Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dream At Night to The KENZOxHM show 
Imagination leads a lover to a dream of a different sort 
Imagination leads a fashion show of a different sort 

Dream At Night (Martin verse) 

To walk and talk and dream at night
Was all he ever had in sight
A simple life was his delight
This man of modest appetite
But trouble comes in many forms
A passing breeze which masks the storms
A passing glance as passion swarms
For some alarm but him it warms
And so with her he passed the night
Where kisses came like passing storms
Imagination loosed in swarms
Enough to feed their appetite
And so for her his love thus forms
And to all else he loses sight
She didn’t share in his delight
A sense of danger quickly warms
Shear madness has an appetite
Our darkness oft is its delight
It bore his vision into sight
To walk and talk a dream at night 

Love turns to madness in this Martin verse. Want to write a Martin verse? Come up with four rhyming words. Then come up with four different rhyming  words. Follow this pattern: A1 A2 A3 A4 - B1 B2 B3 B4 - A1 B2 B3 A4 - B1 A2 A3 B4 - A4 A3 A2 A1. The last stanza are the rhyming words of the first stanza in reverse order.

I did make this poem a little extreme. We did have this friend, Jeff. Jeff was a bar hopper, when it came to picking up girls. He met a young lady who sparked his delight. He started seeing her on a steady manner. Jeff even introduced her to Arlene and I. With time, Jeff started to fall in love with her. This is where the fun started. The girl seemed to like going out with Jeff, but love was something she was not ready for,  Rather than discussing their relationship or simply cutting things off, she started acting really strange. According to Jeff, she started to let herself go. Jeff felt like she was ordering him around. Strangest of all, she smelled like cigarettes. Jeff is a nonsmoker. He never remembered seeing her smoke, or that odor, before the change. The relationship was over. No, she did not (literally) kill Jeff. 

Here is an interesting riddle: Two individuals joining up to create a family, a team. Two people with lives, and all that goes with it, of their own, join together to create something new. In the beginning love casts its spell to smooth out many of our differences. Will love continue to bless a couple with its merging mist? Whether it does or doesn't, I believe one of the strongest glues of a relationship is communications, talking as well as listening. If a concern arises don't be afraid to talk about it. Do not depend on it going away on its own. Listen to what the other person is saying. Use all your energy to take it in. Try not to form any opinion while listening. As a team try to build to a solution. Every once in a while ask your partner's opinion. Good communication skills may not solve every challenge.It is a wonderful exchange of ideas. Ideas to make a relationship grow. And as we flower, Enjoy. 

Back to the poem: Cliff Richard "Devil Woman" 

How does a fashion designer communicate their skills - A fashion show 

Kenzo in the 1970s decide to go up against the standard expectations of seasonal trends. They are said to be highly influenced by the environment of the 21st century. They collaborate with avant-garde artists, musicians, actors, and designers each collection. In keeping with their constant challenge of the standards of their times Kenzo has orchestrated a fashion show, like one no one has seen before. 
Are we ready for this? "KENZOxHM SHOW"

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Communication - the human connection - is the key 
to personal and career success. 
Paul J. Meyer


  1. Jeffs friend probably didnt change but instead, she stopped pretending to be who she really wasnt. Ya think? Great poem Martin!

    1. You might be right. At the time, I didn't think about that.
      Thank you. Glad you liked the poem

  2. Communication sure is key. None of that 2 year old silent treatment crap that so many seem to give. That and trust will get a relationship far.

    1. Boy, do feel strongly (pro) communications.
      Thank you for the strong support

  3. Perhaps, her plan was to drive him away, easier than telling him it was over? Communicating can be hard for some people.

    I like the new form, I may have to try it and see what I can create.

    1. That' what we thought...
      Martin verse is easier than it looks.
      Thank you for your consideration

    2. Ok, I gave your form a whirl
      As words I did twirl

  4. A problem ignored usually festers and grows. Communication is always the key. But takes many forms. She was communicating...

    1. What an insight!
      Thank you for this fresh perspective

  5. she became her true self it seems. i presume Jeff let her go of her.
    communication is the key to many things. i like the poem and Cliff singing that hit song.

    1. Yes, Jeff left her.
      Thank you and I'm glad you found to much to like

  6. What a fascinating poem! I'm glad your friend was okay...

    1. Glad this caught your interest
      Thank you for being so supportive

  7. An excellent poem, superbly written.

    1. What a sweet compliment
      Thank you so much

  8. poem is lovely with a sad story within .
    love of Jeff was true but with wrong girl .hope he finds soon his miss right because i believe that there is one for everyone and sooner or later they find each other [rarely sometimes they don't].
    tow people choose each other to live together till their last breathe and success of this relationship is hidden in this decision as if it is genuine and pure they will make effort to work it out

    1. Thank you for the compliment
      Jeff was fine, but hurt.
      I appreciate your perspective