Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Joker's Serenade to How to Fight a Clown 
A clown has a falling out with love 
A clown has a falling out with a martial arts master 

Joker’s Serenade (English sonnet) 

A wind repeats the mistakes that I made
So countlessly repeating maybe more
The waves of mishaps wearing on life’s shore
The shadows of a joker’s serenade
So funny how I rarely saw before
The thoughts of some improvement a charade
Here was the one I was upon parade
A clown a fool a jester gone to war
Yet looking back at all I wandered through
The scars and smiles my heart began to know
Mistake where but a part of grander play
Small marvels are the things which I would do
And in the lives of others they would grow
For here I stand still kissed by yesterday

A love is lost and a person grows in this English sonnet. Here we have one tale of one person. Yet the sonnet breaks it up into two parts. The quatrains the clouds of doubt and confusion. The triplets the rain of hope and growth. 

Arlene and I were very lucky. We got married very young, as did many of our friends. Divorce rates were very high , in our time, especially among our friends. Two in particular were Kristy and Steve. One evening Steve comes over unannounced. Kristy had moved out and wants a divorce. Arlene ad I were floored. Steve and Kristy were a magic couple. They were a lot of fun to be with. They were an inspiration. No one would suspect that there was any problem. No one but Steve. He was convinced that the divorce was all his fault. If he had only given her the attention she deserved. Steve would grieve for months. Then he cheered up. When asked why he said, "Yes, it was sad that Kristy and I broke up, but the time we had together was magical." 

Bad things happen to all of us. Some are our fault. Some are caused by others. Some just happen. We find ourselves saying, "If only I had..." "I wish they didn't..." We cannot change the past. We can learn from it. Good things happen to us as well.  We can learn from these also. More importantly they release us. We can learn from all of our experiences, but only the good launches us forward. We are a product of all the things that have brought us here. Some things tend to drift to the forefront. In positive people, it is all the good things that happened to us float to the top. And so the flowers are sweeter. The sun is brighter. The whole world is better. Let us always cling to the good and Enjoy. 

A song for the sonnet: Frank Sinatra "Send In The Clowns" 

Bothered by clowns 

In the German language the word clown means ‘don’t leave the kids alone with that one’! Around Halloween clowns were a big problem. To answer the clown problem comes Master Ken of EnterTheDojoShow. Master Ken has invited actor and martial artist Michael Jai White to teach us how to defend ourselves against clown attacks. 
Note: Clowns do not include family member, unless they are dressed as clowns. "How to Fight a Clown" 

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Joseph B. Wirthlin


  1. Yep, bad crap is going to happen no matter what. But have to find the lesson in there and keep on keeping on.

    1. Spoken like a real trooper.
      Lead the way
      Thank you

  2. the past can keep us stuck, prevent us from growing, slowly destroy from the inside, or it could be the reference book of things-not-to-do-again, leaving us free to find..... what we are looking for......

    1. What a great way if looking at it!
      Thank you for sharing this insight

  3. It saddens me to hear about divorces. We had a fun friend couple and the same thing happened as did to Steve. We were shocked. But now both have a different kind of happiness that couldn't be made if they would have stayed together.

    1. Life does have its twists.
      Let us be happy the good times happened at all.
      Thank you for all of your smiles

  4. So long as we do learn. From our mistakes and from our triumphs.

    1. Amen to that! ... and from life
      Thank you

  5. What lovely poetry and a beautiful moral to your thoughts...

    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      I miss your art

  6. The moral of the story, enjoy the moments, forgive and move on OR.. Sometimes, the lesson might be to not trust again or to love again for the pain is too much. It's all about perspective Martin and sometimes the vision is cloudy.

    Lovely poetry ~ your muse likes sonnets :)

    1. Very good.
      Thank you for sharing the wonderful insight
      I'm honored

  7. Pulls at my heart this one--divorce happens, but it is always painful, even when it is for the best

  8. it was sad that Kristy and I broke up,
    but the time we had together was magical

    A most noble remark. Such an attitude augurs well for the future even following the breakup. Just treasure the good times together before and move forward. There should not be any resentments!


    1. Agreed.
      Where Steve found this inspiration, I don't know
      Thank you for bringing this out