Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wish Of Lost Memory to Sherlock Meets His Match 
What mystery causes a lover's heart to beat 
What is the mystery Sherlock comes to solve 

Wish Of Lost Memory (English sonnet) 

A dream that passed here drifting into night
A wandering wish of lost memory
It calls to my soul from things yet to be
Yet senses in me shout all is not right
My heart beats a pulse of this mystery
There’s something familiar drawing my light
Calling me tempting me passions incite
Strange promise attracts what hope warns to flee
What temptress dawns the source of this abyss
Unspoken moments buried by some youth
A chilling thrill now looms from everywhere
And then a maiden meets me with kiss
Which eased my mind from vision of this truth
I realized that I’m no longer there

A dream becomes reality called an English sonnet. This sonnet is an example of a mind play. What better arena could there be for this, but a dream? As with most English sonnets, the quatrains set the dream's atmosphere. The triplets take a closer look look at the dream's reality, A dream's reality?

Rather than spoiling your vision of this dream, let me share another one. The disco days were over. Arlene gets a call from our friend at Hertz. Arlene loved to drive. He had a car for rent and wanted us to try it at a ridiculously low rate, to repay a favor I did for him. It was a Corvette Stingray. (The dream gets better.) Arlene decides we are going to the Beach and Boardwalk at Santa Cruz via the scenic route. The boardwalk has a stage on the beach where bands put on free concerts. Arlene religiously followed the Jim Carroll Band, a new wave group. Guess who was performing that night? (The dream gets better.) Brian Linsley, the band's lead guitarist, was in rare form. He was in rare form. It was a clear night and there was a shooting star. It wasn't just a shooting star, It was a meteor shower. The stars put on a show.  (The dream gets better.) On the way back home, Arlene and I passed a delightful inn. We decided to spend the night there. In our room, Arlene pulls out two champagne glasses. I said, "Where did these come from?" (The dream gets better.)

Dreams are not limited to our sleep,  This is a wonder-filled world we inhabit, Wonders happen around us all the time. We simply have to be ready to take them in. All around are wonders to thrill our senses, our minds, our imaginations. In the mornings, look at the dew drop, It has the power to capture a rainbow, If the sun hits it just right, this tiny dew drop can project its rainbow. This is just one small example of the dreams, the wonder all around us. The greatest wonder of them all is us. Because it all starts here.  So as wonder meets wonders Enjoy.

Talk about dreams: Dany Brillant "Suzette" 

Elementary, dear Watson 

Sherlock Holmes the fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first appeared in 1887. Sherlock Holmes' greatest nemesis was Professor James Moriarty. The folks of Studio C have brought these two adversaries head to head for one last purpose. 
Dr. Watson best stand back for this mystery. "Sherlock Meets His Match" 

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I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart 
when I'm awake, you know? 
Ernest Hemingway


  1. Dreams can sure come alive whether sleeping or awake. Again somtimes we just need to do a double take.

    1. Who would know better?
      Thank you for the input

  2. Lucid dreaming. Asleep or awake, something to cherish.

    1. A design for a creator...
      Just saying
      Thank you

  3. An interesting poem. I've had a few very realistic dreams. That is an amazing experience. Twice I dreamed a whole story. Quite a magical world

    1. Sounds like you had the desired experience.
      Thank you for the feedback

  4. Sometimes it feels like the universe paints the scene for the day, as synchronicity comes in play in the smallest ways. If you pay attention the day will be magical. Lucid dreaming is my specialty, create the world I want to belong in. just sayin' magic happens if you are open to it.

    Yesterday, I was driving to work the sun was shining, but I looked to the west over the mountains and saw what appeared to be an thick rainbow hovering not in the usually arch form, but more of a halo. I had been crying prior to seeing the rainbow and I paused and thought thank you creator, for giving me hope.

    1. There is a time to crate magic and there is a time to just take it in (if you get my meaning).
      Thank you for sharing that wonder-filled experience

  5. I rarely dream, my husband dreams and remembers what he dreams.

    1. That is interesting.
      Thank you and may the dreams you have be bright

  6. A dream becomes a reality if it is a bad dream. Emotionally one is adversely affected. A good dream is just that, a dream!