Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moonlight Melody to Crazy Latina Girlfriend 
Some memories will never die 
Some memories are a bit confusing 

Moonlight’s Melody (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Beyond the moonlight’s silken melodies
Which flows to greet the scent within the air
Beyond the whispers floating in the breeze
Which spreads a mist of passion everywhere
Beyond the stardust rich with dreams’ delight
Rejoicing hearts all splendors reminisce
When realms relinquish hold on lavish light
As lovers warm the moment of a kiss
Who knows the drift which brushes worlds aside
So much that mattered realize the fall
As promises anew repeats the tide
And fantasies aren’t far away at all
Beyond forever memories will live
As long as moonlight has a song to give 

In the moonlight lives on the memories of this Shakespearean sonnet. Here we have  a lover trying to describe love's memories. The first two quatrains not only describe moments, but we should get a feeling of lover's in each other's arms. In the third stanza, we should feel a change in mood. Although the rhyming couplet starts with the "Beyond" of the first two quatrains, the ending's tone point to a new direction. 

Arlene and I were lovers of the moonlight. It wasn't that the daylight ddin't open up many opportunities for lovers, but the fog of San Francisco made a clear moonlight a little more allusive. One evening Arlene and I went off to see Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance". After the show Arlene was struck by the moon. It was a clear night. The moon was a large clear crescent. I didn't see what Arlene did. I did see and feel the effect it was having on her. I took her to the Top of the Mark (Mark Hopkins hotel) for a little elegant dancing with a clear view of the moon that held Arlene in its spell. I decided to try my luck by taking Arlene to the Jones (a beautiful nearby outdoor rooftop restaurant). It was late and they wanted to turn us away, until I told them that all we wanted was dessert. It being late, Arlene was able to get a table which let her enjoy the moon. Before calling it a night, Arlene and I took a late night stroll a few blocks from our flat. The fog was rolling in taking away Arlene's moon. That might have been the night our son, Peter, was conceived. 

Magic is all around us. A girl is captivated by something, A boy is taken in by the wonder. Who knows if this will ever happen again? Moments like these are gifts. We all have them. Or at least they are there for us. They could be as small as a returning song or as grand as the moon. "Small" is a poor choice of words. None of these events are small.  They may effect us differently or sing out to us as groups together. A small flower calls forth a tear. Nature, in all her splendor, speaks to us, It is really happening. It really does happen. It happens just for us. We are that special; That deserving. Magic is all around us. Make the most of it and Enjoy. 

For this moment let's enjoy: Aeoliah "Moonlight Magic" 

Men and women can see the same events so differently 

According to Cosmopolitan Latinos {as a whole) are the friendliest people in the world, and were more likely to befriend people outside of our ethnicity than other groups. Then we have Lele Pons who thinks Latinos are a bit crazy. Eleonora "Lele" Pons is a Venezuelan Internet personality, now sporting over 2 million fans on her YouTube channel. 
In this video Lele focuses on Latino women. "CRAZY LATINA GIRLFRIEND | Lele Pons" 

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A truly great book should be read in youth, 
again in maturity and once more in old age, 
as a fine building should be seen by morning light, 
at noon and by moonlight. 
Robertson Davies


  1. A little magic can occur indeed all we need to do is look and find it has always been taking seed.

    1. Thank you for adding your voice to the choir of happy dreamers

  2. Magic, and beauty, are always there for those with open eyes, hearts and minds.

    1. Wow! Such beautiful words...
      and true too
      Thank you

  3. beyond the moonlight, lives a song in the hearts of those that can hear it's tune.

  4. What a lovely and romantic poem and story.

  5. This makes my heart beat a little faster. Lovely to have such a memory, and wonderful to preserve it in poetry.

    1. Glad I was able to bring you some joy.
      You have wonderful moments too
      Thank you

  6. Interesting moments in time there....with your love.

    1. Look who is talking Aren't those your picture we're enjoying on your site?
      Thank you for everything

    2. Yes they are my photos :)
      Me also enjoying 'the time'.