Friday, November 25, 2016

The Wonder Of It All to Top Soccer Shootout Ever 
The wonder of a couple 
The wonder of Scott Sterling 

The Wonder Of It All (Martin verse) 

I wonder does she dream of me at all
Since curtains of our love took final fall
A romance which the stars will long recall
A season which the flowers still enthrall
Our kisses were the spark of each new day
Our Joys became the light of other’s way
And in the pure enchantment of our play
Our footsteps saw no sadness or dismay
Unending was the wonder of it all
The splendor of each moment giving way
Two youthful hearts in rhythm with their play
And dreams adrift from paradise enthrall
Our dances were the meaning to the day
As fascination’s glimmers toward us fall
For memories mid kisses to recall
A fairytale this absence of dismay
For truth awoke from efforts to enthrall
So much this soul refuses to recall
As once again beside her grave I fall
I wonder does she dream of me at all 

It all comes back to him in this Martin verse. In this poem the beginning line takes on new meaning when the poem is over. This is a Martin verse. A poetic form that I developed in 2011. I mention this to encourage others to create a unique form. It can be done. 

The story of Arlene  and Martin is over. It started in a fairytale, when a young girl's tear touched a boy's arm. They lived in a palace in the sky. They were married and were granted one absolutely perfect day. A day with not one problem. Since then, life had its ups and downs. In those ups and downs such wonders were seen, experienced and created. We were not rich or world travelers. We did live and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities on earth, in  the best of times, and from there ventured out. We were blessed to be the source of many changes including improving the San Francisco public schools, introducing innovations to youth sports, and introducing changes to an old, old fraternity. We had two remarkable children, Peter and Robin. Most of all, Arlene and I were "those two lovers". People loved to have us around. Did I say, the story of Arlene  and Martin is over? I look around and see the changes Arlene and I were involved with. I encounter lives we influenced. Then there are the memories. The unbelievable memories. Am I sad Arlene is gone? Yes. But that it happened at all... 

With the holiday season upon us and another year almost over, there is a touch of sentiment in the air. For those who are like me and can no longer do much of what we once did, the air of the past can be a bit daunting. Sentiments can be things we did or things we wish we did. Sentiment can be people, places or things that we miss. Sentiments can be "those good old days." Sentiment is a lot of things. Confusing is one of those things. I miss those big Thanksgiving dinners with Arlene's family. They were great. Get the picture? We cannot go back to the past. Now is tomorrow's past. Make the most of now so we can add one more great sentiment to those holiday seasons yet to come, not only for us but for those around us. A celebration of a life well lived. Now is our tine. How important it is that we take our now and Enjoy. 

How about a sentimental song: Ian Tyson "The Wonder Of It All" 

Soccer is our sport if memories are our goal 

Soccer is a sport played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport. One of soccer's most famous fictional, goalies is Scott Sterling, of Studio C. One of Scott's most memorial moments was a showdown between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels. 
Caution - This video is extremely funny and not recommended for the weak of heart. "Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)" 

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You can close your eyes to reality 
but not to memories.
 Stanislaw Jerzy Lec


  1. There is plenty to be sentimental about. But thinking of the good old days we sometimes forget the bad that happened in the good old days lol

    1. Sometimes...
      Enjoy the Season
      Thank you for everything

  2. Hello, I have so many happy memories of past holidays. Some family members who have passed on are missed during Thanksgiving. It is important to celebrate life. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you for this inspiring message.
      It is impirtant for others to hear

  3. Cherish the memories - and look forward to creating more.

    1. I think she dreams of you in a faraway land
      her love un-ending, to this you understand
      cherish the memories, but live in the now
      life's a stage of light,until that final bow...

    2. So sweet of you.
      Thank you so much.
      Make the most of these moments 'cause you never know
      Arlene is gone now... but her memories are grand and alive
      so should we all be

    3. Health wise - tomorrow will be worse than today.
      I did have an unbelievable life

    4. You have had an amazing journey! I am wishing you light and peace this day! I will send positive vibrations your way in the hopes today will be a better day😇

  4. Memories keep the feelings alive. Despite not being there physically memories have the power to make the various images stand out.


    1. Marvelously expressed
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  5. It seems you and your love gave a legacy of caring... The poem is lovely.

    1. If a person is as lucky as me, they should give back.
      Thank y0u

  6. There is just nothing more perfect than a perfect day and I'm sure you have had many.
    I liked the poem.

    1. Aahh, you have had some. You are so lucky.
      Thank you for the compliment