Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Breeze to Ken Block Drifts London 
A gentle breeze carries a not so gentle reminder of times 
A not so gentle breeze carries a gentle reminder it's only Ken Block 

The Breeze (round) 

So funny how the gentle breeze
Drifts mildly by I wasn’t there
And even worse I didn’t care
Those wasted breaths of memories
Of times I could have done much more
A fancy whim or smile to please
Another human soul to ease
And one more heartbeat to explore
So funny how a puff of air
Now whispers dreams I can’t ignore
Of lives I could have lived before
Forever frozen in despair
Of times I could have set all right
Instead of lilting unaware
Pretend that it all was fair
While blaming everything in sight
So funny how soft final gust
Drifts mildly through things held so tight
That all this pain I feel tonight
A payment of my broken trust
Of times I could have heard the breeze
Which brushed through dawns of far more just
Now waiting there amid the dust
To touch much wiser ears than these 

A gentle breeze carries an endless message to a broken heat in this round. A round is a poem where each stanza is connected to the next. The last stanza is connected to the first. Thus a round has no beginning or end. This round is more. It can easily be a lyrical poem. It has two types of stanzas. One begins with "So funny", the other "Of times". 

Funny that this was a common theme of our friends having relationship problems. Some were temporary. Some resulted in breakups. Some were endlessly etches in people's personalities. Arlene and I didn't give any advise. We just listened. I guess people came to us because we were "lovers". We didn't appear to have their problems. As one may imagine it was mainly guys, who wanted to talk (with this problem). Funny how Arlene and I didn't have their problems. By listening to our friend's problems we were able to check ourselves. Funny that life sometimes just works. 

Listening, from my standpoint, is such a valuable skill. So many people want talk, but few people want to listen. Many are just waiting their turn to talk. But listening. Really listening. Listening to what another person is saying, to what is being said, is an art. An art that has to be practice, refined. Sometimes a person is saying one thing and expressing another.  Sometimes a person is expressing (or trying to express) something deeply meaningful, that demands full attention. Sometimes a speaker's word contain an answer only a listener can hear. Sometimes the words of a speaker are a song that only a good listener can take in. A good listener is a good learner, The gift to a good listener. Listening is not limited to one person listening to another. We can, should listen to ourselves. Then there's body language... Welcome to the world of listening. There is so much to learn.  There is so much waiting for us. And while we listen, Enjoy. 

How about a love song: Richard Clayderman "Tema de Nadia" 

Ever seen London
(from a Hoonicorn Mustang

Kenneth "Ken" Block is a co-founder of well-known footwear brand DC Shoes. He embarked on a rally career with Subaru in 2005. At the end of his debut season was awarded the Rally America Rookie of the Year Award. Ken gives Matt LeBlanc, host of the BBC motoring show "Top Gear", a tour of London that he'll, nor we'll, never forget. 
Are we sure we're ready for this? "Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director's Cut - Top Gear - BBC" 

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Maximillian Degenerez


  1. This was wonderful to read, how often it is wise after the event to have realised one could have done more uplon reflection.
    Enjoy your week-end.

    1. Thank you for the good feelings and your thoughts
      Enjoy your week-end too

  2. Very true, so many just wait to talk. But yeah, listening can sure help you learn and grow and see another point of view. If more people opened their ears instead of their yaps, more would easily get done.

    1. Thank you for sharing your insights on the matter
      I agree, we can get more done

  3. Yes. Listening isn't practised enough. And can be surprisingly difficult and tiring to do well. But so worth it.

    1. " worth it"
      Who would know better than you?
      Thank you

  4. Listening is indeed an important skill. I'm glad you and Arlene were there for your friends. The poem is quite lovely too and touches on some deep currents.

    1. Thank you for listening to me for this while and for your support

  5. The art of listening, it takes more than open ears, it takes an open heart as well. Another lovely poem with a message.

      Thank you for the compliment of your praise and insight

  6. These lines resonate. I wasted so much time on angst over stupid relationships, energy I wish I had spent working harder for the forests, the ocean, climate change. Sigh. Takes us so long to grow wise.

    1. "Takes us so long to grow wise." - a theme felt by many.
      But at least you're on the path.
      Best of everything and Thank you

  7. That photo and the sound of the breeze echoing through your words remind us how wishes and wants can so easily disappear

    1. Thank you.
      I do so appreciate the feelings you expressed

  8. So funny how a puff of air
    Now whispers dreams I can’t ignore

    Yes, funny sometimes one gets a good hint to work on


    1. I agree (obviously)
      It happens to you too?
      Thank you for the affirmation