Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Season's Gift to Poe's The Raven, Christmas Edition 
While people enjoy the season's gift 
One man ponders on his greed 

The Season’s Gift (Italian sonnet) 

What magic fills the air this time of year
Why are our feelings so much softer now
We smile and spread infectious gifts of cheer
Good tidings with a stranger now allow
Those faceless shadows we pass in the street
Become the neighbors that we oft speak of
It feels so good at last to finally meet
To take our part and spread the peace and love
When does it start why does it have to end
Is there some rule somewhere that makes it so
We can’t afford to make another friend
To watch a peaceful world in springtime grow
So when we see that star up in the sky
Perhaps that special time that comes to pray
Don’t let this special gift pass lightly by
What would be wrong if it were here to stay 

Something that many people are wondering is the subject of this Italian sonnet. This is a straight forward Italian sonnet. There are no tricks, no play with word, no hidden meaning, There is nothing to distract us from the valuable message of this sonnet. 

This is far off from the season, but it does show a side of people. The year was 1996. Abraham Lincoln is one of San Francisco's priced high schools. At the time the school was being dragged down by major gang problems. I had just enjoyed a major success with a teacher launching a reading program" "Steppingstones To Reading". (She came up with the program. I came up with the donations.) Mrs, Chan had just become the principal, of Abraham Lincoln, when my attention was directed at the school, as head of the Lodge's public school committee. At a meeting with Principal Chan, she was not interested in our money. The school needed more. So off we went, to sell the school to the community. The idea was: By supporting the school, we could reduce the gang problem that was plaguing everyone. Through the efforts of many, the community and businesses got behind the school and  Principal Chan. She, on her part, made it very hard on gang activity near school grounds. She was tough. She would get in trouble for some of her practices. But it's hard to argue with success. The final tombstone for the gangs came, when the local police department had their oil changes done at the school. To celebrate our victory, Abraham Lincoln held a special assembly to thank everyone. People came together to improve a school. 

People can and do work together. The joy that seems to permeate every corner of society during this time of the year, is not limited to here. It is certainly not as big or as all persuasive. When I volunteered in a soup kitchen, the staff acted very positively. Problems arose. They were addressed positively. We believe, this positive air prevented other problems. In the story, a entire community worked together to help a school. I, and others, believe this "joy" toward one another, toward all, will be tomorrow's norm. I  and perhaps you, have seen bits and pieces of it. Now, during the holiday season, we see the proof of it. We are the proof of it. We are the source of it. Every at of kindness is one step closer. Closer to total world peace. Can we make this "joy" last one more day? Positively. And as we greet one more day positively and with kindness Enjoy. 

Variety in our characters is our strength: Billy Joel "Piano Man" 

What do we get if we cross Edgar Allen Poe with Santa Claus 

When Poe was writing "The Raven," his wife, Virginia, was suffering from tuberculosis. It was a weird marriage.Virginia was Poe’s first cousin and only 13 years old when they married. Weirder still is the version of "The Raven" put together by Studio C. In this version the feeling of "The Night Before Christmas" is merged with "The Raven". 
Sit back. Relax. And enjoy. "Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, Christmas Edition" 


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Kindness in words creates confidence. 
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. 
Kindness in giving creates love. 
Lao Tzu



  1. We can make more than one day take form indeed, just a little helping hand and positive thought.

    1. We can do it!
      Thank you
      May the blessings of the season be with you

  2. Kindness never goes astray. And certainly should be spread through the year. By and to us.

    1. And it easily could and should. I know you'll be doing your part.
      Thank you

  3. What a beautiful poem and it sounds like you did something incredible there. How wonderful!

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.
      There is wonder in us all

  4. Wonderful poem Martin and oh that video of "Piano Man" I just love that. Always liked Billy Joel. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Comforting go bring some joy to your heart.
      We are all special...

  5. Sing us a song, you're the piano man
    Sing us a song tonight
    Well, we're all in the mood for a melody
    And you've got us feelin' alright

    La la la, di da da
    La la, di da da da dum

    1. You sing so lovely
      Thank you for sharing a tune