Monday, December 19, 2016

My Morning to The Butterfly Effect 
A lover awakens to the light of his morning 
A man awakens to the butterfly effect  

My Morning (poem) 

Sing my sweet morning
Of moments so rare
Of feelings we share
And dreams in the air
Way of tomorrow
My meaning of light
My everything right
And all this ignite
Each beat of my heart
The reason to be
Imagined set free
A life’s fantasy
For when the darkness comes
We see it peering over Joy’s horizon
Waiting ever waiting
For its morbid moment
To trounce upon our truth
Testing its temper
Against the winds of time
And where will we be
Where will we be
Sing on dear morning
Of seasons we knew
Of happiness due
In words I love you 

We wake up to a lover's morning with this poem. I don't know what kind of poem this is. Do all poems need to be categorized? This poem contains stanzas where first limes don't rhyme. These first lines are followed by three lines that not only rhyme but the meters are very tight. Then there is one stanza that does seem to follow any rules. The three rhyme stanzas represent that no love is perfect. The imperfect stanza represent the evil waiting for this love to fail. 

Amor is my morning. My reason for another day. Depression, for me, is real. Both of my doctors have recommended that I, at least, keep some transgression drugs around the house. I tell them that I don't need antidepressants, I have Amor. She is that cute and funny. She had one Big problem. She likes "chick flicks". She loves "chick flicks". I used to have to take her to all "chick flick" as soon as they opened. To me, they seemed inordinately long, I had trouble staying awake. Instead of soda and pop corn, I get coffee. One "chick flick" had a long line of people waiting to get in. Some, no many of these people were husbands, boyfriends, like me. As a reality check, I asked some of these men why they wanted to see this movie. You can guess their answers. Amor was going to school to get her CNA licence. There was this young gay guy who she had inspired and helped complete the course. I met him at the graduation. I found out he liked "chick flicks". At the end of the graduation he thanked Amor and said, "...if there's anything I can do to repay you." I knew. At the next "chick flick" opening I suggest she go with that gay guy. Amor said she didn't want to make me jealous. I nearly died laughing. It took a while for Amor to figure out why I wouldn't get jealous of her seeing a "chick flick" with a gay guy. Guess who doesn't have to go to "chick flicks" anymore. 

I believe live is a river leading to an ocean, In our river there are currents, As we travel to the ocean we  a carried along on countless currents. The currents of the river of life are simple, complicated and diverse. It is not unusual to be carried along by several currents at once. Some of the currents go against the flow of the river. We, our causes, our memory are, form some of these currents, as do others. As our river goes on to meet its destiny we give life to some things. Other things die because of us. Still other things don't even know of our river. Some parts of the river travel fast while other parts of the same river seem almost motionless. And what is waiting in the ocean? There is no need to guess, for we will find out. Right now, we are traveling in the river, so Enjoy. 

And then there's this: Jamie Cullum "Not While I'm Around"  

Butterflies are amazing 

There are 165,000 known species of butterflies found on every continent except Antarctica. Even San Francisco has its fair share of these beautiful creatures. these lovely works of nature's art effect each person differently. Here is a collaborative project between Unity Technologies, two-time Academy Award winning creators of Gorillaz visuals Passion Pictures, and Nvidia of the effect one of these amazing creations effect on one man. 
Guaranteed. After watching this, we will never view a butterfly quite the same. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "The Butterfly Effect Short Film" by Unity Technologies" 

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The sweetest of all sounds is that 
of the voice of the woman we love. 
Jean de la Bruyere



  1. A beutiful poem for those who have special someone in their life.
    Have a good day Martin.

  2. Who knows what the ocean shall hold. At least if one is up sh** creek, they'll be slower getting there lol

    1. Interesting way of looking at it. ;)
      Thank you for a fresh mirror

  3. I think morning can be the much needed deep breath after the anguish of evening and night.. that should indeed be celebrated

    1. A great way of taking things into perspective.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  4. Sometimes the river of life cradles us as we drift along. Other times we are rushed along, and/or pounded on the rocks. Always a gift.

    1. Right You Are! and even the dead particles are taken to the ocean.
      Thank you for this drift

  5. What a beautiful poem of sweetness and hope. Entertaining story about "Chick Flicks" too.