Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Noble Lady to 7 Deadly Sins 
The good a purity which is Mother 
To the evil which is the 7 deadly sins except 1 

The Noble Lady (Poem) 

A proud and noble lady she once stood straight and tall
And what the world did offer she smiled and took it all
Her children were her laughter her husband was her wall
And thus she met each season from winter unto fall.
What was it made you mother in gloom you fed us light
What made that spark within you a joy to other’s sight
What blessed soul created and made you shine so bright
What kept you there to watch us through all our sleepless night
Now time, it has no lovers, no sense of worth or deeds
It sweeps across the vastness in search of its own needs
It ticks away each second It carves away life’s seeds
A wind upon our mem’ries and on our youth it feeds.
A proud and noble lady her heart now left to dance
I know she’s playing somewhere you see it in her glance
So patiently she sits there in mem’ries she does prance
And in her loving stories such knowledge she implants
What was it made you mother I listen on my knees
What made you strong and faithful to others like to these
What is that strength that formed you and kept your soul at ease
What is it to be like you soft flower among the trees
She held my hand so softly and looked into my eyes
A tear she had to offer for all my what’s and whys
She kissed me on my cheek and held me by and by
Just try to be a good son You’ll feel a mother’s sigh 

A tribute to a noble lady fills this poem. On closer examination, this poem has two choruses broken up in three stanzas each. Each chorus contains an introduction, a questioning and a resolution. 

I wish this poem was about my mother, My mother was much different. My mother was a chilling example of the power of efficient brain washing. My mother was raised by Nazi Germany. When I was born, she had to work in a factory in another city. I was raised by my grandmother and a midwife. When I came to America, I thought this lady was stealing me from my mother. Her husband, my stepfather, was very abusive. He ruled the household with fear. When I entered junior high school, my mother would introduce me to racism, My Jewish friends were not permitted in the house and I was physically discouraged from seeing them again. When my mother met Mr. Land, the teacher who would change my life and a black man, she would never again come to any of my performances. Arlene was Filipino. That went over real big with my mother. More important than school was my ability to work and do my share to support the family. I was 15 when my mother broke free of her abusive husband. I rejoined her almost a year later, At the age of 17 I moved out on my own. In college, I had an amazing councilor, Mr. Grosskopf. He was a child of Nazi Germany too. Through many discussions he taught me to see my mother. Through his help I saw what this woman was going through. My respect for her grew and grew. I never loved my mother, but I respect her. 

I like to say, life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. There are moments of excitement and moments to catch our breath. There are times that we are having great fun and times when we wonder, what am I doing here. If you are one of happy souls who has little or no problems in their life, consider yourself blessed. Most people a dealing with at least one challenge. When one challenge is solved another one (or ones) is waiting around the corner. There is always help available. Remember though, we are all individuals. What works for one may not work for another or it may need a little adjustment. One thing a lot of us sometimes forget or take for granted are those moments we take our breath. When life is going fine. These can be brief moments or they can last for days. Hold fast, treasure, rejoice in these moments. They can see us through the rough times. They are hopes, promises, reassurances of better times. They are a unique strength that we build. And as our ride goes on, Enjoy. 

Dedicated to mothers everywhere: Cesare Andrea Bixio "Mamma" 

From the good to the not so good 

The seven deadly sins date back to the late sixth century, when Pope Gregory the Great reduced the worst sins man can make to seven ones. The folks at Studio C take a closer look at these banes to mankind. For who knows more about our plagues than a comedy troop?
If you are unfamiliar with the 7 deadly sins, best read up on them before viewing this video. "7 Deadly Sins"

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The heart of a mother is a deep abyss 
at the bottom of which you will 
always find forgiveness. 
Honore de Balzac


  1. Thank you for reminding us that many face challenges.. if not all of us.. sometimes it's easy to retreat inwards.. but it is a wonderful thing when we find someone who we can talk to and also use words to create something we may need or want (thank you always for your kind comments also)

    1. You're welcome
      Thank you for contributing your wonderful insights - so true

  2. Very true, thinking there is one thing that can work for all is dumb, no matter what aspect you are talking about in life. And there will always be crap that knocks you down, but fall down 9 times, get up 10.

    1. Great point!
      Thank you for jumping on board and providing a different way to look at it

  3. This poem made my eyes water and your childhood memories break my heart. It seems your Mother suffered too. Im glad you turned into a loving person.

    1. Thank you for your kind and warm thoughts.
      I'm happy to have touched you

  4. Your mother did indeed face challenges. I am glad that you found kinder and more hopeful ways to deal with difficulties. Not only does it make your life easier (and better) it shines on those around you too.

    1. That is a remarkable blessing you gave.
      May the sun always light your path
      Thank you

  5. I cried reading the first part the poem,i thought this was about me, i put myself in it, and i put myself back to a child, hiw do you know me? You know me because i too am a mother. Thanks for bringing the sun out in my storm.

    1. You are most welcome
      There is a tie... It is called mother.
      Thank you you for letting me know I held one more hand

  6. Love that poem, a touching one indeed. Unfortunately not all mother's are as in your poem.
    Your mother had a hard time back then, she wouldn't not have know how to show much love but you learnt to respect her as time went by.

    1. Thank you for your compliment and kind and understanding words.
      May the light always shine for you

  7. This poem touvhed my heart, you see I lost my husband many years ago and two of my children haven't spoken in years. The only one who does reisdes abroad in Spain. A mothers' love is unconditional and though my two here in the UK don't want me in their lives I still think of them daily.
    Wonderful post Martin.

    1. Sad to hear about your situation.
      Thank you so much for sharing it here
      I hope someday...

  8. Hold fast, treasure, rejoice in these moments
    They can see us through the rough times
    They are hopes, promises, reassurances
    of better times

    Very true! Moments that accords one a breather. Moments of respite which allows a reflection of what happened and what next. Decisions made are then based on empirical evidence where likelihood of going wrong had been addressed. Thoughtful thoughts Martin!


    1. Thank you so much for your insights. They re most welcome

  9. It is a beautiful poem about a wonderful mother. I am sad you faced such hardship with your family, it is impressive that you became the wonderful man that you are.

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your feelings