Sunday, November 6, 2016

In The Shadows to 7 Ways Cats Creep You Out 
Lurking in the shadows is a monster 
Lurking in the shadows is our beloved cat 

In The Shadows (Shakespearean sonnet) 

In the shadows streaming through my mind
It’s lurking ever lurking plagued by light
To heartbreak sorrow pain regret resigned
This coward always shrinking from all sight
This formless mold corroding all that’s fair
It’s seething ever seething fearing dawn
Yet darkness distrust doubt disdain it’s there
It eats me cheats me from the world I’ve drawn
This depth of something we refuse to know
It’s waiting ever waiting for the chance
For caring sharing love concern to go
For hope has set up walls towards its advance
In the shadows streaming through this me
It’s You forever You who sets me free 

What was the monster lurking in this Shakespearean sonnet. A classic sonnet follows a strict form. Add to this the similarities of all of the second lines of this sonnet. Add to this that this sonnet ends as it began. Why is this important? Though there is a monster lurking, the speaker is able to maintain order. 

In school I met my doppelganger. Mike looked exactly like me. We became fake brothers until a week before our audition at Fantasy Records. We had a major falling out. Bad luck continued to follow Mike around as he and his wife were divorced. Mike rebuilt his life. He remarried and made may wonderful memories. He gave back for his many blessings by entertaining patients at retirement homes. A couple of years ago bad luck struck Mike again. He has a rare disease for which there is no cure. He is slowly loosing control of his muscles. He can no longer walk, talk or write. Imagine, here is a singer who cannot sing. I or any of his friends are not permitted to see him. Mike wants us to remember him as he was, rather than what he is becoming. Pretty depressing. Yet his wife and his memories successfully stave off depression. Mike uses what time he as left writing songs, on his computer, for his ex-wife, who has taken over for Mike at the old folks' homes.  

Bad luck strikes us all. Hopefully not as bad as poor Mike. Here was a monster who tried to extinguish a person's life. But it utterly failed. In fact, it did just the opposite. It brought out the noble side of a person. A person like so many, whose noble deeds go unrecognized except for those effected or touched.  We are inundated with news of bad things happening all around us. But, it might come as a surprise, many more people are involved in good things.Things that usually don't make the news, don't rouse the media. Things like volunteering, community outreach, world peace activities and more. People are, we are basically good. The bad that dominate the headlines are the exceptions not the norm. Many are the people working for the better tomorrow. Maybe you are one of them. And as we greet that next smile, remember that it all stats here, so Enjoy. 

Just a great story for some. For some a reminder: 
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble "When Jesus Wept" 

Now where is that furry kitty 

The first cat in space was a French cat named Felicette (a.k.a. “Astrocat”). In 1963 France blasted the cat into outer space. She survived the trip. Cole and Marmalade are cats owned by Chris Poole, a self confessed crazy cat guy. Chris insists Cole and Marmalade are film makers. Maybe Chris isn't just a crazy cat guy.
Let's watch Cole and Marmalade's latest hit. "7 Ways Cats Creep You Out!"

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The ultimate measure of a man is not 
where he stands in moments of comfort 
and convenience, but where he stands 
at times of challenge and controversy. 
Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Yeah, if we only go by the media everything is soooo bad. Pffft ratings is all that is.

    1. Glad you are with me
      Thank you (We will win)

  2. There are many shadows waiting to embrace us, which they may be, whom they will choose, we don't know nor can control, I'm grateful for every blessing in my life today....

    1. Thank you for leaving us this reflection
      Hope every dawn brings you more blessings

  3. Hello, monsters and shadows can be a challenge. When reading about your friend, it reminds me of all I am blessed with, I am thankful. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

    1. Thank you and may life always smile on you
      (You bring so many smiles)

  4. There ARE bad people, and bad things happen (sometimes to good people). If we sink into doom and gloom and stay there, the badness has triumphed.

    1. So right.
      Thank you for this useful reminder and encouragement

  5. I think dark shadows lurk and who knows when they will surface to bring strife.

    A reminder that I choose the frequency of love and light, even though on some days it is hard to do.

    I watched a movie last night that seems to be in synchronicity with your post. It was sweet, sad and beautiful and it made me cry a river.

    Have you seen this one? "me before you' ` yes, live boldly and with a loving heart.

    1. Yes, it is lurking.
      With a focus like yours the dawns should be bright.
      Thank you for this recommendation. I will add it to my list

  6. Indeed, bad luck does strike us all, but we can always find a way to begin again! Perhaps with just a smile.

    1. You bet ya! And I bet you have a beautiful smile
      Thank you and pass it on

  7. Great stuff here to think on.

    1. But first, another of your great posts
      Thank you

  8. So true about the media focusing on the sensational and terrible, because the good stuff is quietly done and doesn't get the eyeballs.

    Great sonnet, as usual :)

    1. Thank you so much for adding your positive voice to this