Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dreams Beyond to Buster The Boxer 
A lover's desires are sparked just beyond this 
A dog's desires are sparked within a dream 

Dreams Beyond (Shakespearean sonnet) 

A scented song whose fire alights the breeze
Explores a silence searching for a cause
For soothing satin curtains which it draws
And dreams beyond this lifetime it will tease
A feeling flowing past all need to care
What was before may serve no purpose here
For in its instant all desire is near
And meanings for tomorrows will it bare
For this has time removed its searing sound
For this what wishes’ hiding place could keep
What is this passion coursing from some deep
What is this calling to a heart to pound
What worlds unknown are have cast there Joys to this
A moment just beyond another kiss 

A lover's world lies just beyond this is the essence of this Shakespearean sonnet. A realm is described in the first two quatrains. In the third quatrain expression turns to questioning, The riddle is solve in the rhyming couplet.  

As I have admitted. I am a real sucker for a kiss. What I haven't shared is, I consider myself a lizard. What I mean by this is that I do better in the heat than in the cold. I do not like the snow. A kiss would change all this. Arlene wanted to go skiing in Lake Tahoe. All I could remember is saying yes. This happening after a flurry of kisses. It was good that I said yes, because Arlene had already booked a room at the Ritz Carton. In fact. she had already bought me my ski outfit. My fear of the snow erased any thought of how much this was going to cost. I can't say enough about the Ritz. I could be quite happy at the hotel. Arlene had other plans though. After a flurry of kisses, I found myself on a kiddy slope with some guy teaching me how to ski. A flurry of kisses in a hot tub got me mentally prepared for a ski tour Arlene had booked. All in all, did I have a good time? A picture says it all. The picture is of me, leaning on a pair of skis and Arlene kissing me.

"What a piece of work is man." (Shakespeare - Hamlet) A man's dislike of cold is overcome by a kiss. What do kisses have to do with cold? It has to with reward to enhance ourselves, For a long time it was commonly accepted that punishment improved a person. A person did wrong, they will be punished. It has been discovered that a reward system is a far more efficient way to enhance a person. To make a person better reward the desired improvement. The challenge with the reward system is that we are all different and unique. But we know what makes us happy, makes us feel good. Use that knowledge. Don't be afraid to reward ourselves. "What a piece of work is man." And as we become better Enjoy. 

Back to the kiss: Luther Vandross "Here and Now" 

The stores are gearing up for Christmas already 

Reports find that about one in seven adults have already begun holiday shopping, and 15 percent of Americans will shop earlier this year than last. Along with this trend Christmas ads are already coming out. in 2007 John Lewis, a chain of upmarket department stores, advert has become something of an annual tradition and one of the signals that the countdown to Christmas has begun in the United Kingdom.The popularity of John Lewis' Christmas Adverts are now getting worldwide attention.
Here is John Lewis' 2016 gift. "John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - #BusterTheBoxer"

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Now a soft kiss - Aye, by that kiss, 
I vow an endless bliss. 
John Keats



  1. This was cute... and...well....where's the picture?

    1. I'll see if I can find it.
      Thank you. Glad you llked

  2. A little reward can sure go a long way, as you say, as long as it is the right one for us.

    1. Glad that you reemphasized this
      Thank you

  3. The carrot and the stick.
    Enticement or fear?
    No contest.

    1. There really was a time where fear was the only way
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  4. I'm glad you and Arlene had such a lovely trip. The poem is wonderful.

    1. It was quite a :trip" for me
      Thank you for the reminder

  5. Replies
    1. Hope it brings a smile to your face
      Thank you

  6. have cast there Joys to this
    A moment just beyond another kiss

    Leave it to the good wife. They can organize every thing to a T. To be a skier is not an everyday pastime easily mastered though!


    1. Add a couple of kisses to that and...
      Thank you for your thoughts