Monday, October 3, 2016

Secrets Of Another Moon to Kung Fu Fighting Drills Don't Work 
A night is enthralled in a lover' secret 
A martial arts Master shares is secrets 

Secrets Of Another Moon (English sonnet) 

Her song is somewhat different tonight
As if there was much more she had to share
Some undiscovered richness to her flare
What hidden realm could add to her delight
Her Joyful fragrance soon ignites the air
What could it be that makes a star burn bright
What fantasies could fairy’s dreams excite
What words would dare impair this grand affair
Caught in her arms we’re swaying to her tune
As I begin to wonder of my fate
Her lyrics might be clearer to a loon
I might become if she cannot relate
She whispers secrets of another moon
There’s something coming I’ll just have wait

Maybe the moon knows the secret that has set a heart aflame. In the two quatrains something special, something exciting as gotten into a lover's heart. It drives the speaker so crazy that expressions begin with "What". Questions subside as the couplets set in. In the end, the speaker resolves himself to the moment. 

It was a Tuesday when I got a call at work. It was Arlene. She wanted me to make reservations for dinner at the Moonraker, in Pacifica. It was something Arlene had never done before. When I got home, I found Arlene dancing in front of her mirror in an evening dress, putting on her makeup. She was more than happy to see me, giving me a big hug and kiss. Seeing how Arlene was dressed, a quick shower and a suit were in order. After a few dances Arlene and I headed off to dinner. She was acting more than usually romantic. I didn't know what was going on and Arlene hadn't let me know yet. We were celebrating something, was my only suspicion. Arlene was "lovy-dovy" to the point that I was taken back to our high school days. After dinner, we went across the street to Nick's, to dance. After dancing it was back to the car and kissing and hugging and watching crescent moon to some tunes from our past. Then we decided that instead of driving home, to get a hotel room next to the Moonraker. The next morning two things came to mind. First, that it was only Wednesday and I had to get to work. Secondly, I never did find out what we were celebrating.

It turned out that Arlene was pregnant. She didn't want to tell me yet because we had disappointments in the past. Arlene felt that by celebrating right away, that it might attract good luck. It worked. 

A little superstition taken in the right, positive light, I believe, is not a bad thing. One of the big superstitions the Kloess family practices is: Celebrating the good things that happen to us. Good things could be as grand as expecting a new baby, a promotion, winning something, good grades and up. Or as small as finding that misplaced item, a sale on our favorite cookie, the kids clean up their room or anything that brings about a smile. A celebration could be as grand as a vacation trip or as small as as a good cup of coffee (or like alternative). What's wrong with this superstition? Don't we deserve to celebrate every now and then? Will celebrating our successes change anything? Think about it. That good cup of "coffee" sure tastes wonderful. It all starts from there. Positives attract positives. And you deserve it. And while we are sipping our "coffee", Enjoy. 

As an added celebration let us enjoy: Jean Pierre Plisson "Indian Moon" 

Some think self defense is child's play 

Elvis Presley was introduced to karate by the army, during his service in Germany. He included some karate moves in his live performances. To become good at any form of martial arts requires years of practice and training, According to Master Ken, of EnterTheDojoShow, some of the practice may be a waste of time. In this video Master Kenn offers a much more efficient practice for the artist's hands.
If you find yourself laughing, that is good for the breathing. "Kung Fu Fighting Drills Don't Work"

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Life is what you celebrate. 
All of it. Even its end.
Joanne Harris


  1. Hello, pretty poem! I agree we should all celebrate life. We have so many good things to be thankful for. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Thank you
      Your photography is an example of the celebration of life

  2. Celebrating such things is always grand. Superstitions though, pffft is all I say to them. But if they don't hurt, power to them.

    1. I concur.
      Thank you for the celebrations you provide

  3. Celebrating the good things, the beautiful things, takes away some of the power that the dark days have. Which is never a bad thing.

    1. Beautifully expressed!
      Thank you for your celebration with me

  4. What a sweet poem and what a sweet notion of celebrating good things large and small...

    1. Thank you
      You have so much to celebrate

  5. Your poem takes me somewhere else in my own journey, bittersweet...
    This is a reminder to celebrate life's moment big or small as when you rejoice it eases sorrow. In reality we never know how many moments we have so enjoy them while you can.

    1. Exactly right. Enjoy your moments ad celebrate.
      Thank you for resounding the message