Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Falling to Robot Programmed To Kill 
A lover seeks escape from the sorrow of heartbreak 
A robot seeks escape from the clutches of a junkyard 

Falling (poem) 

Stay this moment
Of all those once where yesterdays turned black
Drawn these wishes
Of fantasies whose ever never were
Purge this shadow
Of echoes from another part of me
How did we get here
What can recall
Seems mindless confusion
Has wiped out all trace
A blame you for this
Others for that
But now these brief riches
Mean nothing at all
Reason unravels
Love’s feelings flip
In bottomless hollow
A soul seeks a bend
Cries some darkness
Outstretching a sole but promiseless hand
Comes an answer
From a voice I hadn’t heard for awhile 

A lover is falling after his love leaves him in this poem. This looks like a free form poem. But a closer extermination of the beats gives it away. Although this poem doesn't rhyme, it does follow a strict meter.

Oh yes, I suffered a break up. Worse yet, it happened in my teenage years. (And we all know how logical we teenagers were.) Everything was going real well. I didn't have an inkling anything was wrong. Arlene and I were supposed to see each other that day, but instead I get a phone call. Arlene wants to break up. The echo of the word "end" was the last thing I remember as I descended down my hole. A hole that wasn't so much dark as it was confusing. When I got myself out off that hole, it took all those close to me (teachers, family and friends) to bring me back to a level of normalcy. Arlene did come back to me. I have never asked her why she broke up with me. 

I am a Christian, but let's put religion aside for a moment. Many people, things and situations have brought us here where are, but none as important than us. Oh sure, there was our mother, who gave us life. But that was a baby many lifetimes ago. Now here we are. Of the billions of people who inhabit this planet there is only one us. And the things we do touches others (and others and others...). The most important person we touch is us. All of this may sound silly or obvious. Countless are those who take the silly and obvious for granted. Think about it. When we are alone, whose is that voice we hear? Ultimately where does our hope come from; our courage; our confidence; our will; all those things that give us value? What a wonder we are. Never forget this and Enjoy. 

How about some music for all this: Rue du Soleil "Missing" 

Cozmo is waiting 

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. 17% of American students report being bullied 2 to 3 times a month or more within a school semester. Meet Cozmo, the cutest artificial intelligence robot ever seen. He is the brain-child of a bunch of college buddies in grad school at Carnegie Mellon, Cozmo was sparked to life by Anki, a mechanical engineering company. 
What does Cozmo have to do wit bullying? Let's find out. "Robots Programmed to Kill!" 

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The more you believed in yourself, 
the more you could trust yourself. 
The more you trust yourself, 
the less you compare yourself to others.
Roy T. Bennett


  1. It does come back to us indeed, which is far different than me me me

    1. I'm glad that you pointed this out
      Thank you for watching my back

  2. I am the only person who 'has' to stay with me. So it makes sense to me to work to make that person someone I can like and respect. And rely on.

    1. Excellent point. We do have to live with ourselves
      Thank you for this insight

  3. There is always light at the end of a tunnel even if you don't think there is. You came back to all with the help of you family and friends - how lucky you were and are.

    1. What a blessing this is
      Thank you and may the light always shine on you

  4. The voices are those of the near and dear ones who care for us and helps us get through tough times, life will be miserable without them.