Monday, November 21, 2016

World's Wonders to LEGO Harry Potter 
Tankas explore wonders 
LEGO explores Harry Potter 

In The Mirror (tanka)

There in the mirror
Was the one I had become
Staring in wonder
From its world across the glass
Why it was we couldn’t see 

World’s Wonders (tanka)

Dream while you still can
Can’t you feel the world waiting
Tomorrow’s blessing
To wrap around its wonders
Which can only flow from you 

Beautiful Waves (tanka) 

Those beautiful waves
Glistening in the sunshine
As they washed the shore
Who knew this gentle wonder
Would change the face of a world 

Wonders are explored in these tankas. A tanka, or "short poem" is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature, It is fairly simple to write. The classical tanka is 5 lines long. The lines follow this syllable patterns: 5-7-5-7-7. A tanka normally does not rhyme. The modern tanka follows the "short poem" theory rather than any form. 

I am no special person. I admit that life has put me in some wonder filled situations. One of these situations was the San Francisco Public Schools. We Masons are discouraged about talking about politics, except if it had to do with the public schools. When I joined the fraternity we Mason, in the Bay Area, were pretty out of touch with what our public schools needed. So step 1, when I joined the public schools committee was to ask a few school how can we help. I was lucky to cross paths with Mrs. Yee, an English teacher, who had a plan, "Stepping Stones To Reading". Her plan would improve students' reading. With the overwhelming success of this project I was easily able to convince other Lodges to update their public school programs. Now the Masons were listening. The next concept was: "Working together we can do so much more". Not only the Masonic Lodges but the communities. Through people working together. listening. imagination filled programs. people wanting to jump on board, San Francisco's public schools improved. I am no special person, but in 1999 I was honored by San Francisco for my efforts for the public schools.

We can all do wonders. It has been my experience, many people do or have done wonders. First, we have to understand what a wonder is. It is far more, far deeper than a Medal of Honor,  a leader, fame, fortune, a creator, a bringer of change. It has to do with our talent(s). Our talent(s) and this moment. Are we making the best use of the person we are? Too often "can't", or believing someone else will take care of it, cuts us short. Some people are convinced that they are less than they are. Throw all these away. We can. We will. This is our time, our place, our moment. The wonder we all can do is: being the best we can be. An inspiration for other wonders. And as our light goes forth, Enjoy. 

Need some more inspiration: Emeli Sandé "Wonder" 

LEGO fans - Harry Potter fans - Unite 

LEGO's production standards are so high that only about 18 pieces in one million are wasted during the production process. Who better can give us some insight into the Harry Potter legend and how it should have ended? 
If we can't trust LEGO who can we trust? "LEGO Harry Potter In 90 Seconds" 

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  1. So many people go for the "can't" or think someone else will do it that they cut themselves short. Sad, really.

    1. You see so clearly
      Thank you for adding your voice to this opportunity for imprvement

  2. Sadly we are brought up to listen to the voices (family and media among others) which say that we are 'lesser'. It is hard to learn to block them and just be...

    1. You seemed to have escaped and bloomed
      Thank you for pointing this out

  3. What lovely poems, I especially love the ocean one. I am very glad you were able to be of help to the schools.

    1. I'm glad you liked
      Thank you for the inspiration you give

  4. Of course we can change the world if we want to ~ Thanks for the poems and reflections ~

    1. Love that positive attitude
      Thank you for your affirmation

  5. You did well with the public school being honoured in such away, and no doubt with self satisfaction of helping.
    It's a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone in life.

    1. I only gave the example because I am an average guy. We can all achieve.
      Thank you for your support

  6. Who knew this gentle wonder
    Would change the face of a world

    They do come in small packages to spring a surprise!


    1. They do indeed
      It is within us all
      Thank you for stopping by