Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tale Of The Stars to I'm Adopted 
A tale of lovers is set into confusion 
A tale of a young man is set into confusion 

Tale Of The Stars (English sonnet) 

The stars will tell a tale of nights gone by
When dreams would stream from wonderment of two
Whose eyes had other sacred hopes in view
And promises to write amid the sky
Each warm caress another wish come true
Their scent of heaven sets a soul to fly
And when they kissed the moon would hold its sigh
Their hearts held visions future always new
Dark clouds confuse the secret of star’s tale
The music of the sunset seems so strange
Has time warn magic moments down to plain
Twas you who brought these dreams into my sail
Could once so true have undergone a change
Or could we be the heaven’s sweet refrain 

Stars and heavens are renewed in this English sonnet. This sonnet starts as a typical tribute to two lovers. Confusion and trouble set in with the advent of the triplets Then,  the final stanza turns to first person. The stars and the heavens are brought down to two people and there to begin again. 

This poem is not so much about an event but a custom. As most of my fans know, I moved in with my childhood sweetheart, Arlene, when she turned 21. Life together was pretty much the dream lovers would imagine (and maybe a touch better). Then came the test of our relationship when Arlene and I moved to be closer to Arlene's mother when Arlene's dad died. This was an extremely trying time. We moved and became stars in our disco world and tried to reclaim our place in heaven. 

During our troubled time a young man, Michael, came into our life. I was getting fat. Michael would be my gym partner. Michael was having relationship issues of his own. His lasted longer than Arlene;s and mine. Then suddenly, Michael's relationship problems went away. As a gift of putting up with him during his tough times, Michael gave his treasure to Arlene and me. It is called the "Dedication". It is a simple custom. There is no set time frame or special arrangements. All that "Dedication" is: Tell the other person you love them and why. That's it. That's it except listening. Listen to what you're saying and what is being dedicated to you. Try to shut everything else off. I wish I could tell everyone "Dedication" works. I don't know. I can say "Dedication" is a wonderful, magical experience. So wonderful I continue to "Dedicate" my love and the day. 

Listening such an important skill. Everyone likes to talk, but a good listener is hard to find. Small wonder we good listeners are so valued. Being a good listener is not just going to sleep while the other person goes on . We should take it all in. What is being said? What is the meaning? What feelings are being expressed? How is the person feeling? What do they want to be heard? (The list goes on.) Being a good listener is not for everyone. This is not an excuse. It is a fact of human development. We can all become a little better though. As we become better listeners, more conversations will be sparked by our gift. And as our value goes up and our ears, and heart become doorways to so much more, Enjoy. 

After all of this how about a song: The Bangles "Eternal Flame" 

Listening is a good skill until reality becomes confusing 

Famous people who were adopted include Jamie Foxx, Jack Nicholson (by his grandparents), Ray Liotta, Steve Jobs, Frances McDormand, Nicole Richie, Debbie Harry (“Blondie”), Dave Thomas (Wendy’s Founder), Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi, Gary Coleman, Faith Hill, Melissa Gilbert, and Scott Hamilton. Imagine that you were adopted. The time has come for your adopted parents to let you in on the truth. Even more. you're real parents are coming to meet you. Even more, the surprises just don't stop.
We have to thank Studio C for recording the moment. The event gets so confusing, the ability to rewind is invaluable. "I'm Adopted?" 

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There is always some madness in love. 
But there is also always some reason in madness. 
Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. I can listen away, but if it is dumb gossip crap, i go off in la la land and pretend to listen most times haha

    1. What if they pay you? :))
      Thank you. Getting ready for a laugh at your site

  2. And a good listener is not composing their response in their head.

    1. Two ears, one mouth is an indication where the priorities should lie...

    2. Excellent points.
      But you are a Master listener.
      Thank you for all you do

  3. What a beautiful poem. Listening is indeed such an important thing in relationships...

    1. Point well taken
      Thank you, happy you liked

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    This is a powerful poem, it makes me stop and think.I wish more people would listen better.

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