Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What Can I Do to Epic Silver Surfer in New York 
A lover rides over oceans for her 
A man in a Silver Surfer costume rides the streets of New York 

What Can I Do (lyrical poem) 

What can I do
I love only you
Though you hate me
Berate me
Turn wiles to frustrate me
I’m dirty
You kiss him to hurt me
What can I do
My heart aches for you
Through you bruise me
Abuse me
To pains introduce me
Your rant spree
I can’t flee
In dreams you enchant me
What can I do
In riddle of you
Could search till I found someone new
Someone who will give her heart too
Ride clouds over oceans so blue
The things any sane man would do
But what can I do
This servant of you
Though you spurn me
And burn me
No action can turn me
What can I do
Just be lover true

A sad but noble story of a lover true haunts this lyrical poem. Beside the story, the fascination of this poem is not the rhyme. The rhyme is very simple. The beat (meter) is the other fascination. Keep in mind this is a lyrical poem. As such, it should have a rhythmic pattern that easily goes into a song. If finding it is complicated, remember we have a lover faithful to a girl not faithful to him. 

Meet Art (Arthur). Art was a nice guy who lived in a nice, well kept apartment at the corner of my block, when I lived near the ocean. He and I were loose friends who worked in the same building. I was a team leader. One of the hard working members of my team was Lety (Leticia). Art fell for Lety. At the time, Lety was going through a divorce. Not wishing to take advantage of the situation, Art did little things to make Lety's life a little easier. A more aggressive guy went after her. Art believed true love will win out. In this case it didn't. Lety went with the other guy. But Art stayed faithful. He wouldn't go out with any other girl. As luck would have it the new relationship would go on the rocks. And there was Art to pick up the pieces. And there came another guy to pick up Lety. Art remained faithful. With time the three of us separated. Art and I got new jobs. I moved. Years later, after I retired, I went to a reunion party. There was Art and Lety. No, they were not married. Art had bought a house in Concord. Lety was living with him. 

We are all unique. Easy to say he was not articulate enough or that she was blind, but who really knew what brought them there? Who knows all of the life events that brought them to that first meeting? Did they know? Consider this. Do we know all that has brought us here? All those little details. All of those pieces to the puzzle that made this moment. Who is to say that one breakfast we ate all those years ago does't come back to effect today? Life is fascinating. We are fascinating. Rather than judging a person, listen. Listen and learn. Learn how fascinating we all are.Life is fascinating. As we listen and learn about someone else we learn about ourselves.As we learn we grow. As we grow, Enjoy. 

Here's an extra treat to go with this: Little Anthony and The Imperials "Hurt So Bad" 

Who best can ride over oceans but the Silver Surfer 

The Silver Surfer is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Jack Kirby, and first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four #48, published in 1966. Here is Jesse Michael Wellens of PrankvsPrank. He brings the Silver Surfer to life in the streets of New York. 
Enjoy the expressions of people as they meet the Silver Surfer. "EPIC SILVER SURFER HALLOWEEN COSTUME NYC!" 

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Only the person who has faith in himself 
is able to be faithful to others. 
Erich Fromm


  1. Every little task leads you down the path to where you are now. Even something as insignificant as being 10 seconds late can change everything. All the little variable play a part.

    1. Thank you for adding this great insight to this edition.
      Much appreciated

  2. A second in time can change much - nice poem.

  3. Poor Art. Lucky Art. He might not have got what he dreamed of, but he WAS able to help the woman he loved.

    1. In more ways than one...
      Life is awesome... but you know that
      Thank you for all you do

  4. It does have a lyrical feel, someone once told me life is about timing. I guess that is the case in your story. Perhaps, she had to find her way.

    I have also been told there are missed opportunities, but if one hides the opportunity from the other the moment is gone. Sometimes you just have to let the other know.

    Ok, that's just my opinion..

    1. That was great insight into lyrical poems.
      Or Art was saying something.
      Thank you for your valued opinion

  5. What a fascinating poem and story. Sometimes it works out, I hope he is happy now.

    1. Thank you for the nice critique
      I like to think so