Sunday, October 2, 2016

River Of Tears to Pumpkin Spice Parody 
Will the lovers survive the river of tears 
Will a Husband survive the pumpkin spice 

River Of Tears (lyrical poem) 

The river of tears
The river of tears
The product of years
Of hope and of fears
Strange feelings it rears
From life’s painful spears
And unknown frontiers
Confusion appears
It wasn’t always so
Those moments long ago
When lovers chose to know
A river’s gentle flow
But time disappears
Through rapids it veers
Past perils it steers
What’s left when it clears
It wasn’t always so
Then kisses put on show
And future seemed aglow
On river’s wistful throw
Reality nears
Through harshness and jeers
Deceit and its peers
What hope interferes
Yet love preservers
Our vessel coheres
On river of tears
On river of tears 

As dark as it was a love floats on in this lyrical poem. This poem uses a tight meter of 5 beats in the verses and 6 beats in the chorus. Only 2 rhyme sounds were used: "O" in the chorus and"Ears" in the verses, This was done to imitate the harsh, trying, tedium of what the couple had to pass through. In the end, 2 lines, 10 total beats, love wins out. What started out as the river of sadness became the river of strength. 

I prefer to stay focused on the positives that is the dream of Arlene and Martin. A dream that not only lives on in my heart, but it lives on in the minds and hearts of all we touched and came in contact with the dream. Then there are the positive changes this dream brought to coaching, parent involvement in a school, sparking imagination back to once dying organisations. Yes, we were quite the dream. But in the shadows are the many tears. Arlene and I had our share hardships, not only from the outside, but from one another. Yes. the dream quarreled. Yet we found a strength in and through these hardships. Oddly, Arlene's and my love got stronger through these hardships. And as we might suspect. the challenges got harsher. Still and all, the dream floats on and above the river of tears. 

Lucky are those whose problems are small and few. For the rest of us challenges await everywhere. Some that we bring on. Some that may be unexpected. Some that we can manage. Some that may be out of our control. That saying, "What doesn't kill you make you stronger", is not true. There are things that make us weaker. Challenges are a natural part of life We, as humans, have done pretty good in meeting nature's and life's challenges (so far). Challenges are a part of existence. Here is a truth. We're alive. We've met our challenges this far. We are who we are because of our successes (and things that might have gone better). Here and now, here we are. Until and through the next challenge, Enjoy. 

Now that we have sailed the river of tears, here's: Aria "Secret Tear" 

Let's get a bit more specific of one man's challenge 

Along with a great pie, pumpkins are also a source of a healthier heart. Pumpkin spice also carries this health benefits. We have entered the season of pumpkin spice. The spice is everywhere. There are some who are not fond of pumpkin spice. Penn, the father of The Holderness Family, finds himself in an awkward position. His whole family likes pumpkin spice. He doesn't. 
Penn wrote a song about his situation. "Pumpkin Spice Parody | Great Pumpkin Debate | The Holderness Family" 

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A problem is a chance 
for you to do your best.
Duke Ellington


  1. Yeah, that saying is a bunch of bs. If a landmine blows off your leg, you sure as heck aren't going to be stronger., or something more subtle too lol

    1. Thank you, once again, for sharing your opinion.

  2. I agree with Pat Hatt. That phrase and the one where people say that they are grateful for adversity (often cancer) because it made them nicer people gets my hackles up. Teachers do not need to be brutal. And I don't believe the inspirational ones are...

    1. Thank you for this great support of an idea!
      Life is full of adversity. It changes us. ...

  3. Your poem is lovely and poignant. Love is such a powerful force.