Thursday, November 24, 2016

Secret Wishes to Jason Bourne Cooks Thanksgiving 
It was Thanksgiving when a wish came true 
It was Thanksgiving when Jason Bourne cooks a turkey

Secret Wishes (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Amid the warmth and comfort of his home
A child enjoys the company of love
With time to spare to let warm wishes roam
What unknown void could he be dreaming of
While just outside a child in bitter cold
Has learned to put his childish dreams aside
His daily pangs and hungers make him old
His wishes give his tears a place to hide
Twas there again that two best friends did greet
To share the fare which filled their empty day
Twas there again true meaning found retreat
While wiser hearts had grander things to say
Twas there they swore their wishes to renew
To prove that wishes really can come true 

A special day found its meaning in this Shakespearean sonnet. Two main things made this sonnet. First there are two stories which merge. As the two stories merge (the boys and their friendship) and an astinato starts ("Twas there"). 

Let me share with you the story of Mrs. Coombs of Capp Street. Capp Street is a small street just behind Mission Street, in the Mission district of San Francisco. Mrs. Coombs was an elderly lady.  It was unclear what happened to her husband. Her home was an unofficial safe house for kids who had problems at home. The police knew what was going on there, but as long as there was no trouble left things alone. The Mission Rebels was a youth group. Originally a street gang, they transformed to keep the neighborhood clean and safe, They were a welcome part of the community. They helped Mrs. Coombs with her finances, shopping and keeping her streets safe. If a child had problems at home, they would hear about Mrs. Coombs from a friend. Some kids would just hang out. Some kids had to stay the night, Mrs. Coombs was there to greet the kids with her gentle manner. She would make sure everyone had enough to eat, an ear to talk to and to assure everyone that they were safe and that they were with someone who cared. I was one of Mrs, Coombs' kids. 

It is the season. All around us. It's growing once again. In the stores. In the parks. In the streets. People are getting nicer. But people are basically good all year round. We couldn't tell this by listing to the news. A man is arrested in connection with shooting of a Wayne State University police officer. There is an estimated 325,051,000 people living in America. According to CNN there were a total of 60 police officer shot in 2016. Although extremely unfortunate, consider our population. No where near a common occurrence. Students raising money lot fix a man's artificial leg didn't make the news (except KFI radio). Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, of Los Angeles, helped serve Turkey Day meals to the less fortunate. His opponents used the media to attack him. Our news (media) paints a bad picture of us. People are basically good. We do good things all of the time. Now, in this season, more than ever. So as we go out to meet the blessing of others, Enjoy. 

How about the season's song: Cedarmont Kids  "We Gather Together" 

Cooking a turkey couldn't be this hard 

Now a days there are many ways to cook a turkey. According to the United States Department of Agriculture Roasting is still the most popular. For those that want something a bit more exciting. the folks of Corridor have heard you. They have enlisted the help of Jason Bourne to make our turkey cooking a bit more lively. 
Our turkey may not be good, but it will be action packed. "Jason Bourne Cooks Thanksgiving" 

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Lucius Annaeus Seneca


  1. Very true, there is good all year around but the media only seems to play it up, and hardly even then, when the holiday season comes a calling.

    1. Thank you for adding your mark to this observation.

  2. What a wonderful poem. Your words are very thought provoking as well. I do think that most people are basically good.

    1. Thank you for all your wonderful words.