Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Endless Dream to Mr. D Cheat Sheet 
Lovers learn to deal with their reality 
A teacher has to deal with his reality 

The Endless Dream (round) 

We lived a life we hadn’t planned
Till subtleties got out of hand
And visions of our pleasantry
Became a part of life’s demand
It started out just you and me
Who chose together world we’d flee
Into our haven in the sky
Where problems were just lights to see
There tears of Joy were all we’d cry
Together with the sweetest sigh
And kissed each evening away
We didn’t need a reason why
And from our mountain words would stray
To jealous hearts what would they say
Why not come down and feel the ground
We’ll teach you games and how to play
And so they showed us all around
Behold these wonders still astound
There while I dreamed your heart rang true
Where was the Joy which we had found
I looked around and they all knew
They all drank Joy while I drank dew
And now you’re gone I understand
This dream is done what can I do 

Is it a dream or a nightmare that holds the lovers in this round? This is a round. It has no beginning or end. The rhymes of the third lines lead to next stanza. The third line of the last stanza leads back to the first stanza. The poem starts out with lovers on their mountain. For some reason they leave their love mountain to suffer the bitter realities of life. She eventually leaves him. But wait... This a round. It as no beginning or end.  

If you have been following me, you are aware that Arlene and I moved in together shortly after she turned 21. It was a small apartment with a very large balcony on Twin Peaks, overlooking eastern San Francisco. Our "Palace in the sky". When Arlene's father died, we moved to an apartment close to her mother, so we could take care of her. Our relationship turned very sour. Arlene and I fought all of the time. Things got very intense. How and why we stayed together, heaven knows. I now like to think it was that perfect day; Our wedding day. We eventually moved. Things got better. But those mad teenage lovers were gone. Oddly, those bitter days had one big positive effect. They prepared us for the harsh times ahead. 

I wish that I could tell you that it was truly our wedding vows that kept Arlene and I together, or that we grew stronger because we had survived those bitter times. What I would like to suggest is: turn those negatives into positives (if we can). I obviously did a poor job of this during those bleak days. I was able to find the positives in a bad situation. With practice I got better. And so can we. Find the positive in all we do. If there is no positive then it must be changed. Believe we are special. Believe we deserve the best. Know that there is a positive world. Know that we are citizens of that world. And as our light shines, Enjoy. 

How about a song: Conjure One "Endless Dream" 

Back to those school days 

A University of Pennsylvania study found that 33% of teachers leave within the first three years of beginning their careers and 46% leave within the first five. Which brings us to Mr. D, Gerry Ducan (play by Canadian comedian Gerry Dee), who is an elementary school teacher. In this scene Mr. D must handle a number of challenges. 
Did we ever know a teacher like this? "Mr. D: Cheat Sheet | Season 6 Preview | CBC" 

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Deep into that darkness peering, 
long I stood there, wondering, fearing, 
doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal 
ever dared to dream before. 
Edgar Allan Poe


  1. This is a sad poem and it reminds me of dreams I've lost and I wonder what is the cost to mend a broken heart that has been torn apart at the hands of others.

    They all drank Joy while I drank dew - with thoughts of you, I sipped in days of blue...

    lovely as always Martin, but now I feel like crying :(

    1. Don't cry - Remember this is a round (it starts all over)
      This makes the poem more haunting
      Thank you for your thoughts

  2. Yeah, if we can't find a positive, get the heck out fast and do something with more positives than negatives.

    1. Just love the statement "Yeah, if we can't find a positive, get the heck out fast..."
      Say no more.
      Thank you for this

  3. Negatives are bad for us, and bad for the people around us. If that is all there is (and sometimes it is true) it is time to leave.

    1. Agreed.
      Remember, positives attract
      Thank you for adding your voice

  4. Brilliant interlocked rubaiyat! Kudos.

    Finding positives among the negativity also requires training, time and a loving eye. It takes time to develop and hone that skill, as with all skills.

    1. There is a BIG oil company that says You're right. It trained all its employees and made tons of money.
      Thank you for the compliment

  5. I'm glad you found a way to stay together. Wonderful poem, I loved these words "We lived a life we hadn’t planned
    Till subtleties got out of hand" especially.

  6. Hello, wonderful words and post. Finding the positives is important, negative thinking is just bad. Have a great day and weekend ahead!

    1. Thank you for your kind words
      May your weekend be filled with delight