Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Boy And The Sea to Dinner Would Be Nice 
A boy and the sea lead to a disaster 
A boy and a girlfriend lead to a disaster 

The Boy And The Sea (Italian sonnet) 

A boy once ran beside the tide at play
For him the currents were his only friend
And his friend would welcome in each day
With the richest gifts which it could send
Just as his tale should happily subside
A princess to his eyes came floating down
To walk beside his friend there in the tide
And swept the boy away with her to town
Devotion of the ocean was aroused
It shared its tortured spirit with the wind
They tore through spaces once the living housed
Not even shattered lives made pain rescind
And as the living waded with the dead
The lives and dreams there taken by the sea
They heard a feeling floating through their head
So glad to have you once again with me 

Love, jealousy and nature lead to disaster as lovers are reunited in this Italian sonnet. In only four stanzas or sixteen lines a story is told. Because of the limit of a sonnet, form and words are called to perform double duty. Each stanza is a beginning and end to a part of the story. The lines contain words that have to do double duty. In the end we have a lady who should not be messed with. 

It was 5:04 p.m on October 17, 1989. I was working overtime at the Chevron headquarters downtown, The big Loma Prieta earthquake struck. It shook so hard that all of the furniture in the room moved. People were screaming and crying, but I stayed amazingly calm (like nothing was happening). I was so calm that it had a calming effect on those around me. As the team straightened up some of the office I went to buy everyone a soda. As I strolled down the hall there were other frightened people who I calmed down. Between working in a services department and all of my legendary idiosyncrasies I was extremely popular in the three downtown Chevron buildings. Security got on the intercom asking that we stay near our offices until further notice. When security came to the second floor to check on us, they were take by how calm we all were. It was like nothing had happened. I was credited for everyone feeling things were okay. Security got an idea. They put me on the intercom to keep the whole building calm and to give status updates. It would be almost two ours before I could go home. When I went outside, I saw the truth of it. It was a mess There were bricks and broken glass all over the place. I had been working in an earthquake building. They shake wildly even in the smallest earthquake.They are designed to do this to keep them standing if a strong earthquake hit. In truth, I had no idea of how serious the Loma Prieta was until I went outside. Then it was my turn to tremble. 

So here I was, a hero. When in fact, under normal circumstances, I would be as frightened as everyone else. I was just used to it. A fact of life is: We all get used to things. This can be a good and bad thing. Good when we get used to playing the piano well. Bad when we get used to being searched. Were we aware that, because of the way our brain works, that great tasting pizza will never taste as good? Our brain sets things about that pizza to memory. Rather than experiencing that pizza afresh, our brain uses memory to be more efficient. We get used to it. It becomes part of the norm. How do we not "get used to it" or step back? By being aware. Be aware of how special we are. Know that we can be as free as we want to be. This is our time. So Enjoy. 

Can you believe I found this to go with the sonnet: Eleni Karaindrou "The Weeping Meadow" 

From a psycho sea to a psycho girlfriend 

According to Susan Mandel, PhD, cheatig men want it all and have the skewed notion that another woman will make the longing for something more disappear. Natalie Tran, of communitychannel, suspects her boyfriend of cheating. That doesn't stop her from making great tutorial videos. 
Or does it? "Dinner Would Be Nice" 

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The sea, once it casts its spell, 
holds one in its net of wonder forever. 
Jacques Yves Cousteau


  1. I can imagine you having a calming effect on others.

    1. The irony was, I had no idea how serious this was.
      Thank you for all the smiles

  2. Can be tough sometimes to step back, but then getting used to it does have its perks too. All depends on what it is.

    1. So right. But at least you are aware.
      Thank you

  3. That's wonderful you stayed calm when the building trembled...I'm like that, can keep people calm.
    There was an earthquake of some degree whilst we were away on holiday...the caravan shook madly but all was ok.

    1. You're actually better than me.
      Thank you for sharing your experience

  4. So you became an accidental hero. Which is fine. You filled a need. As I suspect you (and Arleen) often did.

    1. That's me. The accidental hero
      Thank you for understanding.

  5. I think you have a calming effect because you walk in the spirit. I so enjoy reading your stories. Always, a new adventure in the life of Martin.

  6. That is an amazing story about the earthquake. I am always impressed how people take care of each other when disaster strikes. This was an interesting post, Martin.

    1. I have seen the good side of people
      I hope this was interesting in a good way
      Thank you

  7. I was so calm that it had a calming effect on those around me. As the team straightened up some of the office I went to buy everyone a soda. As I strolled down the hall there were other frightened people who I calmed down

    Reading this it reminds me of traits of leadership. There has to be someone who reacts differently taking the role of a leader in a crisis. Great Martin!


    1. Thank you
      I was an accidental hero that day.
      But not to disappoint you, everything I touched turned to gold