Monday, November 7, 2016

Her Window to Where The Heck Is Matt 
From a limited world 
To a limitless world 

Her Window (sonnet) 

The days pass by her window where she waits
The sun casts rainbows from the dew on ground
From answers which will never more be found
What mysteries a shadow there creates
Her silent stares across the endless straits
Spring’s blossoms which were never meant to be
A haunting tide across some memory
The promises her faithful heart restates
A world once grand to wishes relegates
She doesn’t see the stars which bless the night
Her very soul is searching for some light
With all else gone the dream she dawns are fate’s
Until returns some meaning through hope’s gates
She sits beside her window where she waits

A lady is lost in time in this sonnet. This is not a Shakespearean sonnet. Let's take a look at the rhyme scheme: ABBA ACCA ADDA AA. Part of the rhyme scheme is progressing and of it remains stagnant. Part of the sonnet represents the world (moving). Part representing a lady who is waiting. 

I believe we should live in the now, look forward (plan for) the future and every now and again enjoy a memory or two. One thing haunts my mind and challenges this belief. I used to be a houseboy. I cleaned people's houses. I had one customer, Mrs. Worth. She lived in a large apartment on Nob Hill. She was very wealthy. Her husband had passed away. Yet Mrs. Worth showed no sign of remorse. Her entire apartment was decorated in her brighter days. Days when her and her husband where world travelers. There was no television and the radio was tuned into ab oldies station. If she wanted to go outside, there was a spectacular garden on the roof. All of her food and needs were brought to her. Her children worked very hard to keep their mother's dream and happiness alive. Mrs. Worth lived in a past. There was no future. Her wealth had frozen time (for her). And there, in her time, she waits. 

I still believe we should live in the now, look forward (plan for) the future and every now and every now and again enjoy a memory or two. But my past keeps coming back to haunt me. First there is my wife, Amor, who is very proud of me. She loves to mention my achievements and the places I've taken her. And don't even mention weddings, unless you want to look at volumes of pictures. Then there is my family and friends who love to bring up the volumes of remember whens. Then there are all of the achievements, which every now and again resurface. I am in my golden years. I am no longer that young man I used to be, as my body on the tennis court reminds me. There is so much I can no longer do. Yet there is so much I have done. So should it be with all of us. As old age creeps up on us it should have to deal with the legacy of things that we did well. Our achievements are those things important to us. Try to live in the now. Build in this now. And here in this now Enjoy. 

A song to go with the sonnet: Hope "Who Am I To Say" 

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We must use time wisely and forever realize 
that the time is always ripe to do right. 
Nelson Mandela


  1. The now is important indeed but the now does create such memories and give people something to talk about in the future.

    1. Don't we know it
      Thank you and keep creating those great memories

  2. Getting stuck in any time is dangerous. And disrespects the others. Our present is, as its name tells us a gift. A gift which is shaped by our past. And planning for the future is fine - but not when it causes us to ignore the now.

    1. I agree with you. So imagine witnessing someone successfully living in a past. Mind challenging. That's why it bothers me.
      Thank you

  3. Some people have a hard time letting go or they just need time and help to heal. The past can be a beautiful or painful place to visit. I think it is wise to live in the now. I don't plan to far ahead either as it usually leads to disappointment. No expectations just live in the beauty of now I guess. "Time is now"

    1. Ps - beautiful sonnet as always...but, just because you're older doesn't mean you still can't achieve goals? Your journey is a testament of your strength and heart. Can we get a witness, can we get a witness, why is that song coming to mind?

    2. Let's not forget Mrs. Worth was rich.
      You do bring out some excellent points
      Thank you

    3. Ps - thank you for the compliment and confidence in me

  4. Mrs. Worth and Nob Hill :)
    So she lived in the past - I live a day at a time and think towards the future and once in awhile remember the wonderful things of the past.

    1. And your fans enjoy your posts - a life well lived.
      Thank you

  5. to deal with the legacy of things that we did well
    our achievements are those things important to us

    Very true Martin! One should savor all previous successes to boost oneself for the future. Only then life has its meaning!


    1. Thank you for adding your words, You put it so well