21, 2016

One Who Wanders to Final Debate and the Shocker 
A wanderer is set to rest by his friends 
A father's debate with his daughter is set to rest by a surprise 

One Who Wanders (Italian sonnet) 

One wanders through his paradise alone
Where trees warm fragrant breezes with delight
And every single dream was there in sight
Except the only laughter was his own
And so he set his dreams upon his friends
There one by one another dream came true
And with each friend their heaven would renew
Till all and all they saw there were no ends
Each day surpassed the last in perfect bliss
Till one day from a stream there came a sound
A sound that made their memories rebound
Their silent dreams would put an end to this
They found the one who wanders by their fears
And in his eyes the secret of the stream
They saw the faces of this endless dream
This paradise was built upon their tears  

The secret of a person comes out in this Italian sonnet.  I like the Italian form of sonnet. It provides two extra lines from the other forms of sonnets (16 lines instead of 14 lines). Two extra lines can be a world in poetry.For those who write modern sonnets, where rhyme and meter are freer, the two extra lines of the Italian sonnet could be heaven sent. 

For a small average person? I have accomplished a lot. Among my top accomplishments were bringing Toys For Tots back to the Bay Area Masons and my volunteer work for the public schools, for which I was honored by San Francisco. My house is full of awards. plaques,metals and letters of accommodation. What would one expect from an egotist? An egotist who was taught that it is right to serve his fellow man. Of all of my accomplishments, I feel my greatest was opening "the door" for others. I have found that there were people who wanted to get involved, but for one reason or another couldn't, wouldn't, didn't take that one last step. Me... I needed help. Many nonprofit organizations need help. I became that one last step. What did I need with another award? If I sensed a person wanted to serve, I held open a door. And every now and then a new me would pop up named Jim or Jill. 

The Masons have many lessons about life. One of these lessons is to be the Master of the Lodge. All that we have done has brought us to this honored position. Normally a person is only Master once and the position only lasts one year. Lesson: All that we have done, all that we have been through has brought us here. Our time to be here is limited. It will never come again. This is our time. Make the most of it. Make the most of it our way. Better and "not as good as" are taken as differently. We are all different. We could use our time wishing "we had done" or we can use our time doing. We are the final judge and jury of how we did. We are all Masters of our time here and now. And while we build our legacy, Enjoy. 

Here is someone wandering through their life: Slackbaba "The Wanderer" 

We could debate or we could argue 

Oberlin College holds the honor of creating the nations first all-woman debate team. They raised issues such as women’s suffrage in the 1860s. Now, La Guardia Cross and his 2 year old daughter Amalah are running for president of their house. To see who will rise to this position they were engaged in a series of debates. Here is the final debate. 
This debate has an ending like no other debate in history. "Final Debate and SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT!" 

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Mere longevity is a good thing for those 
who watch Life from the side lines. For those 
who play the game, an hour may be a year, 
a single day's work an achievement for eternity. 
Helen Hayes


  1. Much rather do any day at my sea, beats wishing and hoping and doing nothing at all.

    1. YOU SAID IT! Plus, I love being that guy - Martin.
      Thank you

  2. Sometimes that final step to 'doing' as opposed to watching can be scary. Hooray for your variety of enabler.

    1. Yes it can.
      Thank you and thank you for all you do.

  3. I loved the poem and the notion of getting better and better. I am glad you've been able to give so much...

    1. Thank you for everything
      My life was so blessed, I had to give back