Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Gathering to Darth Santa Strikes Back  
Once more the clan is meets for the carnage of the gathering 
Once more a small boy must stay with his grandpa, Darth Vader

The Gathering (deteriorating poem) 

Once more the time has come to gather there
Once more the clan will divvy out its share
Once more forgotten vet’rans leave their lair
Once more the faint will muster to the dare
Shall we again see carnage as before
Shall we be roused by heroes‘chants of yore
Shall we cry out as champions play for more
Shall we fall faint as limbs from bodies tore
With sword in hand we meet upon this day
With sword in hand our bounty we display
With sword in hand we give contender sway
With sword in hand we gorge to all’s dismay
We gather here with pride; this is our lot
We gather here; for this our family fought
We gather here; for those who now cannot
We gather here to pray; for values taught
O Lord we thank you once again for this
For bringing us together safely and as one family
For Grandma bless and protect her, and this fine meal
For one more Christmas gathering together 

Confusion brings a family together in this deteriorating poem. This poem is setup to be misleading. We are led to believe we re about to visit a savage rite. Near the end, the rhyme pattern changes. At he end, there is no rhyme at all, as the truth of the poem is revealed. 

This poem is not far from the truth. Arlene and I and the kids used to celebrate Christmas three times. We would open one present each on Christmas Eve, before going to bed. Then Santa would come and put more presents under the tree and fill up the stockings that the kids, Peter and Robin, hung. On Christmas morning. we would gather in the front room and in a mad flurry open our presents, That evening we would go to grandma's house (Arlene'a mother) for dinner. I never wanted to go. I wanted to stay home. Arlene's brother (Will), his wife (Rose) and three kids also went to grandma's house. Arlene's mom and Rose were great cooks, so when I saw the table laid out I forgot all thoughts of were I'd rather be. We said a small prayer of thanks for bringing us together. Will and I ate like we were starving and there never would be any more food. The only thing that got us to stop eating were the presents under the tree. Santa had been at grandma's also. The kids wanted to open their presents. We gather in the front room and turned it into an ocean of wrapping paper to the sounds of wives shouting and grandma laughing. Those were my Christmases.

Whether it is Christmas or one of the other high holy celebrations happening around now, there is a feeling in the air. People are much kinder, much more caring, much more forgiving. We can all see it. We can all feel it. For this moment the world is a little better. Why can't this go on? Here's a little insight. We all remember the soccer game of Christmas 1914 (World War I). Enemies laid down their arms to engage in a game of soccer and to celebrate Christmas as brothers. This lasted more than one day. In fact it was happening in many places on the western and eastern fronts. Soldiers, on both sides, were laying down there arms and meeting, helping their brothers. This worried the generals. Soldiers were forbidden to fraternize, under penalty of court-marshal and even death. The whole thing was covered up to the rest of the world until weeks later when the press got wind of the soccer game. In other words: something may be preventing world peace. I (and others) believe whatever "it" is cannot continue to stand up to us all.  People all over this world want peace. Peace will come Keeping this in mind and working toward that bright day, Enjoy. 

How about some inspirational music: Adrianus Valerius "We Gather Together" 

Christmas even comes to Darth Vader 

The fact that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father was a big secret that the filmmakers went to great lengths to protect from getting leaked. According to Hamill, only George Lucas, Irwin Kershner, and himself knew when they were filming. Now, according to Corridor, Darth is a grandfather and he has been asked to babysit his grandson. 
Darth may not really be a grandfather, but enjoy the video anyway. "Darth Santa STRIKES BACK!" 

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The most important thing in the world is family and love. 
John Wooden



  1. I found this fascinating as I indeed need to bring my family together ...but one can't make another speak or indeed wnat contact if they don't want to, Thus that is why I shall be alone at Christmas. I have tried to reconcile but now have to accept their decision.
    Thanks for a very enlightening poem.

    1. I used to through Christmas parties for my neighbors My family could come (if they wanted to)
      Sorry about your situation. Keep you doors open.
      Thank you for sharing with me

  2. It is good to establish our own meanings are traditions in this world - wishing you a peaceful Christmas time..

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      May you be blessed

  3. There is no $$$$ in peace. That is what it all boils down to and that is why such idiots upon high will never let it happen.

    1. I say charge me more for those bricks to build a school and put away the bombs and bullets. What say you?
      Thank you

  4. Sounds like your kids had the exact same routine as I did growing up. I had two brothers and a sister so it was a paper furry. 3 times too!! Christmas eve, Christmas day and then to Grandmaws to do it again and lots of food of course.

    1. Wow! What a coincidence. Did your dad eat like crazy?
      May your season last forever
      Thank you for the smiles

  5. Martin, how I love the sound of the hilarity of your family's Christmases. Sigh. I remember when my kids were young, Christmas was magical. As a single mom of four, I dont know how I did it, but on that one day my kids knew excess. My mom called me The Ho Ho Kid.......while I still had a place big enough for them to gather, we would gather. Now that I live in one room, I miss the gatherings and travel to one or another of them each Christmas, which is tiring. This year I go to the city, with only one working leg and a cane......we do what we must. My son lives in a psychiatric group home, he has schizophrenia, was stricken at seventeen. So there will be no Christmas feast, we'll order Chinese likely. The good thing will be being together. Have a wonderful Christmas, Martin.......

    1. Aah,but we have grand memories...
      Thank you so much for sharing the light of your season.
      I'm sure you have one more smile

  6. I am not as confident as you that peace will come. I fear Patt Hatt is right. Greed triumphs too often. I can work towards it. I do work towards it. And I hope.

    1. Knowing that,let us move forward.
      May the light guide your way
      Thank you

  7. My, this is really it, Martin! You've put everything into it! The world stood still for some moments when reading this. Let's see, first the poem. Beautifully set with lots of prior thinking (as explained in the process notes following - that the rhyming was deliberately changed along the way) Thus the feeling of
    near fright while reading the earlier stanzas changed for the better, a relief at the end. Very thoughtful take! Then the Christmases through the years - involving the whole family of three generations in a cohesive 'ritual'. Then a switch to the world at large:
    "much more caring, much more forgiving.
    We can all see it. We can all feel
    it. Why can't this go on?
    Yes, lots of questions being asked of the powers that be. One feels helpless seeing the carnage in Aleppo, now a playground for the strong with nary a thought of the sanctity for human lives! Great!


    1. Hank, Thank you for your overwhelming praise. I am honored and appreciative.
      Take heart. More good things are happening that "they" don't want us to know. Peace is coming. Keep making people smile.

  8. Hello, your poem is awesome. Very fitting for Christmases past and present. I would like to see peace in the world or maybe just in the USA. Enjoy and have a happy weekend. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for the beautiful blessings
      Merry Christmas to you