Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Specter to 'Fantastic Beasts' of the TSA  
A lover keeps his delight safe from a specter 
A TSA agent keeps the skies safe from dangers 

The Specter (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I saw a specter entering our home
Perhaps it’s best if you stayed here near me
While through the darkness it is free to roam
Perhaps our bed’s a safer place to be
I thought I heard it creeping past our door
Perhaps under these blankets we should hide
Who knows what hidden terrors are in store
Perhaps just cuddle closer by my side
It’s clears it’s here inside this room with us
Sublime’s the time which puts an end to this
What specter has created all this fuss
Perhaps the time has come for us to kiss
Surprising how a little passion spun
Can flame the fun some specter has begun

A specter sends a couple running for the safety of their covers (perhaps) in this Shakespearean sonnet. This is evidence that all love sonnets do not have to be serious.Although, still a love sonnet in nature. a specter is thrown in just for fun. And we do have a little bit of fun with the word "Perhaps". 

When Arlene and I purchased our house, it behaved quite strangely. Light would dance along the walls. Someone or something walked in the front room. Voices came from the fireplace.  If one believes in ghosts, these were great. For Arlene and the kids these were disturbing. So, one by one, I found the source of these oddities and put a end to them. The house is close to a big knoll, which attracts a lot of wild life. My neighbors and I have big lush backyards. My yard has a pond. The upshot of all of this is: our yards gets some unusual visitors. In the daytime our backyards occasionally turn into a zoo. At night time, when it was hard to see (and considering how scary the house used to be), two lovers ran to the bedroom. Arlene and I were kids again. Anyone familiar with the sounds of wildlife can imagine the specter that took Arlene and I away.  

There is nothing wrong with letting our minds slip every now and again. A moment to escape. An occasion to enjoy the richness of our imagination.  To be a kid again. To be part of that book. To get lost in s lover's eyes. Why would we be blessed with such a wondrous imagination if it were not intended for us to use it? Look around and see the products of imaginations all around us. Reminders of the wonder, the magic. the potential alive in all of us. Then there are the menial tasks, calling us back. Things that we must attend to. Things that require our full attention. Maybe reality calling us back. Balance. Balance is the key to all things. And whether we are drifting in imagination or swimming in reality there is always reason to Enjoy. 

 Let's have a little more fun with the specter: Michael Jackson "Ghosts" 

TSA - Keeping the airways safe 

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is taking every step possible to protect the American people while managing the amount of time spent awaiting security screening. TSA is adding more officers and more canine teams to screen passengers, and is working with the airports and airlines to find innovative solutions to support the traveling public.  Eddie Redmayne, the star of the latest Harry Potter movie "Fantastic Beasts" is about to put this to a test. 
This is why James Corden is not a TEA agent. "'Fantastic Beasts' of the TSA w/ Eddie Redmayne" 

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Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere. 
Albert Einstein


  1. Have to know when to snap back to reality indeed, but nothing wrong with letting it take seed, especially when one is a writer.

  2. Surprising how a little passion spun
    Can flame the fun some specter has begun

    It just needs a start imaginery or otherwise to trigger things off


    1. Great fun
      Glad you enjoyed
      Thank you for the support

  3. Its fun to feel like a kid again. We often hear things going bump in the night and wild life outside our window.

    1. Sounds like adventure are brewing
      Thank you for everything

  4. What a lovely quote! I very much like the poem as well.

    1. Hope you were inspired
      Thank you for the encouragement

  5. My inner child is alive and well, and I have visitors of a different kind at my place. You def would run and hide, lucky for me I just say hi.

    1. I hope you and they get along
      You deserve only wonder and delight
      Thank you for all you do

  6. you write soooo beautifully .
    your post reminded me the nights of my childhood when stormy and rainy nights made me shiver under my blanket and my imagination made me flew to the unseen horizons of fantasy worlds.
    though i got tough race with time here but your videos hold me strong .
    thank you for having precious blog

    1. Thank you for your warm thoughts
      I'm so happy you enjoyed this
      Look forward to your next writings