Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Is The Scent to Turkey Sandwich of Justice 
A dream causes a scent in the air 
A sandwich cause another scent in the air 

What Is The Scent (English sonnet) 

What is the scent which whispers to a dream
A gentle breath which whisks me far away
Where hearts and hopes find meadows for their play
Upon the ever after stardust gleam
What is the wish of heaven on display
Imaginations captured in one theme
And all my purpose flows amid this stream
Which blesses the new mornings of my day
Tis you the song forever brought to light
To show the glow and meaning of true bliss
Yes you refreshing spring of all my sight
Whose wander drew me out of my abyss
For you my love and reason now made bright
What is the moment’s meaning but to kiss 

A lover discovers the source of the scent of a dream and shares them with an English sonnet. We start off (in the quatrains) with a lover questioning the source of his wonder. As it turns out (in the couplets), he knew all along. So we have a sonnet of praise in hopes of and in honor of a kiss. 

Arlene was gone. For four years, I didn't even think of another woman. I kept myself very busy. A lot of my work was with and for youths. The masons thought that it might look better, for my image, if I considered being seen with a lady. This is how I started courting Amor, my present wife. She was fun to be with, cute and full of surprises. Our first date was okay. Nothing to build a romance upon. There was something about Amor. A shower of flowers and I won a second date. Instead of a dinner and dancing, I went for a day of sightseeing. I struck gold. This was Amor. I brought her into my world. She was very impressed. I used my gift of listening on her. She and her girlfriends taught me how to make Amor happy. The happier she got the cuter she became. After about five months, Amor gets it in her head that I was going to be her husband. We got married. Remember how I said, " There was something about Amor." We have been married for eight years and Amor has become very dedicated to me. The one thing about living a grand life is: getting old sucks. There is so much that I can't do anymore. But it doesn't matter. I am kissed by Amor.  

Life is a wonderful creation. I am a spiritual person. A Christian. But put all religion aside and life remains a miracle. If you don't believe me, take a step into the world of quantum science. A world where time is different depending on where we are or how fast we are going. We were once amazed at three dimensional movies. Now there are movies that can actually be felt. Masses can be trained believe untruths are truths. Even at our finger tips, that thing called the computer. Let us not forget nature. It still teaches us something new; unfolds its secrets; Life's secrets. Then there is the greatest wonder of life: Love. Love defies definition. Love is the most complicated yet simplest thing of all. So next time we see a butterfly take wing and feel a song in our heart, Enjoy. 

One more scent before we move on: Arnica Montana "Sweet Scented South" 

One more idea for those turkey leftovers 

Ever since William Bradford wrote of how the colonists had hunted wild turkeys during the autumn of 1621 and since turkey is an uniquely American bird, it gained traction as the Thanksgiving meal of choice for Americans after Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. With Thanksgiving near comes the question, "What do we do with all those leftovers?" Gregg, with You Suck At Cooking, has a unique idea. 
A joke or real good? "Turkey Sandwich of Justice - You Suck at Cooking (episode 52)" 

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The larger the island of knowledge, 
the longer the shoreline of wonder. 
Ralph W. Sockman


  1. Yep, so much out there can sure be wonderful and just as unwonderful, as people can be sheep, believing the many untruthes out there.

    1. There is wonder even in the paradox you picked up on...
      Thank you

  2. Another wonderful poem and post. Hope you and Amor have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you for the compliment
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too
      I feel an article coming up

  3. Life is wonderful and I really felt the sense of wonder in this poem!

    1. Aaww, You are so nice
      Thank you for spreading some of your wonder on me

  4. What a lovely poem. I'm glad you and Amor found each other.

    1. Thank you for your kind words
      ...and for those flowers you sketched

  5. Excellent to find another to share your life with, some are not so lucky.
    All people as they age can't do what they used to's the matter of acceptance, total acceptance not always easy with some people.

    1. Thank you for you compliment and your comforting words

  6. A huge sigh here ... wishing I had someone special to read your beautiful poem to. There's always tomorrow. Happy Turkey Day! (yes, I am the person relegated to preparing the feast - oh, the leftovers)

    1. Keep up that smile
      Thank you for that sweet compliment
      Wishing you the best of the season