Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Last Stand to How To Date A Gamer 
Join a young man at the door of his first date 
A young lady gives advise if a gamer is your date 

The Last Stand (revolving poem) 

Just what else am I waiting for
And what has taken hold of me
To make me stand so clumsily
I didn’t beg I didn’t plea
I knew my heart beating more
Did she say yes I wasn’t sure
Yet here I stand remarkably
I shouldn’t act so commonly
Is this the man she wants to see
So drag your courage here on shore
And stand the man who knew the score
Let’s put an end to this torture
And ring the bell to set me free
For after that I cannot flee
But stand with feet upon the floor
I stand with heart that waits to sore
I understand less than before 

We join a young man on a doorway in this revolving poem. A revolving poem only uses two rhyme sounds. These rhymes are placed next to each other. As the poem progresses the rhyme moves down one line. Lines can progress in either direction in a revolving poem. This poem ends with a rhyming couplets. 

A flashback to that first dance. Funny now, that I should have been so nervous then. Funny since I have been seeing Arlene for some time. There shouldn't have been any reason to be nervous. I had already been introduced to Arlene's parents. Funny that my major shortfall didn't even  enter my mind. I couldn't dance. Was it my suit? Was it the corsage that I bought for Arlene? Was it my cologne? Was it the way I looked? Funny that an old man still remembers the heartbeats of oh so many years ago. 

Memories return. They return when we want to recall a special moment. They return when we touch upon something from our past. They return when we least expect them to. Some memories are pretty clear cut, Some memories are unclear clouds. We are unsure what they are or where they came from. Sometime these entanglements from our past are a combination of more than one memory. Memories can be of something good or something bad. As we go on to live our lives, we tend to season our memories. Rarely are our memories what really happened. Memories are what make us what we are. What we are tends to season our memories. Live a good and satisfying life, so that we have good memories to get us through those tough times. Live a good and satisfying life, so that we may add a positive touch to those less than favorable moments in our live. Live a good and satisfying life, so that we may Enjoy. 

As to that young man at that doorstep: Sonny James "Young Love" 

Dating a gamer can be a challenge 

According to All these facts come from Geoffrey Zatkin, co-founder of EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research), 59% of the American population is some kind of gamer. Hence it might be important to better understand how to date one.  Into the picture comes Lilly Singh, of IISuperwomanII, to provide so information about dating a gamer. 
To raise the bar higher, Lilly has decided to use her theory on Markiplier, one of the world's top gamer. "How To Date a Gamer (ft. Markiplier)" 

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Memories of our lives, of our works 
and our deeds will continue in others. 
Rosa Parks


  1. beautiful poem .
    memories are most precious treasure one can have ,they beautify our lonely moments .
    without them what we do when just hands are tangled and mind is empty .
    from them we be happy .we learn and feel at peace .
    videos are great like always

    1. Sounds like you have great memories.
      Happy you had a good experience while you were here.
      May all your memories be bright
      Thank you

  2. I only thought we women felt that way. Wonderfully expressed and very true to life. I enjoy writing about my experiences of life.

    1. Thank you so much for that insight
      Look forward to your memories

  3. The rhyme sounds definitely enhance the story in this poem.. like rooting to the spot and learning to be heart beat by heart beat

    1. Thank you for noticing this
      Wonderful insight into this poem

  4. Oh yeah, some can sure pop in when you least expect it, not always good ones, but I tend to still smirk when some of those do to, as the crap I lived on through.

    1. Thank you for bringing out this aspect and that you manage them.
      I hope your memories are brighter now

  5. I agree with Jae. The revolving rhyme really adds to the poem. Great post!

    1. So good to see you, Ginger
      Thank you for this memory

  6. Memories can be many things it depends on the circumstances in the moment of retrieval. What triggers the said memory? Are you feeling melancholy or did a burst of joy bring a memory forth to explore.

    I think the rhyme scheme worked well in your piece. I think you have mastered many forms. You are an artist of words.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views.
      I was just thinking of a dating experience.
      Your warm compliments are a real honor

  7. I am always amazed at what memories remain - and what triggers them. I am so pleased that your moment of feeling inadequate was conquered and led to years of joyous memories (also stored).

    1. Memories are amazing. They can be influential. So try and make good memories (like EC)
      Thank you for weighing in on this topic

  8. What a beautiful poem. I also admire your words of memories and living a life with much to remember fondly upon.

    1. I'm happy there was some inspiration.
      Thank you for the warm words

  9. Nice poem.
    Memories, my father could remember things in detail of when he was young, things he'd forgotten until he aged - these memories of his were funny. Always had me and himself laughing but then he had a great way of telling stories when he was a live.

    I think as we get older, younger memories become more vivid - they have done so far with every aged person that I have or do know.

    I watched a program on TV last evening that there are 66 people in this world who can remember every detail of their lives - just amazing.

    1. Thank you so much for this valuable information
      I really do appreciate it

  10. Live a good and satisfying life,
    so that we have good memories to
    get us through those tough times

    Good philosophy to adopt.Good life and so good memories to have! Great rhyming Martin!


    1. Thank you, Hank
      Good to know that good people, like you, buy in