Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our Song to Data and Picard's Song 
A song of two lovers 
A song sung by Data and Captain Picard 

Our Song (Shakespearean sonnet) 

When did this song belong to you and me
What’s there to air some meaning in our life
Or beat to meet what others yearn to see
Which drew us to a husband and his wife
A fairytale to sail before their eyes
As kisses mist this memory of mood
Retraces places which once brought us sighs
Song set to let the mood of love exude
Till now its prow has kept us to a course
Through seas were waves behave as we weren’t told
And tears appear from shores we must divorce
As we grow old we’ll hold as song foretold
Our song so strong a symbol of a love
A gift to lift young hearts to stars above 

A bit of Word Wizardry in this Shakespearean sonnet. The Word Wizardry are the rhymes within rhymes. There is the rhyme structure of the sonnet. Within each line is an extra rhyme, (Example from first line - song, belong.) 

Arlene and I adopted our song in 1981. In 1974, when Arlene and I got married, Arlene's favorite song was Gladys Knight and the Pips "You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me". Arlene's father hired a live Latin band for our wedding. So we had a Latin version of this song as our first dance. That night in the Safari section of Disneyland there was a steel band. They played a song called "Back To Jamaica". This song got us dancing, which in turn got others dancing. For the next four nights, the band played this song for us when they saw us. Arlene and I decided to make this our song. Around 1981 Latin classics where making their way into our disco clubs. It was then we were introduced to "Quando Quando Quando" There was something about this song that got Arlene and I dancing. It became a staple of the dance clubs we'd frequent. In 1996, the many organizations, that liked our appearance at their parties, found out how special "Quando Quando Quando" was to Arlene and me. For fun, they would play the song and wherever Arlene and I were, we would rush to the dance floor. 

What is your song? My favorite song changes depending on how I feel. Perhaps your favorite song(s) change too. Maybe we have a number of favorites. Maybe it's a whole style that captures our heart. Captures our heart. Frees our imagination. Fashions our dreams. Opens the gates to our memories. And feelings... Music runs the whole gambit of feelings. Have we ever been sad and don't know why? Then we realize that there is a sad song playing in the background. Music is that powerful. Keep this in mind when we are sad. When we need some inspiration. When we need that little extra push. And the many other changes we are looking for at the moment. Or we can just Enjoy. 

Arlene and my favorite dance song: Julio Iglesias "Quando Quando Quando" 

Music can take us to the stars 

In Star Trek: The Next Generation did you know that Picard and Data are the only characters to hold the same rank they started with, throughout the entire series. Other than in alternate realities, Picard started and finished with the rank of captain, and Data lieutenant commander. Not only that, according to Nick Bertke (Pogo), Picard and Data were working on a song. Unfortunately, the series was over before the song could be aired. Here is Nick performing lip syncing with the actual voices Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data.
Note: Nick has been known to make things up for entertainment. "Data & Picard | Pogo"

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Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space 
between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. 
Maya Angelou


  1. Yeah, depends on the mood really or what's going on, etc. As songs run the gambit. As long as it isn't any of that head banger stuff, I'm good.

    1. Oh ya? I'm sure any good tune will pull you over.
      You strike me as a broad minded person.
      Thank you

  2. I think Ive realized I come here to read about you and Arlene. Its like reading a little love story every day ( though I do not always comment).
    I agree with Pat, Music depends on my mood. Sometimes Its dance, sometimes its gospel. I love to hear street bands and Reggae music when im feeling good.

    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      Try using music to control your mood - give it a try

  3. No song for me. Or not one played by humans. The sound of the ocean? bird song?
    Mind you bagpipes always make me cry.

    1. Music is not limited to humans.
      My funeral song -
      Thank you for pointing this out

  4. The songs of my heart will play the melody of the day, I just listen as the tune rings in my ear...

    1. This is a wonderful gift...
      Prize it well
      Thank you for your light

  5. How wonderful it is to read your poems and words!

    1. Thank you. How wonderful it is to read your your warm words