Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Secret of a Kiss to The Cost of "Free” Websites 
What is the secret in a couple's kiss 
Find a secret behind some"free" websites 

The Secret of a Kiss (English sonnet) 

Come sit with me a while amidst this tree
And share the songs which flowers yearn to hear
Of dreams that only lovers can revere
These strains which only silent hearts can see
Come whisper timeless secrets to my ear
Which waken streams of passion here in me
Awaiting holding oh so patiently
For soon the reign of kisses will appear
These tempests take us gliding in the clouds
Warm breezes here hold help to fan the flame
Till burning with desire we drift to earth
Come sit with me a while amid the shrouds
Of other lovers who once tasted fame
To find therein the secret of rebirth  

A lover reaches for his desire in this English sonnet. As with most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains calmly describe a scene of lovers united. The scene intensifies with the introduction of the triplets. The last triplet brings back an original idea and using the unrest of the former stanza to bring us to the secret. 

Arlene and I had our special tree by Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. It was the scene of many kisses and dreams, for a pair of young lovers. Young lovers who would return over the decades. For when Arlene and I were there, the laws of time gave way to love. It was here we learned to dream as one. Arlene  and I would embrace, kiss and off we went. We would enter a world of imagination, a realm in our minds that we both seemed to see. We'd dream of things like dancing waters, robins turning into swans, lovers boating and dressed in time gone by... In the beginning, it was just at our tree. Then other trees became our tree. Eventually any place to sit, embrace and kiss would become sets for dreams. What became amazing was as Arlene and I went sight seeing, we would take in and be taken in by sights more wondrous than our dreams. Or were they dreams? 

The same world that challenges us day after day also is filled with wonders. We being humans beings can only relate to the world that way or from that (starting) point of view. For instance: We humans can only see seven colors and the combination of those colors. We know there are colors that humans can't see. We know about these colors because we know about colors. What if there is more? Let's just stick to the things we can see. Flowers. Why are they so beautiful? Do Hummingbirds care about beauty or just color patterns? What about flowers before there were any birds? Have we taken in the amazement of nature? Stood by a giant sequoia. Felt the power of a river that carved a cannon. Witnessed the rainbow of 2,400 ft. waterfall. The beauty and wonder of nature is all around us. Take a moment. Take it in. Bask in its glory. Then be humbled. We are a part of this. And when nature nature casts on us our wonder, Enjoy. 

To think this all started with a kiss: Ed Sheeran "Kiss Me" 

A price of the internet 

Before the printing press, advertisements were often vocal announcements. The invention of the printing press in 1440 ushered in the advent of modern advertising. The storage complicity of the modern computer and our ability and ease of gathering information has taken advertising to new levels. Throw in money... Have you met Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything? He has uncovered some facts about advertisers and some websites that we thought were free that might interest you.
We may not be ready for this. "The Terrifying Cost of "Free” Websites"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Why The TSA Doesn't Stop Terrorist Attacks - Adam Ruins Everything

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The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, 
century to century, from age to age. Men and women 
garner these kisses, offer them to others and then 
die in turn.
Guy de Maupassant


  1. It's the simplest things that make the world magical - and a joy in darker times.. you remind us of that wonderfully here

    1. Splendid thoughts
      Thank you for the complimentary remark

  2. So many wonders in nature indeed as each creature and life knows how to get what they need, keeping the planet turning. For as long as humans don't entirely screw it up that is haha

    1. Nature will survive us. Will we survive ourselves?
      Thank you for your great thoughts

  3. Another trip down lovers lane. Thanks.

    1. Your quite welcome.
      Thank you for dropping by

  4. Nature is heart balm for me. And we need it more than it needs us.

    1. We should all spend more time to take it in.
      Thank you your support of me and nature

  5. Nature is amazing and your imaginings sound wonderful. I'm glad you enjoy such beauty.

    1. Spoken from one who sees and brings out its inner beauties through her art.
      Thank you

  6. The most simple things in life are always the most precious. A kiss, a smile (if you are lonely) Can all the wealth monetary wise buy you those?
    Excellent post Martin.

    1. To give them a value would be adding a level of complexity...
      Just enjoy
      That you for the reflection

  7. Always good to have your own lovers tree, then the tree can watch the love grow.