Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Waiting Safely to Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised 
The world is a mirror of this man's heart 
The Mirror of Erised is the reflection of every man's heart 

Waiting Safely (free form poem) 

Waiting safely greets the morning
Sacred heart another day
As the sunshine kisses splendor
Hopes and dreams find hallow halls
Waiting safely skyward facing
Clouds embracing thoughts of a soul
Ever changing with tomorrow
These mirrors of a faithful heart
Waiting safely sounds’ distractions
Calling and falling everywhere
Memory’s raindrops sweetly dance
Sweetly sing of promises made
She will return echoes the wind
She will return embers a past
In flowing faith everlasting
She will return to what once was
Waiting safely shadows of Joy
Try to change the meaning ‘s gleaming
This legend with eyes all aglow
Sitting soundly on what is true
Waiting safely greeting ever
Days and minutes blend into same
Until that heartbeat she returns
Treasured love is guarded safely 

A mystery reveals a faithful lover in the window of this free form poem. As this poem opens we have a person waiting. We don't yet know why he is waiting. Though there are hints of sadness, he is generally sunny. Then we find out he is waiting for his love's return. As the poem goes on, it celebrates a faithful heart.  

This poem was about Arlene's friend, Steff. She and her boyfriend, Matt, had been casual parts of our lives since the days of the "Palace in the Sky". Whereas Arlene and I would follow the disco lifestyle, Steff and Matt would adopt the hippie lifestyle (minus the drugs).  They were real lucky and both landed a good job just after graduating from college. After a few years, they bought a small house. Everything was going good until Matt disappeared. No one knew where he went. He even left his job. Everyone feared the worst. Everyone but Steff. Although she had no idea what happened to Matt, she knew he would return. After a few months, Steff started getting ill, though her faith remained strong. From out of nowhere Matt returned. Where and why he went would remain a mystery. Matt and Steff went on to have four children and seven grandchildren (so far). 

Here was an incident in two individual's lives. Though it made a good story, not everyone would have handle the situation the same. Some individuals would have put an end to the relationship. Some would have worried.  Some might have asked, what happened. Some might have contacted missing persons. All these are examples of our individuality; of how we may have handled the situational. None of which are any less or better. We are all different. We handle situations differently. The best way to handle a situation is: what is best for us, personally. Can we we handle it?  Will we improve? It all starts here. And here is the wonder of life: as we learn to deal with our situation(s), we become beacons for others. And as the sun greets another day, Enjoy. 

Need a little inspiration: Claude Debussy "Claire de Lune" 

Harry Potter anyone 

Rowling’s publisher suggested she use initials rather than her real name, “Joanne Rowling,” in order to appeal to male readers. She chose J.K., borrowing the “K” from her grandmother’s name, Kathleen. However, neither “Kathleen” nor “K” is part of her legal name. The Mirror of Erised is a mirror that shows the user his or her heart's deepest desire. The folks at Studio C take Harry Potter to the Mirror of Erised to help him defeat his latest nemesis. 
Remember the Mirror of Erised is a mirror that shows the user his or her heart's deepest desire. "Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised" 

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Let your hopes, not your hurts, 
shape your future. 
Robert H. Schuller



  1. Very true, one situation can have 1000 outcomes, none better than the rest. All comes back to what is best for us.

    1. Thank you for for your affirmation
      and for putting the thought into this easy to understand way

  2. Strange story about Matt. I would have worried. But obviously she knew what he was up to so therefore she didn't worry. She could see the sun through the clouds.

    1. That's one perspective and you might be right.
      Thank you for sharing your insight

  3. We are indeed all different. And very similar. Which is as it should be.

    1. Yes, we are a paradox
      Thank you for pointing this out

  4. The poem is lovely and brilliant. I would definitely have worried, I'm so glad it worked out for them.

    1. Thank you once again for the compliment.
      and your point of view

  5. yes so true...the poem is so interesting and leaves you with so many questions, especially with the story...!

    1. I hope they were pleasant experiences
      Thank you for your input

  6. So Matt disappeared, returned without explaining where he's been. I would have to know if I were his partner...anyway all ended good.

    1. Understandable and totally there.
      Thank you for sharing your viewpoint