Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Little Parts to Mate Who's Too Into His Beer 
Who is this person he thought he knew 
Who is this person who knows so much about beer 

Little Parts (English sonnet) 

A dream I had this little part of you
The rest I guess I didn’t need to know
All those little things which didn’t show
Or found a place to hide just out of view
These reasons which add luster to your glow
Inherit darker places they weren’t due
And there to change the nature of their hue
Until uncertainty begins to grow
Who is this stranger which I never met
Where is the one I never knew at all
You’re not the one which I have come to see
Yet once I drifted past my last regret
And put asunder old familiar wall
The stranger I was looking at was me 

A person meets a stranger in this English sonnet. As with most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains set up the scene. The triplet are the quest for an answer. In this sonnet we deal with a mystery. The mystery is used for a surprise ending.

I have always been a bit of an actor. At work, I was an idea man. Some of my ideas were pretty far out there. In public, I had to make sure that I only shined in confidence, to help my team perform their best. As a coach of young adults (kids), I had to set an example. There are many things we have to set aside (or at least watch) when working with other people's children. For the Masons, I was an orator. This meant I had to know my audience and perform. I did funerals. This meant listening to and being sensitive to the family of the deceased. It meant using a man's death to convey the message of a life well lived. There was the man responsible for charities. Many were depending on me to involve others. I had to listen, see and be that person that other person expected. There was that party organizer. I had to put seriousness aside for a time and plan something that a lot of people will drop everything else to attend. Then, of course, there was that great dancer who really, really loved his wife that everyone liked to see. Oh, I was so many people. I remember in summer of 1999. I was involved in so much. I felt something was lost. Arlene and I were going out to a dinner and a movie. A little time to ourselves. A little time out. I looked in the mirror and saw someone I hadn't seen for a while. 

"Be yourself." How many times have we heard that? I may not be the right person to examine this. I being an "actor on many stages". I was many people. Or was I? Are we the same person at home as we are at work? Does our behavior change when we are hanging out with our friends to when we are having dinner with our loved one's parents? Who is that person that comes out when we have to deal with authorities? Are they other sides of us? Is our real self more diverse than we give on? I have met people who seem to act the same regardless of the situation, Or were they putting on an act for me? I have met some people who should put up a better act. Maybe the more diverse our environments the more sides to our personalities. Maybe the rules are different for each individual or each situation. Then there are layers of subtleties. Some almost indistinguishable. But maybe there is only one us. Maybe we are a rainbow.  Be aware. Rejoice in who we are. What's most important, when we look in the mirror, Enjoy.  

A little music to help us think: Katherine Jenkins "Abigail's Song" 

Do you like beer 

Trappist monks from the Mont des Cats monastery in France founded the St Sixtus monastery in 1831. In 1838, brewing began at Westvleteren. In 1850, some of the monks founded the Notre-Dame de Scourmont monastery, which also brews a Trappist beer called Chimay. Thought by some as the finest beer in the world. Meet Stern. According to Third Leg Studios he is one of the top beer aficionados in the world. 
There's only one problem with aficionados. See if you can figure it out. "That Mate Who's Too Into His Beer | ad" 

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Who sees the human face correctly: 
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Pablo Picasso


  1. I think we are multi-layered humans with the flexibility to bend to a certain situation. Perhaps, that is what makes one seem like a different person. People are always changing, but I believe underneath all those layers of skin lies a "real" you! A product of your life and beliefs. Sometimes we lose pieces of ourselves and we need to go on a treasure hunt and bring those pieces back so we can once again feel whole. Ok maybe, off topic, but this is the message that came when reading your words!1

    1. I believe you are totally on subject.
      Happy hunting
      Thank you for giving us another path to seeing things

  2. Yep, everything changes depending on the situation in most people. But at the core one is the same. Although if you push anyone too far, people are capable of most anything, good or bad.

    1. Thank you for adding you observations
      Can always use this affirmation

  3. I was just talking about this the other day. I can fit in with all types of people. I can do a good act and get on their level. I drink on Saturday night and go to church on Sundays. Am I ever really myself? only when I'm alone.

    1. Sorry. I didn't post this earlier.
      "Am I ever really myself? only when I'm alone." - Good question (Not as straight forward as one might think)
      Thank you

  4. Echoing your other commentators. We are all many people. Situation dictates which one surfaces. I believe the core remains the same, but some people (for whatever reason) feel unable to display that essence. To others and sometimes themselves.

    1. Thank you for bringing this forward.
      Let us focus on ourselves first and begin from there

  5. The poem is lovely and I enjoyed your interesting thoughts on variations in behavior.

    1. Glad that I brought you some enjoyment.
      Thank you

  6. Not everyone can mix will all kinds of people, it takes a special person - guess you achieved that in being special.

  7. Being used to English Sonnets I thought this excellent, The message coming across perfectly.