Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This Wind to When You Fall In Love Easily 
A lover with only one on his mind 
A love sick puppy with many on his mind 

This Wind (Martin verse) 

What is this wind came over me
Which whispered to my memory
Of all the things that used to be
Mere dreams until you set them free
Spring flowers promise scent of you
With summer’s nights a kiss or two
And fall’s moon teach us what to do
In winter love’s arms see us through
A gift which life has sent to me
Now every thought makes room for two
Without your smile that just won’t do
A special song which love set free
Now every heart beat only you
And every wish a memory
I pause to think how can this be
To live a dream until it’s through
And as I dream from time I’m free
This mix of now and used to be
Each kiss refreshing memory
It’s you this wind came over me 

A warm wind carries a lover away with this Martin verse. Instead of rhymes, a Martin verse uses words. (The words rhyme. Two sets of four rhyming words.) The words are laid out, then mixed up, then the first four a laid out again, but in reverse order. 

As promised: If you try a Martin verse, let me know and I will advertise it. Poetess Truedessa in her site "True Wanderings" composed a Martin verse, "Bumpy Dream". Pay her a visit by clicking on this link.

On cold nights, Arlene and I enjoy cuddling under a blanket by the the fireplace.  We would engage in a memory or two. One of those escapades was when we went to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. We did so on an invitation by our friend Francisco (Cisco), who told us about these great dance clubs he had found. Arlene and I were there. Cisco and his wife picked us up at the airport. After changing and dropping our luggage off at their place, they took us on a marvelous tour of Venice Beach and Boardwalk. The tour was so great Arlene an I could hardly wait to see those dance clubs. That evening Cisco took us to two dance clubs. They were in the Latin section of town. They were the small garage style dances, run by people who had a little extra space. It was like going to a big party at someone's house. Drinks consisted of beer or coke. The next day Cisco and his wife got a boat and took us on a gorgeous tour of the canals. Cisco mentioned that tonight's clubs would be better than last night's. They were. The space was inches bigger, The bars were better stocked. So it went on day three. When Arlene and I got back to the city and went out dancing, with the crew, we realized that we had learned some fresh new dance moves down with Francisco and his wife. Another story, on a cold night, cuddling under a blanket. 

Too often people put others down because of this or because of that. Maybe he doesn't meet up to standards. Maybe he is too far outside. The fact is: We are all different. We are all unique. It is easier to teach us, to dress us, to feed us,to entertain us, to manage us, if we all acted alike. Acting alike is a challenge. To be like everyone else, We make it look easy. We motivate ourselves. "They" motivate us. Being an individual is a challenge too. Individuals opens themselves to the scrutiny of the masses. Individuals risk the perils (and benefits) of the unknown, They often do not have the safety of the masses. The masses often put down the individuals, The individuals often put down the masses. There is another option. Be yourself. An individual who is sometimes part of the masses and more. Sounds easy enough, until we throw growth and change into the mix. To learn to be ourselves leaves little windows or cause to put others down. Be who you are to the fullest and Enjoy. 

A song to go with the verse: Gold Lounge "Aegean Summer" 

I only have eyes for you 

Facial femininity is important to men in some studies in attraction have show. This includes small chins, large eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Still some men don't seem to care. They honestly and whole heartedly fall in love wuth every female they see. As is the case of this guy at BuzzFeed Video. 
A cold shower might be in order. "When You Fall In Love Easily" 

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There was nowhere I could go that wouldn't be you.
Jeffrey Eugenides


  1. Excellent posme Martin brought back fond memories never to be forgotten.

    1. Thank you
      So happy this brought back fond gifts

  2. That is true, be who we are and damn the rest. No need to be a sheep just because we fear what others might say.

    1. ...unless one wants to be leader of the pack or an author...
      Thank you for the affirmation

  3. Hello, lovely poem. Memories are a wonderful look back, at good times. Happy Tuesday, have a great day! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thank you too
      Enjoy your day and make more memories

  4. Replies
    1. I feel a song coming on...
      Thank you for the inspiration

  5. How sweet these words are "A gift which life has sent to me
    Now every thought makes room for two" and how wonderful to have so many beautiful memories...

    1. Thank you
      So marvelous these words struck a chord in you

  6. Good memories once again - what are we if we don't have good ones..
    Merry Christmas.

    1. You bring up an excellent reason to have good memories
      Thank you
      Enjoy the season