Friday, December 30, 2016

Lovers Of The Moon to Dollar Store With Liza 
Lovers looking for escape 
Girl looking for bargains 

Lovers of the Moon (English sonnet) 

I look to you to sooth and smooth my world
Please press true precious lips again with me
Their parting opens to a fantasy
Where lovers of the moon at one time twirled
Their starlight was the only destiny
While satin covered whispers were unfurled
A mist of dreams around the two now swirled
With promises of possibility
Their passion was the flavor of a song
Which other lovers’ hope were built upon
Who dare to share one moment of such bliss
They are the dream which keeps young lovers strong
Their memory the halo of the dawn
And while they dance on earth two lovers kiss 

Two lovers dream as magic ensues in this English sonnet. There is a subtlety in this sonnet. It starts out in the first person. Somewhere, in talking about the lip, it switches to third person. When the sonnet ends, there are two couples. 

In our final days, throwing parties, Arlene and I became legendary, for being that romantic couple who threw great parties. Arlene and I were a great team, when it came to planning and putting together events, The Lodge had plenty of money, Members were coming back to the Lodge and men were joining. While Masonry is a male organization, we brought it a family atmosphere. while the men went to their meetings, the women did whatever they wanted. 

And then there were the parties. One of the most memorable Arlene and I planned was at the Marin Art and Garden Center. It had a spacious dance area with one side open to a beautiful illuminated garden area. We used a live band, whose keyboard player would add a Latin flavor to almost every song. Because of center's outdoor element, Arlene and I were a bit nervous about the weather. To make matters worse, there was a heavy wet fog the day of the party. As the guests arrived the fog let up. To celebrate, Arlene and I found a secluded place in the garden and engaged in a kiss. When dinner went okay, we went back to the garden for another kiss. After the first dance was a success, it was back to the garden and another kiss. As the party went on others discovered the kissing possibilities of the garden. As the evening went on, the dance floor got more and more empty, yet the cars were still in the lot. The music from the band, which were mostly requests, was very romantic. As Arlene and I went around to talk to the guests, we overheard a couple say, "I wish our school held our prom here." The person talking was in his late 50's. 

What is age? There is a question. Sure, as we get older, things don't work as good as when we were young. Or do they? At 59, I was still able to stand my own against a 16 year old on a tennis court. But, I have always been physically active. What about those teenage kissing fools? What about those youngsters and their selfies? Those maniacs gyrating on the dance floor? I come from a time where one didn't kiss just anywhere. A time where we, young people. stared at old folk who were in the wrong place. But, I am a pretty good dancer and people like to have me around. Or maybe the mindset of this generation is more acceptable. What I am hinting at is: we may be prisoners of a mindset. I still like kissing my wife in the park. I still like riding a merry-go-round. Let people look. Let people talk. If anything, I deserve it. We are never too old (except for physical limitations, which also happen to young people). With age comes experience to Enjoy. 

A bit of romantic music is in order: Ramon Guiral "Beyond The Moon" 

Are you a bargain shopper 

99 Cents Only Stores, founded by David Gold in February 28, 1969,  is an American price-point retailer chain based in Commerce, California. Previously, the stores offered all products at 99¢ or less.[2] Most products are now priced at "99.99¢ or less, but certain products are sold at higher price points". YouTuber Liza Koshy takes us on a tour of one of these stores. 
Is Liza giving us a tour of a store or her skill at Puns? "DOING THIS AGAIN. DOLLAR STORE WITH LIZA PART 2!" 

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When you’re in love, you’re capable of 
learning everything and knowing things 
you had never dared even to think, because 
love is the key to understanding of all the 
Paulo Coelho


  1. Excellent Read Martin, you keep on about "Age" age is just a number it is how ONE FEELS INSIDE. ALSO life is what you make it. ok! I've had my share of heartache but if I want a decent life I have to be positive.
    Happy New Year to you.

    1. Yes, yes, yes
      I have a feeling you had a good past. Don't allow negatives to take it away. Always try to be positive.
      Thank you for the positive thoughts

  2. Yep, let them look I say too. As long is one is physically able they should act how they want.

    1. Thank you for stating what I cannot (do to the blindness of my youth)

  3. Replies
    1. Where have I heard that one? This simple saying is not so simple.
      Thank you

  4. What a beautiful poem. I am glad you added so much grace to so many's lives...

  5. Their passion was the flavor of a song
    Which other lovers’ hope were built upon
    Who dare to share one moment of such bliss

    Young lovers are all the while in moments of discovery. Bliss would be for them who are able to take the distractions!


    1. Distract a young lover!? - Only the girl's father has that power (tee-hee).
      Thank you and Happy New Year