Monday, December 12, 2016

The Simple Guy to Rap Battle Hype Man 
A guy who only wants the girl of his dreams 
A guy who only wants to support his friend 

The Simple Guy (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I’m not a prince who sailed across a sea
In search of treasure promised by a kiss
Which lingers on the edge of some abyss
Where terrors yet unknown all wait for me
I’m not a star who thought he went too far
And now seeks out true meaning for his life
A kiss of clarity amid the strife
A possibility that will not scar
I’m not a spy in search of hidden schemes
Whose search will take him off to meet the world
Another kiss another clue unfurled
Pretended friends now try to end his dreams
I’m just this simple guy who now you view
Who’s hoping for a little time with you  

A girl learns all her suitor is not in this Shakespearean sonnet. Here's a suitor who uses a different approach to win a girl. Likewise, we have a love sonnet of a different kind. By the second quatrain we should be a little confused, as to where this sonnet is heading. It isn't till the rhyming couplet (the last line, no less) that the lover pulls his intentions out of his hat. 

This sonnet is kind of funny, when it comes to Arlene and me. Mr, land, a teacher who was a major influence on my life, use to use my talents for many musicals he directed. One of these musicals, "Once Upon A Mattress", is how I met Arlene. Not only did she become my lover, she was my biggest fan. These musicals continued long after those early days. They lasted until I lost my singing voice. I used to be an actor. I was a pirate, a star and a spy.  

One of my most memorable roles was Dr. Crocker in "Fly Blackbird". Dr, Crocker was a white racist in a black musical. This was Mr. Land's not so well thought out ideas. The race wars were still raging in San Francisco. "Fly Blackbird" had an important message. Mr. Land took the musical to an almost all black audience. I must have given a great performance. When the show was over, Arlene comes running into the dressing room, warning me not to go out. Mr. Land and the other cast members were trying to calm down an angry audience, who wanted to do me bodily harm. (It was the same reason the original musical was shut down in Los Angeles) 

And you. What kind of character are you? Let me use this, the season and the times to get on one of my band wagons. It starts with a smile. A simple act of kindness. A way to connect with another person. Then there comes holding a door open, letting the other person go first, offer a helping hand and other acts of kindness. Most people are nice. Some are bad, but this is not the norm. The media sells us about all the bad things happening around us until we get bored of hearing it and buying the product. The truth is that the great majority of people, of use are good, Good things are happening so often that they are boring and they don't sell products. Boring as doing good is, we highly prefer to engage in good things. It starts with a smile. Then we join together with others doing good, just like us. Just like the feeling of brotherhood that fills the air this time of the year. And you. What kind of character are you? Special. Unique. There is a new horizon coming. Tomorrow will be much, much better. We are too many. Working together, we are so much more. We are a part of it. It is part of us. And you? Do you feel it?  Do you see it? Do you know you are special? It starts with a smile. And when they smile back, Enjoy. 

What about the lover and the spy:  Marvin Hamlisch "The Spy Who Loved Me" 

Friends come in many forms

Some believe the concept of the "rap battle" has existed since the 5th century, where poets would engage in "flyting," a spoken word event where poets would insult one another in verse. Just as import as the rappers were the fans. Key and peel recreate a rap battle for us to show the importance of the fans. 
Some fans may go too far. "Key & Peele - Rap Battle Hype Man" 

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Norman Vincent Peale



  1. I'll take such a boring any day of the week. The media can pound sand as they try and get the ratings across the land.

    1. Glad to have you with me. Please pass the pop corn.
      Thank you

  2. Boring is fine. Says a contentedly boring person.

    1. Pat and I will scoot over. Want some pop corn?
      Thank you for the smile

  3. I make a point to smile at everyone. I am kind no matter who the person is but my buttons are easily pushed and my tongue gets sore.

    1. Thank you for that smile.
      There is a good side to your other point. Can you figure it out?

  4. All it takes is a smile to brighten someone's day! What kind of character am I? I don't know, but I'm not a star..maybe, just a flicker of light that carries hope.

    1. That's a lot! Shine on.
      Thank you for being you

  5. This is one of my favourites of your sonnets, Martin. I especially love the closing lines.

    1. Thank you
      So glad that these words brought you joy

  6. Good 'things' don't always make the news, bad things do.
    Like your poem.

    1. There was a program that only had good news. It didn't last.
      Thanh you, Glad you liked

  7. Great post I loved to hear abour your actor experience and I so love musicals and even more when there is dance involved like West side story. I always got asked at school to play roles but I wasn't good at remembering lines and got mixed up sometimes but I loved doing it.
    I too believe that most people are good people and that it is sad that the focus is so much on the bad. I heard someone else say that good news doesn't sell. Something I find strange as I often skip bad news because it effects me. I am a good news lover. I actually find good news and good deeds inspirational. Thanks for your inspirational post and a Merry christmas to you and yours

    1. Dancing was my low point. It took my wife 5 years to teach me.
      As far as good news - keep the faith
      Thank you for stoppimg by and the great comments

  8. I loved this Martin,your acting experiences comes across with the poems you submit on here. Wonderful.