Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Soothing Song to Cup Noodles Song 
A song fills the empty streets 
A song fills a Cup Noodles 

A Soothing Song (English sonnet) 

A soothing song was calling in the eve
It called to him soft moments of the past
A welcome dream was promise which it cast
Upon his heart surrender did it weave
It beckoned him from shadows there amassed
In streets his charm and passion would conceive
Was there he swore an oath to never leave
Was there with her his faithful tears had passed
But in this while his soul had gone astray
Forgive me were his cries to days gone by
As helplessly to melody is drawn
A soothing song from ever and a day
Had walked her streets in search of a reply
And in the morning memories were gone

A mystery is set in this English sonnet. We have a tale in two parts. It starts with lovers making memories. Then, for some reason he went astray and tries to reclaim what was lost.  The ending is a complete mystery, It floats any way the reader likes.

When Arlene and I were going through our rough times, we took a break and went to Carmel and stayed at La Playa, Carmel has a reputation of being a lovers' get away. La Playa is one of Carmel's top hotels, paradises.  At the time time La Playa had a great social center (bar), where guests gathered for a cocktail. Arlene and I were going to have cocktails in our suite but we were attracted to the social center by the sound of stories being told. It seemed that some of of the guests were entertaining the room by telling stories. Arlene and I were hooked.

One of the stories was about a magic couple.Their love for each other was everyone's dream. They made an oath to one another. The man broke the oath. The woman left him. After many days and nights suffering, the man heard a familiar song in the streets. For many nights the man tried to follow the song, It was her. One night, the man followed the song and vanished, (The actual story was more detailed.)

It was a warm night. Arlene and I decided to go for a stroll. A light fog had rolled in to Carmel. All the stores were closed and the streets were  empty. The night belonged to Arlene and I. Suddenly there was the sound of a romantic tune. We could make out a man walking up ahead. Arlene  and my thoughts were taken back to the story of the couple and the man following the song. We looked at each other. When our attention returned to the man, he had vanished and so did the music.

Spoiler alert - Do not read if you believe in magic. (On the following day, when the fog had cleared, we discovered a side street on the street that we walked the night before. The fog had hidden it from view.)

This is a small example of the power of human imagination. First we have people sitting around listening to stories. People allowing their minds to take the place of movie screens. Then we have two people allowing imagination to guide what they see. Imagination. Don't cut it short, We all possess it. From a minute change from the way things are usually done, to major all altering events. From looking at something in a new way and seeing something that hasn't been seen before, to seeing things that aren't really there. Our mind is an incredibly powerful thing. We are amazing individuals Put these two together what can't be accomplish? There is one more element we need. Trust  and belief in ourselves. This is an individual specific hurdle. A hurdle we have to cross for our imaginations to be fully charged, fully opened. And armed with everything, what can we do but Enjoy.

Speaking of imagination, here's a love song: Robin Thicke "Lost Without U" 

Speaking of love songs, here's one about food 

Cup Noodles, invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, is a brand of instant ramen noodle snack manufactured by Nissin, packaged in a foam food container, hard plastic or paper cup. Like them or not Cup Noodles is so popular that few have not eaten them at least once. Cameron J, of RandomStructureTV, likes Cup Noodles. So much so that he wrote a song. 
Coming to a dance club near you. "Cameron J - Cup Noodles Song! @TheKingOfWeird" 

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Because the moment you stop doing the very things 
that got you to the top of the mountain is the very 
moment you begin the slid down to the valley.
Robin S. Sharma


  1. Imagination can sure take us far and bring about a lot. But very true, we have to trust ourselves and go to it or imagination is all it may be, never coming into reality.

    1. Coming from one with such an imaginative and rhyme packed site...
      Thank you for sharing this insight

  2. I TOTALLY believe in magic! What a cool story, especially the disappearing man. And the tune heard, and then falling silent. Wow. Great cliff hanger!

    1. I'm so glad to have lighted your imagination.
      Thank you for all your efforts on your site

  3. I suspect there are 'hidden' roads and sidestreets in most of our lives...

    1. Interesting and provocative comment.
      Love it. Thank you

  4. A wonderful poem Martin. I have been down many "Hidden Streets".
    Thanks for a pleasurable read.

    1. Thank you for the delight of your compliment.
      You have ignited my imagination

  5. What a lovely poem. Your thoughts are intriguing as well.

    1. Thank you
      So glad this fired your imagination

  6. From looking at something in a new way
    and seeing something that hasn't been
    seen before, to seeing things that aren't
    really there. Our mind is an incredibly
    powerful thing

    One is blessed with an incredible ability that the human mind had given. It is fantastic!


    1. What is saying this? Our brains are real egotists! (ha ha :))
      Thank you for everything

  7. That would be interesting to watch people tell their stories.
    The man seeing things in the mist and hearing - interesting, the mind can get away with some.
    Merry Christmas..

    1. Aah, the world of good story tellers...
      I'm sure you have seen some interesting things
      Thank you and Enjoy the season