Friday, December 16, 2016

That Day to Luigi Death Stare 
A tale of a day two lovers came to kiss 
A tale of a day Luigi won the race 

That Day (sonnet) 

That all we knew would one day come to this
There never was tale once told as ours
Or places made in heaven for such stars
Who taught their world to dream about a kiss
A kiss of hope to cover all the scars
A kiss of Joy behind each memory
A kiss because I have you next to me
A kiss which secret wishes never bars
This all we knew would one day set us free
To test the shadows hidden out of sight
Who had no need for any new delight
A taste of life we didn’t need to see
And all we knew would one day come to light
That day when I first kissed my love goodnight 

A kiss carries a tale of a couple in this sonnet. This looks like a Shakespearean sonnet. On closer examination it doesn't follow the rhyme scheme. It looks like some kind of round. The end does not connect back to the beginning. There is a progression, though. For the story of this poem. this progression helps with the message. 

My first real kiss came from Malana. She taught me well, as I got to kiss many-a young lady thanks to "girl talk". My best kiss was when I kissed Arlene goodnight after taking her home from our first dance. Many years later, Arlene and I  where guests of the Caledonian Club at their ball. The Caledonian Club holds the annual Scottish Games at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, in California. The dance was held in the main hall of the Hyatt Regency. The club's First Chieftain was a friend of ours and a fan of our dancing. It was a big honor. To make the event complete, we rented a room at the hotel. Before the ball Arlene and I were invited to a private room to sample some rare Scotch. The ball was  major success. Besides a bagpipe band and Scottish fiddlers there was a dance band. There was dancing of all sorts, from traditional Scottish folk dancing (which Arlene and I learned] to the modern hip hop. When it was time to waltz, Arlene and I hit the floor. The dance lasted until late. The main floor of the Hyatt is very romantic late at night, especially from the floor that Arlene and I were staying. Before entering our room we kissed, as we did all those many years ago, after that dance. It struck us: How did we get here? We had survived to kiss again. We were still together.

Perhaps it happens to all of us. We touch a moment from our past. Something we do. Something that happens to us, Our brain cells click, just so. We feel like it happened before. Maybe we remember the specifics. Maybe we cannot recall the wheres or whens. We just feel that it happened. The main question is: Did it really happen or is our brain playing tricks on us. Over time facts get distorted. What are the facts?  Can the brain. wondrous as it is, really recall? Then there is the wonder, the marvel of it. Fact or fiction, we are there. It is as real to us as anything we experience. Even if it is all imagination... What a marvel we are. Think about it. Take it all in. And Enjoy. 

 A goodnight kiss: Gloriana "Good Night" 

Everyone can be a star - Right Luigi 

Luigi is the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario franchise, often as a sidekick to his brother. He first appeared in the 1983. The folks at devinsupertramp have Luigi competing in a destruction derby. Things don't look too good for Luigi. Then he receives some inspiration, 
Will it be enough? "Mario Kart in Real Life - Luigi Death Stare!" 

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We all have our time machines. Some take us back, 
they're called memories. Some take us forward, 
they're called dreams. 
Jeremy Irons



  1. A very important procedure in our lives....a kiss.
    Wonderfully written and a pleasure to read thank you.

    1. I am a fool for a kiss
      Thank you. I'm so happy this brought you some pleasure

  2. Sometimes our brain can sure work its magic and recall, even if it never really happened, can make you think it did.

    1. "Magic" is a nice choice of words. A positive mind can be magic.
      Hope the magic is treating you well.
      Thank you

  3. Interesting form Martin--I like how it wraps back in on itself

    1. Thank you, Audrey
      Glad that I was a smile on your face

  4. What beautiful words, especially "And all we knew would one day come to light
    That day when I first kissed my love goodnight "

  5. My first real kiss came from Malana.
    She taught me well, as I got to kiss
    many-a young lady thanks to "girl talk"

    You had a good teacher Martin and lucky that they exchanged notes!


    1. Did I like school?
      Thank you for dropping by

  6. Ha ha.. A kiss and tell post! Enjoyed very much!

  7. Wow i just loved reading about you and your darling wife Martin !!!
    it happens when some experiences repeat themselves through our soul because love is all about soul it does not belong to just body that is why it lasts so long and forever .
    i loved imagining your beautiful dance .how romantic !
    thank you for lovely post

    1. Thank you for the high praise.
      I have seen your lovely pictures. I'm sure you have experienced it too.
      It took Arlene a long time to teach me to dance. In the end, we were pretty good.

  8. Nothing better than the memory of a first kiss, or better first love and yes only remember the good things here lol

    1. I sense another lover, here.
      Thank you and keep the dream alive

  9. Your first kiss was with a Malana and mine was with a Melena. True story.

    1. Wow! What a coincidence. I lost her to Skip. (Good thing, That's when the kissing started.)
      Thank you for sharing

  10. Pleasing to know you remembered your first kiss with Arlene. Interesting indeed.

    1. Yes and it only cost me a chocolate ice cream.
      Thank you for the great pictures

  11. Was it the kiss, or the memory of a kiss that keeps two lovers joined at the lips? A kiss can be so intense and sensual, I think one can fall in love with the art of kissing.

    1. Sadly, I am a sucker for a kiss. {this includes blown kisses) Arlene didn't mind because she knew I was her's. Amor doesn't understand, so things can get..."
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  12. We never forget our first kiss nor our best kiss.

    1. Especially Malana's, as girl's from my school will attest.
      Thank you for all you memories